Minaal Carry-on 2.0 Review | A Popular One Bag Travel Backpack for Digital Nomads & Remote Workers

The Minaal Carry-on 2.0 is a roomy, minimalist-styled backpack that has some great features and only a few minor faults. A solid option for one-bag travel. View Details & Buy: https://packha.kr/vmns

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1:23 – Material & Aesthetic
2:45 – External Components
8:32 – Inside the Pack
12:33 – Durability & Testing
13:21 – The Verdict
13:52 – Pros & Cons

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During our constant search for the perfect one-bag travel setup, it was only a matter of time until we tested out some gear from Minaal—the company whose motto is “tools for efficient travel.” Seriously, you can’t get more on-brand than that. We consider ourselves experts in efficient travel, after all, so we had to take a look and see if their stuff really lives up to the motto.

Two of our most experienced Pack Hacker team members have been testing out both the grey and black Minaal Carry-on 2.0. We’ve been testing the grey one for 8 months and the black one for 1.5 months—seeing as it came out… 1.5 months ago.

We’re going to let you in on a little secret right off the bat—this pack has held up well and can hold its own among some of the best one-bag travel packs out there. At least in the first 8 months, it has definitely proven itself as a solid tool for efficient travel.

It’s got a pretty clean look, as you can see. They’ve definitely got the minimalist look down. The branding is very subtle—just a few small, simple logos throughout the pack—and there’s not an overwhelming amount of straps or doo-dads on the outside of the pack. The straps it does have are actually fairly hard to see on the black version, which is nice—everything blends in pretty seamlessly. And even if this thing is fully packed, you’re not going to get that dreaded, mini-fridge-on-your-back look. It’s pretty slim and streamlined, overall.

The Carry-on 2.0 has a capacity of about 35 liters. Why “about?” Why is it not a set-in-stone number? Well, the folks over at Minaal have some beef with this whole liter-capacity system—they don’t like to claim a certain capacity because there are really no set standards in the backpack world when it comes to these measurements.

And honestly, they’re not wrong. It’s not terribly uncommon to find that a certain 30L backpack actually holds more than another 40L backpack made by a different brand. But we like numbers, so we’ll stick with the 35L measurement for congruency. To put it in simpler terms—like virtually all one-bag travel packs, this thing holds a lot of stuff and can still be used as a carry-on bag for pretty much all major airlines.

The Carry-on 2.0 from Minaal is a stellar bag for one-bag travelers. It offers a tremendous amount of room, a good number of user-friendly pockets, plus a handful of other nice features. In grey or black, this pack looks great and carries well to boot. The overall durability is solid—this is a pack that should, in theory, hold up to years of usage. Minor issues include the water bottle holder, hideaway strap system, and rapid accumulation of dust on the fabric. But to be fair, the pros largely outweigh the cons. For one bag travelers, the Minaal Carry-on 2.0 is hard to beat.

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In this video, Tom Wahlin of Pack Hacker reviews the Minaal Carry-on 2.0. A great one bag travel option for digital nomads and remote workers. This pack is big enough, and optimized enough to hold your clothing, tech gear for remote work, and then some.

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james Truscello says:

if they removed the water bottle holder this bag could go in the Guggenheim museum. unfortunately when i tried this bag out i felt i needed about 35L bag that could hold my clothes and light weight workout shoes (pro tip: black sperry dock siders, dress up, dress down, feel great all day and pack small.) the three packing cubes they sell for the bag hold a little less than the two cubes i use for my clothes on all my trips ( 12x12x4 & 12x6x4) and in the winter i really could use one more small cube. Great review, i enjoy your videos.  This is an excellent choice in bags but it probably will not be your only bag for all your trips.

César Mendoza says:

How would you compare it to the Aer Travel Pack?

Donnie MacNeil says:

Is that a DSPTCH bag in the back? I can’t wait!

james Truscello says:

tom i looked back at your 40l goruck review and it seems you packed a lot more gear (tripod, more packing cubes) when you traveled with that bag.  did you cut down on what your using and carrying or did you use a 2nd bag for some of your equipment when you used the minaal 2.0?

Orlando Montalvo says:

Great video, is there an upcoming review for the Timbuk2 bag hanging just over your shoulder on that wall?

Rakesh Arora says:

Gr2 vs Minaal smack down time?

