One Bag Travel – Tom Bihn Aeronaut 45 Review

One Bag Travel – Tom Bihn Aeronaut 45 Review

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If you’re looking for the best carry on travel bag then you may just have found it with the Tom Bihn Aeronaut 45. I’ve been testing the Aeronaut for about six months all over the world and have a lot of good things to say about it and just a few negatives.

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pieonthetrail says:

The Tom Bihn Aeronaut? Probably the best travel bag for one bag travel. Enjoy the video and let me know If I can answer any of your questions.

Neemor's World says:

Awesome review dude! The quality of the new camera is sweet!

afromalone says:

nice review.

jmachats says:

They are actually called “O” rings

LKN4WAR says:

Can the backpack straps be removed?

danh27 says:

How does it fit in overhead bins? Have you ever had to check the bag in? If not what Tom Bihn bag would you recommend for a non check-in bag?

LKN4WAR says:

Yeah I got the two inside “packing cubes” they make. Very heavy duty and lager. Mystery ranch that is. They show three of them fitting in one of their packs on video. Overload pack iirc. Another company that makes very nice inside bags for clothing is KUIU. They are bow hunting meat bags. One is tubular and the other two are rectangular. This is boneless meat. Lightweight breathable and triple stitched. Way stronger than regular packing cubes. White in color. They also make bone in bags in about 4-5 sizes. I got a large to store my North Face down bag in. Perfect strong breathable material. But too large for down. I need to buy a med. They don’t market them much at all and I’ve never seen them on amazon or for other purposes but they should work excellent. They have a full line of hunt clothing systems that are excellent also. The bone in bags are orange and white with their rams head logo. There are you tube videos of their products they make themselves. I also added a mystery ranch. VLAK. Vehicle litter aid kit. For first aid. A couple other excellent pack makers in the US if you hadn’t heard of them is McHale Packs and Kifaru. The first a climbing and mountaineering packs and the second more hunting. McHale website is terribly dated but their quality is excellent. I have a 7000cubic inch model from way back. Used to walk and job with 50lbs of water in it. Short jogs. Lol. The hip belt system is outstanding helping take the weight off your shoulders. They are custom fitted in shop or by sending in pics of your body with measurements. If I were flush with plenty of cash I’d mail you a mystery ranch but I have tastes that far exceed my finances unfortunately.

Nick Loukas says:

What are your thoughts on Osprey?

Bo Ismono says:

Thanks for this very thorough review. I would love to check out a Tom Bihn in the future.

LKN4WAR says:

Yeah Ill check out the upcoming review for sure. I’m western US location wise. Tokyo seems like a fun place to visit. Yeah money can be a downright hassle in its ability to interfere with projects. Lol.

Global Adventurer says:

One of the best videos I watched so far on the aeronaut bag. I ended up buying both the western flyer and synapse 25 from Tom Bihn since I travel very light, the aeronaut is a little too bulky for me unfortunately. So, I’ll have a many more options when traveling now. I own so many travel bags, and there just isn’t one bag that’s suffice for all trips. Decisions decisions decisions.

When you stated “Hotels segregate you from reality” that’s so true! I try to stay in B&Bs/Hostels/Rooming houses to experience the REAL local culture and not the pretentious atmosphere of upscale touristy hotels. Thanks for your video and your other videos too!

Robby Huang says:

Great review, thanks! I live out of one duffel bag, and I’ve been eyeing this bag for a long time, but I’m thinking I want to get an actual hiking backpack so I can have a hipstrap and use it as my travel anywhere pack. I have a Kelty 90L pack but that’s too big for carryon air travel. Have you run across any good packs that have a proper hipstrap and are good for air travel? I know you mentioned the Ohm and the Aether, but not sure if those would be too big as well.

oOcitizenOo says:

Subbed 🙂

Jacob Ziech says:

Looks like a pretty awesome travel bag to me! I like the mesh pockets on the inside. Wish mine had some of those.

kangsterizer says:

One thing that I think works really well for the laptop is to put it in the backpack mode strap compartment (with the laptop’s neoprene cover of course). it works with the straps in and out (zipper open). Great for taking the laptop out easily.

I’ll take the opportunity to comment on the shoulder strap, and i completely agree, its barely usable when the bag is packed. its comfy on the shoulder but hard to carry as the body is quite far out of balance

LKN4WAR says:

Yeah I’ve noted the same thing with Red Oxx travel bags. Very little online reviews of them and super short videos of them on their site. Most have zero you tube videos. Mystery ranch also has some products with no videos. I saw Red Oxx only by way of an overland expedition video for traveling pan America road across the two American continent. Tom Bihn was also just by chance researching cordura. All makers are excellent and USA produced. Thanks for fast response.

LKN4WAR says:

Thanks for review. The website doesn’t adequately show its features as well as you do.

Dina McDermott says:

Great Video on the Aeronaut. I use it on my carry on when I travel internationally. I find that if I fully pack it, it tends to be on the heavier side, but as you indicated using it as a backpack, especially planes, trains, automobiles and more trains, it works great. I find it can suit as a pillow too in a pinch! Thank you.

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