Nomatic Travel Bag (HUGE Review!)

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Here’s my review of the Nomatic Travel Bag, one of the better one-bag travel bags I’ve used.

14:55 Tom Bihn Synapse
15:00 Tortuga Setout
15:49 Patagonia Black Hole
25:20 Wandrd Prvke
2550 Tortuga Outbreaker
26:00 Minaal Carryon
26:30 GoRuck GR2


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The NOMATIC Travel bag was designed for a 3-7 day trip. By combining the best features from a backpack, duffel bag and general luggage, we have created the ultimate travel bag to help you spend less time fussing with your luggage and more time enjoying your journey. The NOMATIC Travel Bag has over 20 features that make it the most functional travel bag ever. On top of being packed with incredible functionality, the bag has a sleek minimalist design, is made of strong weather-proof materials and is built to last.

We are so confident in the quality of the NOMATIC Travel Bag, that if you are not 100% satisfied with its quality, simply send it back, and we will give you your money back. No questions asked.


Rohit Monserrate says:

bro was a lot better when you didnt read off a script

m1dkn1ght says:

I bought this bag last year and it was, admittedly, the bag that got me into bags. However, as I’ve learned more about bags, from research, videos, experience, and reviewers like yourself… I’ve basically decided I just don’t like the look. It’s a functional bag, but the aesthetic isnt my ideal. Too many logos. Design aesthetic leaves a lot to be desired compared to something like the Invisible Bag or Minaal. It looks techy like you said… And while tech isn’t dorky at all, the bag kind of has a dorkier look to it nevertheless. I prefer sleek and minimal. With that said, wish I had spent that money on another bag. The switch from duffle bag to backpack is a total gimmick. In actual use… Using it as a backpack won’t leave enough slack when you quick switch to duffle. So it’s totally gimmicky. This is a bag that makes you look like a tourist. It’s just not a particularly good looking bag. Oh and it will definitely make you sweat when wearing it as a backpack. Super heavy like you said, and I refuse to use hip straps so it was very tiring to wear just through the airport. Couldn’t wait to take it off. I actually carried it as a duffle when fully packed, but I would put my arm through the handles and carried it as a huge shoulder bag. On the Weekends I use it as a duffle. But as you said, if it’s heavy, the wideness of the bag makes it super awkward to carry because you have to hold it out away from your body. I think you nailed the review as far as all the pros and cons.

Nathan Steele says:

Been waitin on this review forever wanted to know your opion on it thanks

Dominik Woermann says:

Great review as always! Could you do a Review of the Wandrd Hexad Access Duffel? I am very interested of your opinion about that one

PenguinDropings says:

This is the worst looking bag.

Thomas Moore says:

That BDSM joke cracked me up

Nathan Simpson says:

In the hip strap pocket you could put an RFID transit card.

Yautja says:

I’d rather have the Tortuga Homebase Travel Backpack. This reminds me of my Boundary pack – over engineered beast warrior!


Great review. The backpack straps are on the wrong side of the bag and all the organization takes up so much space. I have their new travel pack and it is much better. and pretty much a perfect every day carry/one bag travel bag.

Kenji Bankhead says:

I was tempted to get this until I came across the Black Ember V4M pack. Any way you could get your hands on one and share your thoughts and feelings. Dying for your review on that. PS. There are no better reviews than yours. Keep up the amazing work!

john henry nael says:

at long last ^_^

Arnau Via Martinez-seara says:

Too big for me definitely, maybe the travel pack (instead of bag) from the same nomatic guys? Slightly smaller and personally nicer. What do you think chase? I am gonna put the link because I know you have problems with backpack names (

DASH 80 says:

Raves, BDSM…ahhh, those were the days.

