Minaal carry-on bag review – plus what I’m packing for 7 weeks in Thailand

http://christinacanters.com/ https://twitter.com/cjcanters/ This is a follow-up to my original packing video! I share with you what I think of the Minaal carry-on bag, I answer questions I received after the last video, and I show you what I’m packing for 7 weeks of travel through Thailand. Enjoy!


Broken Nose says:

Um,, what’s the other smaller bag for then?

ProteanView says:

Do you find that using the bags or cubes saves more space than rolling your clothing? Does the Minaal have hip straps to transfer weight from your shoulders?

Robert Newton says:

Was looking for a video to show our volunteers in Thailand on how to pack.

Would be interested to see how you would pack differently now that you have been and back.

If you are ever north of Bangkok in Singburi Province and interested in volunteering look us up.  Volunteer Inn – Thailand Teach  is our listing on Facebook.


Theresa Tran says:

So awesome! Thanks for all of the tips, and I’m ALWAYS looking for long term travel bags for short people like myself.

Harish Chouhan says:

Hello, are you still using this bag?

christa pinder says:

Hi Minas bags are really expensive, is there a inexpensive one that you’d recommend? I’m doing two weeks in Japan and I want to travel light

Christina Canters says:

+Lala Thaddeus Hi Lala thanks so much for stopping by! Glad you like the videos 🙂 I blogged about my outfits here: http://christinacanters.com/whats-in-my-minaal-bag/ If you pack clothes that all match each other (similar colour palette) you’ll be able to mix and match everything! You can definitely ditch the suitcase for 3 months. Good luck! x

Lala Thaddeus says:

Hi! Just wanted to say that your videos are awesome! They’re short and to the point and I love how you answered all the questions left on the previous video and how you upgraded to using packing cubes. Just one question: how many pants/shirts did you pack for this trip and about how many outfits do those yield? (asking because I’m soon going on a 3-month study abroad and wondering if ditching a suitcase is possible) Thank you!

Daniel Chee says:

Airlines are starting to weigh carry on luggage. I was stopped in Frankfurt heading to Munich earlier in the year for a hand carry that weighed more than the allowed 7kg. Did you have issues with domestic airlines giving you a hard time with the Minaal?

Kevin Soon says:

So I came here from your bulletproof coffee video and realized I had watched this way back when I was considering getting the Minaal bag 🙂 I ended up with the Carry-on 2.0 and took it on a trip to London/Amsterdam, it was beyond ideal! Next trip is Australia!

Oh and I realize this vid is a few years old, but hopefully Thailand was awesome. My parents are Thai and just went back for a few weeks. I hear things have changed a bit..

teenauh says:

This one was less stressful than the other one…..glad you got some organizational items. Nice job…..dis it get heavy? Did you ever wish it had wheels? Thanks for sharing.

Taylor Crone says:

Interesting vid.thanks. Your use of packin cubes is good. Adds minaal weight. 555 try packing reverse/ outside down into the shell. Easier to close the lid !-) I live in Thailand. I bet you travel lighter now. Cheers

Christina Canters says:

Malgorzata, carrying a bag on the front actually balances you out – it just looks a little strange. I found myself carrying my second bag over one shoulder anyway – if I were to do it again, I’d take a smaller satchel as my additional bag and carry it on the side. I hope that helps!

Brent Deinstadt says:

Hi may I suggest getting the Granite Gear 22″ Wheeled Carry-On Upright w/ Removable 28 Liter Pack! Honestly it is the best carry on bag I have ever owned. It is expensive but totally worth the investment. Check out the Granite Gear website or go to LuggageFactory.com. The bag you have is cool but I saw some issues with it. I don’t know how much you got it for, but I honestly won’t survive carrying two backpacks while traveling all over Europe :). The bag I have now is a 3 in one system which is really convenient.

MJ Lewis says:

Christina I really enjoy your videos. I subbed your channel and would be delighted if you checked out my channel and subbed me back. Thank you!

Osca Alva says:

the tom bihn 45 carryon bag is the bag to go with packing cubs

Julie Hagenbuch says:

Thank you so much for this review. I was convinced after my preliminary research of mostly male reviewers that the Minaal bag––which I prefer because it’s pretty––would never fit my multi-shoe, toiletry bag needs. You showed me that it’s possible even with padded bras and a straightener. I’m buying it tonight and I just subscribed to your podcast. Thanks!

Goslawa Pytel says:

Hello Christina, it was nice to see how you pack your Minaal. I am considering this backpack for my own travels. I do have a question, if you are still around YT (I know it was in 2014 but I am hoping you can get that comment anyways). The question is: how do you carry your two bags? I figure one on the back, and the second… on the front? Isn’t it uncomfortable to have it on the front and juggle two bags? Thanks!

Isaac Smith says:

Thanks Christina, good review! I’m considering getting one of these for an upcoming Europe trip, I probably won’t make up the roughly $500 AUD it will cost in baggage charges on this trip, but if it’s good I probably will eventually… Do you think it was a good investment?

Nick Morris says:

Was this from before or are you coming back?

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