Best Compact Carry-On Bag For Men | One Bag Travel, Weekender Style! (A Nomad Lane Bento Bag review)

Grab a Bento Bag of your own (special price for my EG fam – that’s you!)

Sometimes, a roller bag carry-on is just too much.

They’re great for 1-2+ week trips, but for no-fuss guys who have versatile wardrobes and prefer to pack minimally, roller bags are overkill.

Duffel bags are fine, but with one giant compartment, it’s hard to keep things neatly separated and aren’t always comfortable when lugging around.

Enter the Bento Bag from Nomad Lane.

I frickin’ LOVE this bag. Out of all the weekenders, roller bags, and duffels I’ve come across, this is by far my favorite bag for a 2-5 day trip.

It functions like a normal carry-on, but it’s compact like a weekender, and on top of that, nicely compartmentalized with space for shoes, clothes, your laptop, some notebooks, your toiletries, chargers and cables, a built in port to charge your smartphone, and a whole bunch more!

In this video I’m going through the whole Bento Bag, compartment by compartment.

If you love it as much as I do, pick one up for yourself at a special price using the link below (I’m hookin you UP! Thank me later)

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Caroline Lu says:

I preordered this thanks to this video, but I was also wondering if you had the pakt bag to compare this to? They look like similar bags, with the bento potentially being smaller with more defined storage slots? (I didn’t look at dimensions)

Jason Foley says:

This looks like such a great bag; for the EG price (thanks for that, Barron!) it was a no-brainer to order one for myself.

I have a lot of different backpacks and bags that I pick and choose among based on my travel needs; this one looks like it’ll replace everything except my Weekender garment bag (which I still need for my suits). The ability to just toss it on a rollaboard is what really seals it for me, but you have to admire all of the little details that they added to make traveling easier.

Only downside… I have to wait until November to get it!

The Stuff I Like says:

Nice bag, but very similar to the Pakt One from the minimalist guys!

Guy Clapperton says:

Impressive but I often have to carry a suit so this isn’t the one. The smart/casual traveller will no doubt relish it!

GVO says:

Was about to get this when I saw the shipping fee! Guess that’s my fault for living down under. Hopefully it will be available soon on Amazon.

andi amri says:

how many liter this bag is ?

Femke Castles says:

I’m a teacher and I want one to use for work!

Sangeetha Thanapal says:

Fuck the TSA! Also, you are really watchable. I don’t usually enjoy these videos but I really enjoyed this!

Melanie Dejonge says:

If this bag had the option of built-in wheels and a telescoping handle it would be literally the perfect underseater.

Donnie Aloot says:

Best music intro

Eye Heart Sushi says:

I’m not a frequent traveler but I gotta say that bag is AMAZING. They sure put a lot of thought into its design. The price is actually not bad for what you’re getting. I thought it’d be priced higher.

Tom Nevin says:

I am into this type of travel now a days.  I bought another brand which is very similar with the dual opening for easier packing/unpacking.  And I love it.  It is just bit bigger and a little lighter than this one.  I can truly say that with the new fabrics and technologies, I can go on a 2 week trip very easily without paying that awful carryon fee.  Mine fits both in the upper bin and under the seat.  So I never worry about being last on the plane.  I don’t know this brand but can agree with the host about this new method of packing and traveling.

Abhishek Sh says:

really very nice…i want to buy this one. but what is the price of this bag..?

Alfa Juliett says:

For anyone wondering about the comments mentioning the pakt one – yes similar designed bags, main differences are the pakt one is slightly larger, more expensive and also doesn’t include the wiring for the battery pack. Recommend the channel ANAlog for her videos on the pakt one for anyone who wants to see a video on that in a similar in-depth style to this 🙂

thePowerPlant says:

The amount of zippers and the contrasting brass/brass plating do not do it for me. I also wish it had a button clasp pocket on the outside so you could have fast access to things like a boarding pass. All carry on bags should include this feature, imo.

The Modest Man says:

That charging port is brilliant.

mcairlyn m says:

What are the measurements of the bag? And what does it weight? Would this work for an international trp for your second bag?

Puneet says:

Is there room for a water bottle?

Effortless Gent says:

Do YOU travel light? Got any tips and tricks for fending off the TSA? 😉 Don’t forget to check out the special deal for this bag here:

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