Best Travel Bag EVER!

Product mentioned:
The Baggallini Big Sydney

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Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in Vanilla (#52)
L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush (outer corner)
L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Iced Latte (on lid)
NYX Single Eyeshadow in Brown (in crease):
NYX blush in Pinched:
MAC lipstick in Syrup:
Nail polish: Zoya Liberty
Earrings from Target (no longer available)
Watch: Fossil Riley
Bracelet: handmade gift from my friend Katie
Flag tank top: available at Apricot Lane

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Camera used: Sony HDR-CX110
Movie editing software: iMovie ’11

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Shoppa Holic says:

Hi Marnie, i just wanted to ask a question about your wedding ring set. from the front it looks like 3 rings but from the back it looks like 1. is it 1 or 3. please excuse my punctuation, i am currently in bed poorly watching you videos to cheer me up xxxx

Diana Plensdorf says:

It’s really annoying that you can’t really see the bag.

Kerry Gastley says:

I just bought it at marshals for 30 bucks!

brandi presley says:

Thank you for the review! I found a huge display of Bagallini bags at my TJ Maxx! Picked one up for 39.99!,

Jennifer Connelly-Munson says:

Best quote… “Maybe I am allergic to sheep” hahahahaha 🙂

Marnie Goldberg says:

I don’t think it’s necessary, but it has definitely come in handy and it is much more portable for travel.

Osca Alva says:

best travel bag is a Longchamp XL

elena911000 says:

Marnie, I love how you explained things. You don’t skip anything. I am a teacher and this bag is fabulous because I need to have many things with me and this bag is perfect to keep it organized and at the same time it is not heavy. Thank you! Love all your videos!

Md Rezwan Jafri says:

its was more of looking at the lady thn d bag itself..

Robyn K says:

Just ordered mine from Amazon (the Canadian site) and got it taxes and shipping included for $85 – so excited, it will arrive on Thursday!

Marnie Goldberg says:

I didn’t-that makes it even better!

Cora Musgrave says:

I have so many baggallinis from marshalls and tj maxx! I own like 20 different kinds lol

yesiownfrodo says:

oh my word, I want one!

Lisa Viramontes says:

Does an ipad air fit into the bag?

sunil sai says:

Thanks a lot for this helpful information!

I was always missing my errands, shopping and many other simple things in life and the result is that , all used to make fun of me and i was called almost a looser!

luckily, one of colleague introduced me to “listall” mobile app by lokesh which helps in managing 8 different and important type of lists in life.

Now, I am much more organized and people now call me effective person! I cant believe it

LC B says:

great bag, love the fuchsia lining!! 🙂

Simply Happy says:

I love baggallini bags, I love this bag as well as my tulum tote from baggallini.^_^

Joni S says:

lots of Bagallini bags at

Truth Matters says:

I have two of them one small one that holds so much i actually made a video of what i had in it and it was the never ending bag of holding and can be worn on a belt has a loop in the back and a cross body strap and i have a larger one which the small one fits in and I usually am still able to put many things in the bag like tablet and brush and pens a note book or two plus all the regular purse stuff .. I want one of their back packs but they are a little out of my price range right now ..
I have used the small one daily for going on three yrs now and the lg one daily for 2 yrs and they are not looking any different from the day i bought them got he small one at marshals for $25 and the lg one at TJ maxx i believe for about $40 best bag purchases ever ..

kelleyhasapis1 says:

I have the same bag that I bought a few years ago for the same purpose. I love it!!!

Tamara Kramer says:

Love your video…went to my local Marshalls…love that store…found a Bagallini Town Bag… it. Never would have given in a second look if not for you. Perfect bag for going to my daughters field hockey games and field trips. Thanks so much. Going back today to buy more for friends.

