KP Duffle – The Ultimate Travel Bag

KP Duffle – The Ultimate Travel Bag
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Rafael den boogert says:

I’m someone that when I go on a 1 week trip I could rock that bag, definitely my new fav brand I’m getting the zero g and this one and maybe the sling

blondre3000 says:

Nice bag but what the hell you need so many phones for? Seems like more of a pain in the ass if anything.

xaver2k says:

Thanks for the demonstration. i really liked that you pretended to take a 2 days trip and packed the bag and showed us how you packed that many stuff in this little bag. Thanks a lot!

RMA 5150 says:

HAHAHAHA…”Let me blind y’all really quick”

Pyramid Head says:

Scale of 1 – 10 I give it a solid 10 this is a hell of a bag I may have to get me one at some point.

Jugadero! says:

That bag is sick!!!

Armand R says:

Really diggin ur reviews, very down to earth. keep up the great work, I’ll B watching them all. L8TR

Eric James says:

Floss, I got my KP Duffle and it’s unreal. Thanks for the videos and promo on this

Alpha Adeeb says:

How many damn phones do you have ?!

Angelo Arribas says:


El Grande says:

You could probably rock that in an Georgio Armani pinstripe suit.

Nick P says:

Buy Lumia 950xl and use it for 5 to 7 days. Amazing.

Adam Bach says:

How many phones you got

Kenneth Anders says:

I just got the blue joint. Wouldn’t have brought this if it wasn’t for the review. Got it for $129 on touch of modern.

Olaia Iturbe Elorza says:

Do you have some other work aside to make youtube videos Floss? (Is curiosity)

Chris McLaughlin says:

Excellent review! How has the bag been holding up since your purchase?

Jonathan Morgan says:

I’m confused. Who needs to carry 4 phones?

charles mcquaig says:

YO, floss that bag is hot!!!

Reggie Hollins says:

Received my sling last week and finally received my duffle today. This bag is DOPE! Yes i said dope. Im old school. They are having major problems with shipping. I ordered 2 bags black with blue and blue with orange. Received 2 black with orange interior last month. Emailed them the issue and today i received my blue with orange interior and another black with orange. Hopefully they will get it right on the next try. But customer service has been great. So now I have 3 black with orange that i didnt order. Planning my next trip now.

Armando Gomez says:

yo flossy just started a new job need something to hold my stuff and some gadgets any recommendations this is too big but don’t wanna be walking around with a man purse either I ain’t about that life

Louie Bryja says:

that bag is awesome nice idea to get the bag

Reggie Hollins says:

I’ve been wanting this bag since I saw your review on it a month ago. Made my pledge for 2 of them today


This bag is a win!

llNYC says:

Just got my bag last week thanks for the review!

tyler wilson says:

So what is your job exactly lol?

m1dkn1ght says:

It’s been over a year now. How has the bag held up? I’m always cautious about polyurethane materials. Cheap polyurethane can be like that terrible cheap fake leather that peels and cracks and tears. They said they’re using high quality polyurethane… So how has it held up and how often do you use it? Thanks man

Billy The Corner Camper says:

can this be a tech bag

vn01208503 says:

can you do review of this bag vs aer duffle pack? they have similar designs

Adam Dahlquist says:

+Flossy Carter Looks like their Kickstarter succeeded. Bag is on point and now on sale and I’m looking to grab one. Will the shoe compartment fit high tops? Looks a little small for say some J5s or 6s.

Ricky Rojas says:

Damn this is sick

Hasan Mehmood says:

That is certi but its 188 dollars for a bag and thats a sheg

Ricardo Cortez says:

that’s smart cause in the gym, things go down that bag wouldn’t last .. very nice bag though

MarvelousProductions says:

Goddamn them phones

Efrain Suarez II says:

I didn’t think that I was gonna like it, but I was wrong. I believe that this company is serious about making well thought out bags. Like you, I am probably going to make this part of my extended travel back, my “Third Tier EDC rotation”. Good looks on turning me on to this Flossy. Great video and I will have to check out the sling after this video. Semper Fi brother, RAH!!! P.S. The key Fob should have used that slick magnetic clip on/off like the ruck.

Steven Garcia says:

You always have thorough reviews Floss! I definitely want to purchase this backpack asap! Thank you for always doing legit demonstrations as well!

Jules Boucher says:

Floss fookin’ rocks!

Mason The Bulls fan says:

Floss you should try out the ogio endurance duffle bag it’s pretty nice

Chris Hodges says:


COOCHaDAMus says:

WTF you ain’t use any of those words you can’t say right LOL. nice vid FLOOSSY

Just a guy says:

Floss, it’s been about 2 weeks. You get much use out of the bag to add to your opinion? Still think it’s a win….. Even for $160/bag?

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