Nomatic Travel Bag Review – New Travel Bag

Welcome to my channel! I’m Patrick! I’m an English teacher in South Korea. I love to travel and I’m also a travel vlogger. I live and work on Jeju island Korea where I do most of my travel videos. I will be starting a long travel trip during the summer of 2017 and will be visiting many countries! Feel free to subscribe and send me any questions you may have! Weekly videos uploaded every week! ^_-


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Lucille Morningstar says:

the view from the apartment looks great.

Soyeong Kang says:

it is such a helpful review! so in details. Thanks for this video.

Hedgers Abroad says:

Cool new bag! I’m a total gear junkie, so I enjoy seeing how people transport their essential tools while traveling. I recently got the LowePro Whistler 350 for carrying all of our cameras and electronics while on the road, but that means Stephanie has to carry all of the clothes. Your bag looks really nice, though, and we’re sure it’ll make your central Asia adventure all the more convenient.

따라쟁이 says:

영상 잘 봤습니다. 창밖 풍경이 익숙하네요 ㅋㅋ 여행용 가방으로 구매하면 좋겠어요 : )

NETVO TV says:

How’s Thule Subterra 40L Carry-On backpack compare to this?

Meraadj says:

how is the bag after some months of use?!
how does it compare to the Osprey Farpoint?

Birddog 99 says:

I will certainly be looking for your views of this pack after you have actually used it!

Philip Woodland says:

hey pat, thanks for the video. How comfortable are the straps when carrying backpack style? the bag looks awesome but i was just worried that it rides too low on the back when full…

Mateo Toro says:

I just purchased the bag and I don’t why they put that water bottle pocket at the top when it should’v been two on the side smh, but I also got the waist straps very important when traveling. great video!

Howard Gutenstein says:

I see folks putting in 2 pairs of shoes. With a size 12 2e shoe traveling with more than the pair on my feet is an issue. what size shoe did you use and do you think a larger shoe would fit?

Jason Wong says:

I bought one, like it, one issue is the back part where you put in the laptop has no rigidity so if it isn’t full the bag has a tendancy to crimp and fold when you wear it with the straps which can be a bit uncomfortable. To fix it, I put in a plastic insert. Otherwise the bag is awesome and plus one on the waist straps.

360Razir says:

Really good review of the Nomatic bag. I purchased one, but have not received it yet (although I did get billed for my add-ons today, so presuming shipping is imminent), so it was great to see a real life review of it (outside the IndiGoGo video of them making the bag). Looking forward to testing mine out as well, but anxious for your post-travel review, so please update your channel when you can. Thanks again!

TinyPanda Flower says:

They could have made the toiletries bag see through so you wouldn’t need to transfer them in a plastic bag

none none says:

How long did it take you to receive it and where did it ship from?

Alex Llivisaca says:

The Waist straps I exchanged for the toiletry bag and it helps a lot to distribute the weight for it to only stay on the shoulders. I also got mine and I love it, gives me so much versatility that I always love and seek in bags

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