My New Minimalist Travel Bag 2019

This is my new favorite minimalist travel bag for 2019. The Modoker Convertable Garment Bag.
(*note: I’m not being paid to advertise this bag. It is simply the bag I travel with. Modoker is welcome to pay me though)

My name is Ben Alagna and I make videos about living intentionally and how it will transform your life for the best.

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youtubeuser says:

This company just got an amazing promo video out of this

Caleb Customs says:

Ben lasagna

Mike Rilling says:

As a road warrior/ air warrior for more than 30 years I can confirm that this would be absolutely perfect if it were offered in a full size carryon size and if it folded into a backpack configuration

Jan Skof says:

hey i found your chanell and it amazing. Realy enjoing it! Can you do a video on clothes like what you wear and where do you buy your clothes . thanks keep up the good work 🙂

Pablo Floyd says:

Matt D’Avella is that you?

TheCrashingToaster says:

I travel at least twice a year, every year. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Paham Abg says:

I just randomly found your channel and I must say that I am really impressed by the quality of your videos! Keep up the good work!! I can’t wait to see more of that great, inspiring content! Also, your children are the most adorable!

Anne Bialecki says:

Amazing bag. Great vid, thx.

Kai Tebay says:

Safe to say I’m binging your videos now – top notch content! As a student who has to travel back and forth a lot, I really appreciate your packing-style too!

Sirenity says:

This bag looks perfect, way better than most annoying suitcases. The good side of it as well is that you end up packing less, and pack essential things. As a girl, I had the habit of overpacking clothes when I don’t even use most of them in a traditional suitcase so this bag is perfect to stop this madness. Thanks for these quality videos. You deserve way more subscribers.

Elian Van Cutsem says:


Nathan Pham says:

this channel is so underrated

Path X says:

Your videos are so perfect!

Schlaraffenland says:

No Carry On Size :-/

Melvin Joosten says:

This guy is a Matt D’Avella and Hueguh hybrid. Sweet.

lepidoptery says:

Pretty cool. Any possibility of a video of some of the rejects/runner-ups?

Peter Houghton says:

Glad I found this thank you YT algorithm, loved it, bought it. 🙂

Sam Laureto says:

What brand chinos are you wearing?

Larry Tanner says:

Great vid, great bag. What about toiletries?

TheVimarys1 says:

I like the simple clean look and the versatility of it. Thanks for the packing tips on how to use it. And I have to said it again but I don’t know why you don’t have more subscribers. Wishing you the best this year.

Ronald L. Banks says:

I’ve been looking for a versatile weekender bag to add to my minimalist lifestyle. I may have to check this one out! Thank you for sharing! You’re video quality it amazing also! Keep it up!

THƯ MAI says:

The quality of your videos always impresses me.

Modoker says:

Hi dear ,We are great thankful for what you made,your video is so amazing.Customer satisfaction is our driving force.Any unbiased honest comment or suggestion helps we keep doing things right and encourage us to keep sharing helpful tips!

ryan webb says:

Is this carry on size?

KINO says:


Xavier Mota says:

you remind me of matt davella

60scrazydude 314877 says:


Benjamin Burkhardt says:

I like the concept, but this bag requires you to unload your entire bag when you need to get anything out. It’s best for business travelers who will be in a hotel room for a week and plan to “move into” the hotel room for that week. But these businessmen will need to unpack their entire bag when they go through TSA if they don’t have Pre Check. But I’m sure the people who will actually use this bag will have Pre Check.

Personally I don’t mind packing myself. So it’s not a chore to me.

Shakir Malik says:

Ans me bro how to parchase this i want this

Hex H says:

Loved your video! Its amazing to see how easy it is to pack stuff wthout any much work! Thank you so much for this video!

lady Miamia says:

on point but still dumb

Kunan Anjum says:

This bag is so low key that I thought it was a jacket (just maybe I might check it out. Along with some of your hacks)

Nick Mozzicato says:

How can you travel with only one pair of shoes? Like I always need flip flops, sneakers and a dress formal pair.
I mean you wear the sneakers on the plane at least.

Emily Davidson says:

Modoker should be paying you. This video was better done than their own promotional video on their Amazon listing…

James Li says:

This is only okay because it’s pretty inexpensive. But I think it doesn’t really have that much more value proposition than a plain old duffel bag. The way you’d pack those clothes flat will still work with a duffel bag.

Also I can’t say for certain but if you wrap your suit around the outer perimeter of your pack, means when u set the pack down in your transit, all the weight is resting smack in the middle your suit?? On top of that, the duffel walls are folded up beyond 90 degrees which means that the top and bottom 1/3 of the suit are (beyond ) vertical and unsupported. It’s like using your pants like a sling. I don’t buy that that doesn’t crease your suit.

Alex Jansen says:

Hey Ben , Your video looks awesome!
I am going to be very blunt here. Would you mind if I use your video to advertise this bag on my webshop?
Please let me know the quality of your video looks stunning!

Beat around the bushcraft Caywood says:


Ella Parkinson says:

Matt d’avellas twin?

Shakir Malik says:

HOw to parchase this bag

Tan Linda says:

Looks especially good for a low cost airline carry on. However, female traveling with make up and toiletries etc, is there room? If so, where?

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