A Photographer’s Perfect Travel Bag? PRVKE Backpack – A Real World Review

What makes a perfect bag? Here I review my search of the perfect travel bag and its real world uses/ergonomics.




Good review! I am waiting for my 21 L one, so excited to get it.

Alejandro Alférez Flores says:

is it 21 o 31 L?

Kimi Browne says:

Excellent review, thanks for sharing! 🙂

MakeSense says:

Thanks for this review, next time maybe think about putting your camera pointing away from the light source? Pretty tough to see anything.

Donald Jackson says:

Yeah this was a great review and was certainly on the fence about it but I’m def getting one now…..

Niclas Holmsten says:

Is Is there anyone who can tell me by their experience with the Camera cube(21) if 1x mirrorless, 1x lens, 1x DJI Mavic (+controller), and a gorilla pod will fit? And if so is there by chance any room for batteries and small chargers as well in it?
Or should I go with the 31?

Guillem O says:

Really nice review, the best I’ve seen about this bag. Now I’ve got a question, I wonder If my gear will fit in this bag here’s what I have : a GH5 with a speed booster, a 16-35 canon, a 70-200 canon, a 50mm, a 430 canon flash and a DJI Mavic Pro (yeah this big baby). I guess, with the top pocket it would fit easily, but just wanted to make sure

Thorbjrn Hansen says:

thanks for a great review – I have ben looking at this for a while – but sometimes the commercials make crap look cool – however your review made me pretty sure that I’m going to try it out – though I think I will still go for the think tank airport international v3.0 for my hand luggage when going abroad and then packing this for use at destination with in a larger pelican case for checking in with the rest of the lighting gear.

Hideki Gomi says:

Purchased the 31 based on your review. Thank you. Agreed, if someone needs it to carry a little more than just camera gears, the 31 works better, at least for me. There is one difference in what I received from Sean’s – the laptop compartment. The one he has and most reviewers have has three flops to hold a laptop while mine has two sleeve-like pockets, just sliding a laptop in. In case someone is watching this review after March 2017.

Tiffany Onwudinanti says:

will you check out the prvke 21 ?

Peggy Shor says:

Wondering how supportive and ergonomic the straps feel on your shoulder/back after extensive time of walking/hiking around. The straps seemed a bit on the minimal side in terms of padding and adjustments. thanks…

Birgit Loit says:

That must be one of my favourite backpack review video! Thank you so much (Y) I have one question: how do you get through the security at the airport ( as a carry on bag ) . I looked that the bag itself weighs 2,3 kilo, but with the equipment it will go easily over 10kilo I guess? Cheers!

Brian Campos says:

bokehjunkie – Is the one you demonstrated the model 21? Pack Volume: 21 L to 25 L (Roll top fully extended). Thanks for this review.

LazyEdw1n says:

i see you have a 70-200 in the bag unattached. would it fit if the 70-200 is attached to the camera?


caljah caljah says:

Thanks for the review.

My question is do you think this bag would fit into this top case? link listed below.
Dimensions (L x W x H):
25L = 12.4 x 15.75 x 7 inches



Irwin Tan says:

Great review Chong! Really practical.
Like you, I’m looking to replace the Thule Covert Rolltop with this PRVKE31.
What was the issue with your Thule?
For me, the Thule was just too heavy, even when empty.
Any comments on how heavy is this PRVKE31?

Sidney Diongzon says:

Great review man. Thanks for sharing!

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