Ayodeji13 says:


Naturally Nerdy says:

I have the Nomatic…I loved this bag. I’m 5’2 and it was comfy for me to wear (I didn’t use the hip straps) but this thing just slides into the overhead compartment. Being 5’2 it helped because I didn’t have to struggle getting it in and out. I’m SOOOOOO happy you FINALLY did a video on this bag lol OOH YA! Those side pockets were designed for a notebook, paperback book or a kindle! And the big pocket on top of the bag…I keep my Toiletry bag inside..that pocket is so deep it doesn’t effect my water bottle pocket… ANOTHER GREAT VIDEO CHASE!!!

kraigg007 says:

Thanks Chase.  i bought this bag for my European 14 day trip coming up in the Spring.  I am a big guy so fitting my size 14’s in there isn’t an option.  I chose this over the Setout due to the fabric.  The Setout can carry more, but I am sure I will exceed the 10kg weight limit with this one.  I will check out your review on the Prvke bag as well.  Wish you did a video for the Big and Tall minimal packer.  Trust me it isn’t an easy task when a pair of pants can weigh 2 lbs or more.

Wanderlust Wombat says:

Hey, Love your videos! I started with the original Tortuga years ago for my South America trip, recently bought the Setout. Any chance you can do a video on the different packing cubes available?
Thanks again for all the awesome vids!!

User 01 says:

Bdsm lol. How’s that heimplanet arc review coming.

Kevin R says:

Great review! Seems like a Swiss Amy knife approach, so much stuff going one here that it may not excel in any one area. Totally agree with you on the GR2 reference. Mine has been with me on dozens of trips throughout the Far East as part of my job. I am in Bangkok now and traveling with my newly acquired GoRuck GR3, 45L the thing is a beast and tickles my minimalist fancy!

Daniel Baker says:

Hey chase, you think a fruit leather would fit in the hip strap pocket in lieu of the Skittles?

hazelgraceification says:

Still can’t believe how psyched I get about bags. Thank you for nurturing my bag needs.

William Lopez says:

Hey Chase love the vids ! I appreciate your review of the Nomatic travel bag (1-7 days). Can you please review the Nomatic Travel Bag (1-3 day). I really appreciate it ! I have it and love it and I think it would be great for others to learn the value of this bag.

Charlie Ontiveros says:

What happened to the goat? Thing was awesome.

Chasin' Aces says:

I love how detailed you are. Noted. Awesome review as always

kr0nakai says:

Do please a hexad duffel review 🙂

David Uhrin says:

I have the smaller Nomatic Travel Pack..its their 1-3 day trip mashup between an every day carry bag and minimal travel bag. Same materials and its a backpack with stow-able straps allowing for briefcase style carry. Bag has help up well in the 3 months i’ve used it. Sounds like they are launching a laptop bag and a messenger style bag on Kickstarter as well.

someguyinnj says:

Awesome review. I was actually just wondering what your thoughts on their other two bags – the Travel Pack and Everyday Backpack. Love Nomatic’s functional design but the look leaves a lot to be desired. Wouldn’t mind the logo if not for that triangle print fabric. I have a Synapse 25 that I’m using for my mostly-techie commuting stuff, but I’m in the market for something else that has great organization, without me having to open 15 different zippers when I get to work. Any ideas?

Torchita says:

Can you review the Cotopaxi Allpa? I’ve heard mixed reviews.

james Truscello says:

i bet the instruction book that comes with this bag must be huge especially is its written in several languages.  so you have straps off a tortuga that switch so you can carry it like an awkward wide duffle with a shoe compartment in the bottom and a waterproof compression bag inside and the life jacket is located under the seat and you have 6 exits 2 over the wing!  no, no she’s to dramatic for me.

Tys Sniffen says:

you are the best bag reviewer out there. I already knew about the bag, but worth watching due to your weirdness. well done sir.

Skip0ne says:

What’s your story with french weirdo hackers mate? U:
Nice review btw! Cheers 😉

Resonate says:

Planing on reviewing the Boundary Prima System?

Kristina Voyvodova says:

Finally the Nomatic <3!!! I'm soooo excited to watch this! But first, popcorn 😀 😀

bjarne martens says:

Nice review and nice bag. I won’t replace my Tom Bihn Aeronaut 45 though. It has the handle just the right place.

Nay Naing says:

Can you review their travel pack and the backpack?

MRCnyc1 says:


Moritz Anselm says:

nice vid but please more role tops 🙂

KLAY the Cartoonist says:

I’ve been waiting for you to review this bag ! Thanks !

Amber T says:

I was hoping you’d review this!

nandreetta says:

I would love a review of the Pakt One bag if you can get ahold of one. Great video, as always.

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