Matador Daylite16 Review | Packable Daypack for One Bag Travel

The Matador Daylite16 is an ultralight, ultra-compressible daypack that can hold a laptop and more. It may just be the perfect companion to your larger travel bag. View Details & Buy:

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0:25 – Material & Aesthetic
1:06 – Benefits
5:33 – Durability & Testing
6:40 – Pros & Cons
7:11 – The Verdict

Have you ever been caught in the one bag dilemma? You’re leaving your hotel for the day and looking down at your virtually empty 35L travel pack, weighing the pros and cons between taking that monstrosity to the coffee shop or just grabbing a to-go bag from the restaurant downstairs…

There must be a better way, right?

In this review, we are checking out the Matador Daylite16—a compressible daypack that just might be the perfect companion for your one bag travel pack. It’s got a 16 liter capacity, yet you can toss it into a compression sack and throw it inside your larger pack. Hell, you could throw this thing in your jacket pocket if you want.

The Matador is a slick looking pack that comes in two different colors—gray and indigo. We’ve been testing out the gray one, and while it does have a bit of that “outdoorsy” look, it’s got some clean, minimalistic lines that we really like.

As far as materials go, the big player here is a 30D siliconized CORDURA® ripstop nylon. And if you’re not up to date on your fabric lingo, that just means it is a lightweight, strong fabric. If you take a close look at the fabric you’ll notice a hexagonal pattern—this is where the ripstop comes in. If the fabric gets ripped, those little hexagons will stop it from getting any bigger.

Overall, the Matador Daylite16 is an ultralight, ultra-compressible daypack that is a perfect companion for your larger, one bag travel pack. Coming in at a solid 16L, this thing can hold a bunch of stuff—including a 15” laptop—and still pack down to the size of a tube of a muffin, while weighing in at only 4.1 ounces. Need we say more? No need to worry about lugging your large travel backpack around a new city or into a coffee shop—just fill up the Matador with a few essentials and get on with it!

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In this video, Tom Wahlin of Pack Hacker reviews the Matador Daylite16: a good packable daypack option for one bag travel.

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phase3prophet says:

the super deep front pocket actually serves well as a centered water bottle pocket! makes for a more balanced pack when i’m not in need of quick access to my water. great review!

Ajaj Chamoun says:

Hey Tom and Packhacker Team! Can you guys do any reviews on high security bags such as Pacsafe? I would love to hear your thoughts on that. Great videos!

Gretel Arcia says:

Hey Tom, had some questions for you, what’s a good E-mail to reach you? Thank you.

The Journey says:

Great review man! Just found you on another channel excited to support and see more

oOcitizenOo says:

while watching your videos i can’t get rid of a feeling that a former pornstar has quit with this business and began to review backpacks 😀

P.S. I like Tom Bihn daily backpack and also Tortuga has launched their new foldable daily backpack. Looks cool and costs 39$

P.P.S. I ordered Standard’s packing cube backpack due to its design and functionality)

chuddrick says:

Solid review, do their Freerain24 next please m8

stvsueoka1 says:

hmmm, I don’t know if I can justify $50 for this thing haha … so many other respectable companies making similar items, but 20-25% cheaper. ya know what I mean? … good review regardless. this just isn’t for me I guess.

NOMAP says:

Great review as always, Tom. I’ve been using this backpack for one bag travel for about a year now. It was my first introduction into Matador. I use it for taking items I’ll need when out exploring destinations for the day. I’ve found the storage pouch handy for storing small valuables when wearing the backpack. Who knows if it’ll work, but I figured if a thief sliced the bag open then the hanging pouch with valuables wouldn’t fall out. I usually store a USB power pack and charging cords in the long outer pocket for phone recharging throughout the day since I don’t have to access it that often or I’ll put a liter water bottle in there to be more streamlined to avoid losing it on the subway or buses. I haven’t noticed too much fraying, but I usually just carry a rain jacket and/or Patagonia packable jacket, water bottle and powerbank in it. Since owning this Matador backpack, I’ve also purchased their packable duffel bag, fanny pack which I now use to carry a wallet when running and their packable blanket which comes in handy when we want to sit down and eat lunch a park.

Just a guy says:

Brought this to Mexico last October and loved it. Saved wife and I while on an excursion. Was also waterproof enough to keeps clothes dry, around some cenote splashing fun. Highly recommend.

Takahashi R says:

Another great review, the durability thing can only be tested with time and that’s why these reviews are great!!

Pack Hacker says:

Hey crew – what’s your favorite compressible Daypack?

mpglnwater says:

The 24 freerain takes up only slightly more space but holds much more. It is roll top, which for me is a plus. Y’all might want to look at that, still I have a little fraying but it’s still holding up. Also if you prefer the zipper and the slightly smaller size, Coalatree has a packable backpack that has held up better and I’ve had it longer. The Coalatree folds Easier than both matador products but does have a different compressed footprint. The duffel, from both companies, is nice to have as a backup carry-on in my experience.

armero83 says:

Nice review, I was thinking to purchase this daypack… however it’s quite expensive with the shipping to Mexico. Besides I found an almost identical daypack by Topnaca ( for 20 bucks including the shipping!!!! Maybe it would be a good idea if you can compare both of this daypacks just to see if the quality of the matador daypack is way superior, so it’s justify the higher price.

smartgeartravel says:

Tom thank you for another great review. We are currently in the design stages of a backpack concept. The day pack that goes with the onebag backpack concept brings up a few questions. It is so light that you loose comfort with flimsy shoulder straps. You also have to put a neoprene protector over your laptop. Would you rather have a slightly more heavy daypack (possibly non packable) with some more comforts like padded laptop compartment, padded straps. Or would you go the other extreme and kill the laptop padding in your onebag backpack as you have the neoprene sleeve on the Laptop anyway for your lightweight daypack. These are exactly the questions I have in the design stages of my bag concept.

CocoPink44 says:

Hello. Thank you for the review Are you familiar with Klean Kanteen products? If I throw my Klean Kanteen in there I would be worried about it getting dented if it hit against something. Do you have any suggestions for padding for the Drinking bottles so that would not happen?

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