Marcy Stroud says:

I have many Baggallini bags, and use the Belfast Mini with all of them, but my favorite is the Capetown Travel Backpack. With a family, it seems I’m always carrying more than my share of the ‘stuff’!! It even has a cushioned divider for my iPad! Check it out before your next family trip…and if it’s too big for an outing, I use the Belfast Mini with the crossbody strap. ☺️

Lainey Lou says:

Hi Marnie, When I saw the travel bag you purchased it totally reminded me of a bag I purchased to travel with. About 2 years ago I saw it at a Roots store here in Canada. It turned out to be an awesome investment! It looks a lot like the one you have only it is in Italian leather. The one I purchased was the Venetian Village Cir Tribe. They have a number of similar bags like it in different sizes and colors. Cheers 🙂

Melinda Warren says:

Most baggallinis are already heavy before you even then pack them so I just go with Kiplings!!!

julieandthebooks says:

Great review of your bag! And!…love the outfit! Peace! 😉

Marnie Goldberg says:

They were three, but I had them soldered together so they’d stop spinning around.

Tru Neilson says:

Why not show the bag instead of your face when talking about a bag. I’ve never watched your videos before and came for the thumbnail, wanted to see the bag.

Nicole Sonobe says:

lovely bag! i have a question…if you could only buy one item duty free when you travel overseas, what would you buy??

foilhead1 says:

I have the same bag and love it. I dont use the built in card holders for credit cards either but i have used them for bandaids, sweetener packets, hotel keys and coupons or tickets for events. says:

Great Video

Jachinoy15 says:

I saw ur channel by chance and I can’t sleep….I want that bag too! 🙂 I know what u mean like having those designer bags but its not light and functional and not travel friendly. Good thing we have this bag in singapore but just selected stores so I bought one and its on sale. Bought the exact one at sgd130+++ will be travelling soon and I so can see myself with this 🙂 thanks!

JoodnReg says:

I just love watching you and your lovely pets and I have ordered this bag! I have tried lots of bags but they didn’t quite do the job, this one will! xoxoxox From Oz

Marcia Pemberton says:

Love Baggallini bags. Only bag I take on trips.

karuna says:

Wondering if you or anyone would know if the iPad Air would fit in the rear pocket and still have the magnet close.   OR easy in/out of the front zipper pocket.  My iPad air is 6.75 wide x 9.5 long (with Smart Cover).    I’m trying to find a bag that avoids my iPad being in the main compartment.   I think this will work but not entirely sure.   🙂    Thanks!

Kazza5702 says:

Love you Marnie

Tan Sharma says:

Thanks for introducing me to the world of lighter, functional crossbody bags. I am addicted to them. No sure how I ever lived without them. After watching your video few weeks back, I have experimented with Baggallini, Kipling and LeSportsac brands and love being hands free.

Carrie C says:

Thank you! Zappos was out of the charcoal color (which is what I wanted) so I ordered it from Amazon. Can’t wait to use it on my next trip!

kate10662 says:

Great review! My mom is a travel agent, and so travels a lot. She has a smaller bagellini bag that turns in a fanny pack. She loves it, especially how it works well for traveling, but also looks nice enough for every day use .

linktheelf says:

No dis respect but im not gay and I em strighter than the arrow I would have carred that (bag so bad. as in aka love the bag so much it would go every were) I would have chose a different color verry_ation

Sugarplum704 says:

Yes Marnie, they are great bags! Like “jtferdon” my everyday bag for the past 3-years or so is a Baggalini tote that I got on clearance @ TJ Maxx for only $25. It wears like a champ and I get compliments on it ALL the time!

reneeandrea18 says:

Thank you for the video! I hit the jack pot at Marshall’s today! I am in love with it already!

Marnie Goldberg says:

Aw, thank you!

SecondHandJan says:

Thanks so much for this video! I just bought one yesterday in the coffee(espresso) color and just LOVE it! I was looking for something like this and had never heard of Bagallini until your video!. We leave for vacation tomorrow! Thanks again! Also….enjoy all your videos!

MontanaSkyBlue says:

Thanks Marnie – great travel bag review with all the suggestions for how you pack and use the bag too.

Shoppa Holic says:

Thank you for replying. what a great idea maybe i should do that with mine. Thank you for the hours of entertainment and making me laugh. you are such a sweetie xxx

Marnie Goldberg says:

I’m pretty sure I already did.

linktheelf says:

I could see guys were that baggallini bag as well with some cool skull beads what not have you I have a baggalinni that ment to be a tote purse its the triple zip but it make for me the nicest edc bag man my pockets use to bulge and saggie up my pands ther nice and snugg now and stay in place omg

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