Minaal Carry-On Backpack Massive Review (Minimal One Bag Travel)

Minaal: http://www.minaal.com/
Table of Contents: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81cccO_FtmQ#t=1m34s
Podcast: http://fizzleshow.co

This is a massive review of the Minaal Carry on Bag 1.0. I get into all the features, design, materials, etc.

I’ve used this bag for one bag travel, using all the minimal travel bag best practices, etc. And in the video I talk through all the pros and cons of this bag.

Here’s a list of things from Minaal’s website. Hope you enjoy this massive bag review 🙂

LIE-FLAT PACKING ||| So you can pack — and unpack — faster.

EASY FULL-BAG ACCESS ||| Instant access to all your gear (not just the stuff on top!) from any angle — thanks to our full-length zips.

LOCKABLE, PROTECTIVE DEVICE COMPARTMENT ||| Keep your gadgets safe, but within easy side-access reach in the separate, secure electronics compartment. Your devices are suspended in a neoprene sleeve, so no matter which way you put the bag down, your valuables won’t hit the ground.

ZIP-AWAY STRAPS ||| Rock the sleek, duffel-style look by hiding the backpack straps in under 10 seconds.

BUILT TO CARRY ON ||| Strike the perfect balance between saving money and moving fast – fits inside almost all current major airline carry-on dimensions (even Ryanair!)

IGNORE THE RAIN ||| A seam-sealed rain cover that’s easy to pull on, packs into itself and can be removed if unnecessary. It just… makes… sense.

FIT FOR YOU ||| Find your ideal position with 4-way main strap adjustment and extra-length, adjustable chest strap.

FULL WARRANTY ||| Total peace-of-mind with our manufacturer’s warranty against defects.

FABRIC ||| 500D Cordura; 1000D Cordura; 210D Nylon Interior Lining; 2mm Neoprene; Soft Lining (phone pocket)

DIMENSIONS ||| 55 x 35 x 20(cm) / 21.65 x 13.77 x 7.87(in)

COMPONENTS ||| YKK zips (both compartments padlock-able), Duraflex and Woojin buckles

WEIGHT ||| 1.4kg / 3.08lb (+ removable rain cover 70g / 2.47oz; removable hip stabiliser belt 70g / 2.47oz)

WEATHER ||| Main bag rated to 1000mm; seam-sealed rain cover to 1500mm

DEVICE COMPARTMENT ||| Main sleeve fits up to 15-inch Macbook Pro, with strap to hold smaller units safely. Second sleeve holds up to MacBook Air 11-inch (which means iPads and Kindles are good to go!)

DRINK HOLDER ||| Holds bottles of up to approx 9cm / 3.54in diameter w/ adjustable cord

ACCESSORIES ||| 3.8cm / 1.5in removable webbing hip stabiliser strap; adjustable, clip-away sternum strap

FINISH ||| Internally-bound seams

CAPACITY ||| 35L (find out why this is a terrible way to compare bags by clicking here)


Nitsan Simantov says:

Made me laugh. Totally subbed.

Henrich Kelenyei says:

Damn that bag is way too expensive!

OneHarp says:

Man, this is the best review video I have ever seen on YouTube, or anywhere else. Love it!!

Jay Johnson says:

Hi Chase. How can we contact you. Would like to work with you on a project. Thank you.

Joshua Tjhin says:

I’ve used the Minaal for 2.5 years including a 5 week Europe trip. I use to rave about it to everyone until our last Europe trip, where my gf travelled with a Tortuga V2 which highlighted some of the downfalls of the Minaal which I’d disagree with Chase. The Tortuga is way better to pack and unpack due to it opening like a suit case. The second thing is the straps on the Minaal look nice but definitely get tiring as it is barely padded. Lastly, the water bottle pocket is pretty much useless when your bag is full as it bulges and can’t fit other things like thongs (flip-flops).

Sue Kim says:

Hi Chase! I have a question about this backpack. I am an avid traveler. I am looking for a bag that would be suitable for my weekend trips as well as for some longer trips – I don’t need much room but I was wondering if this bag would be sufficient for me. I usually like to travel with several dildos. I usually keep 3 – 4 on me at a time, but I think I could get by with just 2. The reason I ask is because these dildos are kinda sorta on the big side. About 14″ in length and 8″ in diameter. I just can’t imagine traveling without my dildos. Could you please get back to me to confirm that these toys will fit along with the rest of my needed items – clothes, etc. Thanks!! (Your videos are awessome dude kepp it up!!)

Osca Alva says:

the bag to go with is the tom bihn 45 carryon bag only bag you need for the rest of your life. that bag looks cheap .

