Longchamp Review: Le Pliage Large Shoulder & Le Pliage Expandable Travel Duffle Tote

Hey guys!! I am really excited to share my thoughts on these two amazing bags!! Spring is hopefully right around the corner which means spring break and vacations will be following!! I thought this might be helpful if you are looking for a new carryon or just a new tote bag in general! I have loved the large tote for a few years now and have already gotten a ton of use out of the expandable version!! I hope you enjoy the video and find it helpful! I purchased both of these bags from Bloomingdales and always but they are also available at Nordstroms, and Saks!

Where to Find the Bags:

Bloomingdales Le Pliage Large Tote: http://a.chipp.us/r/bellanoochi/7dd9/

Bloomingdales Weekend Travel Tote: http://a.chipp.us/r/bellanoochi/7dd8/

Nordstrom Large Tote: http://a.chipp.us/r/bellanoochi/7dd5/
Nordstrom Travel Bag: http://a.chipp.us/r/bellanoochi/7dd7/

Thanks so much for watching!!

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xo Meg


Nina frank says:

I mean this as a helpful suggestion. Your video would have been much more helpful if you had shown more of this fabulous bag, rather than just you speaking to the camera for most of the video.

Michael Collins says:

How do Longchamp have two colors named khaki?

SydneyDiva says:

I have had the large expandable Longchamp bag for nearly 10 years! It has gone to the snow, onboard planes, swimming carnivals and numerous overnight trips and it still looks brand new! If I calculated how many times I’ve used it vs cost, it is truly value for money! Not to mention how much I love how it looks! I have recently purchased an MZ Wallace tote for use as hand-carry, as just like you mention in yr video, “if you are someone who likes to keep their bag extremely organised”, that’s me, and now I actually have pockets to organise all my frequently used items whilst on the plane!

LBlush says:

I have been watching you for some time now with handbag reviews. Do you know who Jenny McCartney looks like you. Both of you are really pretty.

djxbv says:

Does the medium size fit macbook air 13′??

beautywithdani says:

LOVE your makeup in this video!

Ey Em says:

Can men use the bag with a shoulder strap?

Amalina Mantaza says:

what colour is this??? i’m in love with this colour.. is it Taupe?

Lydia K says:

I’m so confused as to why so many people have these bags. They’re so ugly :

Natalie Davis says:

Great video. It was super informative! Also, you look absolutely gorgeous here!

PB PB says:

+bellanoochi love longchamp! fyi, for their nylon totes, longchamp will repair any issues from old age or whatever it is for free one time! even if your bag is 10+ years old, you must go to a longchamp store or mail to the closet one to you! love all your vids!

VoiceStory says:

it’s Katy Perry

Tenzin Chodon says:

“it’s a gigantic sack” hahaha that was great!

50hellkat2 says:

How much

Kim McDaniel says:

Bloomingdale’s have 25% off now.  I ordered another one yesterday.

DonnaRuth says:

Longchamp is an excellent brand and I adore their leather goods. This bag seems like it’s worth checking out and buying, even without the sale 🙂

gardenleaves lala says:

They are a great brand. Think of them as investment pieces. The amount you spend, vs the mileage (use) out of them, it’s worth it! Love this video 🙂

a2wonbaby says:

How has the corner wear been on your bags?

DE X says:

$145? They’re expensive in the states huh? You can get them in the UK for £70/$108. I would love the yellow lemon for summer. What are the measurements please 🙂 x

Agnesvintage says:

OMG I am shocked by the price of your bag because in France, this bag costs about 80 euros and you can have it for less on sale. I think it’s because it is a French brand, so if you decide to make a trip to France you can buy a black one.

MissCrystal says:

Hi Meg! I have the large in dark brown. I love that it folds! Such a great bag to bring along incase you need another. That duffle looks so nice! Thanks for the review! xo

skess94 says:

Wth i’m halfway through it all you’re talking about is the loyalty program. are they paying you?

HoneyDewy Kins says:

I love your video quality, great camera …
I was crazy about Longchamp Le Pliage 2 years ago… been there …bought in many different colors and sizes … then I thought I had passed that stage ..but now after watching your videos, I just ordered myself the large long handle in Figue

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