Nomatic Travel Bag First Look and Review

I’ve posted a follow up video to this one with the bag loaded and full of gear:

Nomatic Travel Bag from Kickstarter. My unboxing and first look. I refer to Indiegogo in the video – sorry., It was on Kickstarter, but there’s a video of the product still on the Indiegogo site. I was confused by this… also I can’t find a purchase link for the bag, the link on the Nomatic site takes visitors to Indiegogo…

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Kiran Lad says:

Hi thanks for the reviewing this bag. I’m considering purchasing it and I like the dual functionality as a backpack and a duffel bag. Can you add to your comments on whether the straps were long enough to hold the bag while it is full? thanks

noname says:

I heard there is a lock included for the wallet / passport pouch- probably in the pouch..did you not find it or did you just miss it in the review? If you did find it does it work for other parts of the bag?

VeganCarnivore says:

what did i just watch?

none none says:

Where was it ship from? How long did it take you to receive it?

flpmrtnz says:

fill it up to see how much it can fit plz!

Dylan Aust says:

You carried it like a duffel wrong

Jimmy Ngai says:

review starts at 2:15

Jason Wong says:

So I have one, I would say there is one fatal flaw. The part of the bag that runs flush with your back has no rigidity to it, so when you put it over the right shoulder the material folds and it crimps creating an uncomfortable bump on the right shoulder.

margarida casaponsa says:


Jeff Mumaugh says:

I mean you honestly should have titled this video “I open a box with a bag in it!” because this does not qualify as a review. Hope you dont find this offending, just feel like I wasted 10 minutes and we all know I’m not getting them back!

mik mik says:

Dude, do this bag justice. Get off your butt, put the bag on a flat area and present it with just a little more interest.

joopsnoop says:

Where can I buy one? I went to the website and it is still saying pre-order. Is it available to buy and receive immediately?

aishah ansari says:

Cool! Got mine too

Ernest Wong says:

I think the strips for the duffel are supposed to be on the other side right?

meowmeow44444 says:

It would have been nice if he packed the bag like he was going on a trip to see how well it functions/does it’s job.

Dan says:

How heavy is the bag? What materials is it made from? Type of zippers used? Does it seem cheap – I am unable to find any of these details on their website for a $200 plus bag.

Charmcci bag says:

amazing bags

amehd pena donates says:

question? How many days of clothes supply can you fit in the Bag??

Donald Lim says:

How is the build quality? Is it good? Does it feels like it will last long?

Joe Wortell says:

how many liters is it

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