Robert Williamson says:

I’ve travelled with very good bags in the past, including the MEI Voyageur, and my Tortuga V2.   They’re supposed to be max carry on size, but I always had to check them at the airport.  
      My Minaal 2.0 is smaller, only 35 litre, and I’ve never had to check it.   Always allowed to carry it on.  It’s my favourite bag now for minimalist one bag carry on.  On  recent more than two months trip to southeast Asia, it was great.  I’m very happy with it. The water bottle pocket could have been designed better, but it still does the job.

Garrett Bredell says:

Narrowed down my choices to the Minaal 2.0 and the Tortuga Setout. I know comments are always asking for smackdowns, but do you have a quick take on significant advantages or disadvantages on these bags one way or another?

SoCalDaveL says:

You just posted Nathan & Rebecca’s awesome review of the Osprey Farpoint 40. How would the Pack Hacker staff compare the two bags? They both play in the same space (carry on friendly, single bag travel) but at a much different cost. The Minaal always gets great reviews, but with the shortcomings you mentioned… does it rate as a higher “buy” option over the Farpoint 40 for checkin only travelers? What are your thoughts?

Joshua Pinter says:

Dude, best review I’ve seen. All the unbiased details without all the yelling and antics some other channels throw at you. *cough* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjNKiS_UBrA

Aiden Aizumi says:

Hey…was wondering about that wall you have your bags hanging on. Where is that from?

gem mcdermott says:

Great review. Have you had to check the minaal on any flights?

Marnie vanB says:

You guys should do a review on the new Eagle Creek Global Companion 40L!

Tom Wahlin says:

Do you have any experience with Minaal? Thinking about picking one up? Let us know your thoughts! Also, if you’re looking for a new backpack, be sure to take a look at our guide on how to choose the best travel backpack for you: https://packhacker.com/guide/best-travel-backpack/

Takahashi R says:

Another great review. The minaal looks very slick for everyday use. I use the osprey farpoint 40 daily and find the hiking design and the hip belt a bit of a bummer to look discrete and pro. How does the bag look when it is empty? Does it stay flat and keep its shape?

Bo Ismono says:

Well, that’s a very thought-out bag. Would love to check it out myself one day.
Awesome video, Tom! I like your attention to detail. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to the collab 😉

Auto Pilot says:

Another great detailed review! I purchased the Aer pack as per your review and love it. I have travelled to Paris and Tel Aviv several times in the last few months and the bag is a perfect fit for my needs. Keep up the good work and thank you mr. Packhacker!

Hendrik Schlootz says:

Hey fellows I was wondering if you could help me out with the bag hanging on the upper left on the wall above the GR3 by GORUCK. What modell and brand is it and is there a review?
Thanks for your help already.

Outxe Official says:

Great review! How could I get connect with you? Can you give me your mail address for cooperation? Thank you

Michael L says:

Hi Tom, new to the channel so this may be covered elsewhere. But do you mind if I ask how tall you are? Just sussing out pack size relative to height! I’m 170cm so thinking it may wear a tad on the large size. Cheers!

NOMAP says:

Great review, Tom as always. I love that you actually test the products for a bit before reviewing unlike a lot of folks that get an item loaned to them for a review and never take it out of their home. I purchased the grey Minaal 2.0 bag earlier last year with the shirt pouch and their cubes. It’s nice to see they include the hip straps now because they were a $30 add on when I purchased mine. I ended up returning mine because it held less than my GORUCK GR1 and when it was packed, the outside pockets were hard to get into. I loved how sleek it was, but I travel carry-on only and like to have a liquids bag easily accessible from the outside. The Minaal was a deal breaker because of this. Well, that and the absurd over-rated price they charge for it. I didn’t feel the quality was there for the price. Like you said, they use a generic nylon and after seeing how evasive they were answering your questions, I wonder why they can’t just be honest about the materials? Quality control issues with Cordura? It’s used on millions of product so I’m sure there’s some issues. You make a higher higher profit using cheaper nylon and only selling direct. Oh and I hated that stupid water bottle pocket. They claim mesh pockets will not be durable, but I’d rather have a usable mesh pocket than one I can rarely use if the bag is packed.

Ivy namnam says:

I would love to see a review of the allpa 35l from cotopaxi from you guys

Maya Larks says:

12:45 I didn’t know the black one attracts that much dust. Or at least shows that much dust. It looked so much sleeker than the gray one at their website. Thanks for the heads up.

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