TonyMike says:

Great sun glasses. What is the brand? Thanks

siranto125 says:

Awesome review; you really sold me on this backpack. I was surprised to see Anne Lamott’s book in your bag. I grew up with her son, and, up through high school, she was like a second mother to me (she even helped me write a short story for one of my classes in middle school). She’s really an amazing lady.

Mark Hodges says:

Excellent and thorough review while being entertaining as well.  Thanks man.

GlennOst. TV says:

Love you humor brother, Keep sharing your gifts

Aguafria says:

This review feels sexual. Maybe I like it? Not sure.

Daniela Ciubuc says:

OMG… you are so funny

FraggingBard says:

My only wish is that the Osprey Porter 45 was this well designed. Can’t compress a camera.

Great review though, and oddly enough the only reason I was willing to watch a 23mn review of a bag was because I recognised that shirt style. Well done. You’ve turned bag reviews into art and terrible shirts into symbols of general awesomeness.

Kylie Saunders says:

You look like Uncle Joey from full house

JC Deen says:

Dude. this is awesome. I hope you are doing/plan on doing stand-up shows or open mics. if you do, get someone to film it.

Brian Hawn says:

Or the north face overhaul 40

Outside The Unbox says:

Oh man. I’ve had the Minaal bag for about 18 months, I’ve done quite a bit of travelling with it, and I’ve been meaning to make a full review video.

I made a quick unboxing video of it, but procrastinated the full review. This was the suggested video after my unboxing video, and I’m so glad I found this gem of a channel.

When I saw 23 minutes, I crossed my arms and said to myself “who does this piece of shit think he is trying to get me to watch a friends episode worth of review video”

You kept me until the end, well done.

I love the editing…did you do the edit yourself or do you have some to edit for you?

You covered all the points I have about the bag, I kept thinking “Me too! He understands me!”

I love it, I think I found my new favorite unboxing channel 🙂 Subscribed to this and I can’t wait to check out your podcast. I’ll put it in the review rotation with The Tim Ferris Show, Joe Rogan Experience & You Made It Weird.

Blake Penland says:

Oh Chase… I love your craziness. Be you my man!

Matthew Herrington says:

I knew a few minutes in that this bag wasn’t for me, but it was so entertaining that I continued anyway.

Karen Diaz says:

Would you recommend this over the Osprey Farpoint 40?

Jen Johnson says:

I have had this bag for two years (love it!) and had no idea about the “stash pocket” or whistle and totally forgot about the rain cover – ha!
Great review, thanks!

Antler CityStyle says:

How do you have so few subs? This vid was the best!

Lawrence Royce Manapsal says:

+Chase Reeves can you do a full review on ProGO backpack? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Brian Hawn says:

Have you reviwed the farpoint 40 by chance

leonardo dias says:

dude, did you ever tried the osprey farpoint 40L ?
BTW, keep doing theses videos, them are fucking awesome.

Ololade Pearse says:

Lmao. There’s something about this guy. As he’s right about to get annoying he ends up making me smile or laugh. Cute. I like you but I’ve honestly gotten distracted. What am I watching again? Let me focus. I’m here for the bag. Stop making me laugh!!! (Joking. I’ll buy the bag just make me laugh).

Matt Haze says:

This is almost the best bag review I’ve ever seen. The Hawaiian shirt caused me to deduct some points, but that aside… brilliant work, sir.

bjossymandias says:

is that a 13 inch macbook?

Ethan Painter says:

You’re my hero.

Eirik Wabø Arnesen says:

Great stuff – I just keep coming back to your bag reviews.

Btw, what is all the crazy stuff you have in the background? Please do a tour video/cribs of your bag workshop / fernet branca museum or whatever it is – would be pretty awesome.

flpmrtnz says:

I need that shirt!

Beatriz Soares says:

great video! And also… AMAZING review!

Janet Bray says:

Cool bag! Funny guy! Was looking for a bkpk – found a comedian. See you in “Sang Hi” in a tank top

DelScully says:

okay.. so im going to europe for 4-6 months… and only flying ryanair and easy jet mainly… does anyone have any bags they’d recommend for being able to use it as a carry on! Its all im bringing and cant check the bag in, it has to be a carry on!


u should be in hollywood film…
they should make one leather version bag

Jimmy Naraine says:

epic video man haha, you have some great energy

Dimas Zaky says:

ive watch this video 10+ times, and i never get bored, it’s so entertaining that im forgetting that your review content is superb.
please, we want more reviews 😀

Gremlingnette says:

… “chones”… You made me realize how much I missed that word!

Stuart Fuller says:

Chortle, chortle, mwahahahahaha, , hehehehe. Seriously chap, love your reviews!!

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