NOMATIC Travel Bag Accessories – Unboxing and How To Use

Here is a quick video that shows all the the travel accessories for the NOMATIC Travel Bag. For more information please visit


Arkady Nemanov says:

Hello. What is the size and weight of this bag?

Apavlakos says:

Man. U had the bag on backwards when your were testing the waist strap!

Maurice Saunders says:

Am I correct when I say there is a difference between the nomatic travel “bag” from the nomatic travel “pack”… This looks noticeably different from the next video ” how to pack the nomatic travel pack “.. The front of the bag is different and this bag here is clearly bigger than the so called ” travel pack”. So when I order which bag do I get because it’s kind of confusing for me

S.Shadow's Natural Photography says:

S.SNP Press & CCD needs to add video reviews Of this product
When the donations to S.SNP Equipment & More hits the Prices needed Our company will back you.

Until then Shared to new worth youtube videos play list

Jaci Wilson says:

Have the bag and now realize I need the waist straps. I have looked but can’t figure out where or how to purchase them. You also need to do Video on where to pack everything in the bag. The small card explaining it is too small of print.

Andre Gonzalez says:

well made video thanks for going through everything slowly and thoroughly

PatMax Adventures says:

I’m loving your bag! I’m about to leave for a year trip around Asia. My first three months will be in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Russia. Then I’ll be off to south East Asia and beyond. I leave in two weeks for my trip and I really feel like your bag was the right choice for me. Thanks again guys for all the hard work you put into creating this bag. It really shows!

Andre Gonzalez says:

can you make a video like your how to pack the travel pack.
instead make another video on how to pack the travel bag. tempted to make my own can’t find any video that explains how to pack this bag. Just unboxing videos. very frustrating and disappointing not to see any videos of like what’s in my nomatic travel bag or how to pack my nomatic travel bag. btw just received mine today. looking forward to playing with it. but please make another video with this bag on how to pack using both shirt and compression bag

Az Madu says:

Really like this bag and wanted to get it, but I needed something to carry my wedding suit safely and crease free in (relatively crease free), and so I opted for a Henty CoPilot for now. I’ll probably get this for other trips where I’m not carrying a suit with me as it’s compartments are nicely organised.

roger shahan says:

Are these bags rugged/water proof at all i’m going to school for emt training and i want to get either the backpack or the travel bag.. Which would you suggest

Uno más says:

I’m trying t0 order the Travel Bag since one week ago in differents
website and it’s been impossible so far. I don’t know if it is because I
am in London (UK) or what. Even through this page on facebook I can’t.

Tom Retnauer says:

Just realized, I never got the request for the accessory, so I am getting 2 laundry bags. Can I switch one to a vacuum bag?

Blacklist says:

Got mine in last week and already using it a lot. I’m going to test the heck out of it. I have high hopes. where do we go to send constructive criticism? I’m really liking the concept. I hope it breaks in well.

David Nakamura says:

Got it last week, can’t wait to use it.

Tom Retnauer says:

Need a packing video as mentioned below. So many pockets and so little time!!

Jaime Tendler says:

I cannot wait to get my bag -I got my shipping notice today

Jesh Patel says:

Anyone know how to incorporate camera gear into this bag?

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