5 Cool Travel Bags You’ll Ever Want – Must Watch

++ 5 Cool Travel Bags You’ll Ever Want ++

More info :

1) PAKT One : https://www.paktbags.com/

2) Lifepack : https://goo.gl/av2bZJ

3) Bag A10 : https://www.piorama.co/

4) Super Bag Pro : https://goo.gl/UTudk7

5) Tech Backpack with Shelf & Drawer System : http://www.gruvgear.com/




Jimmy Salcedo says:

No, sorry!!! I need wheels on my bag!!!

Tanmeet Kaur says:

I like the closet one!

Joseph Rilling says:

Any traveler knows to NEVER put your clothes in the drawers because that’s an easy way for bedbug eggs to come home with you
And what’s with the douche music ?
Techno is dead

AL says:

That folding shelve design is genius!

Amira Bibbs says:

3:15 I think talking about the away luggage

lightningbolt1000 says:

What is the techno song/s??

Shuhui Kline says:

why don;t you identify the name so that we can buy it?

fredlets travels says:


Sarah Emily May Lark says:

the super bag pro doesnt look safe

Shuhui Kline says:

stupid introduction!

gooble69 says:

4:07 Dude spills orange juice on his bag, then puts his juice covered bag on some other dude’s white leather seats. What a douche…

Names Regine says:

2 takes so much space

denniszenanywhere says:

Why do people still carry shoulder bags? They’re bad for you.

queeddity says:

Lol. Who still uses duffle? That’s 1 hand unavailable already.

Shwetta Pahuja says:

Anything like this available in India?

Benoit Potvin says:

I like the lifepack. It’s pretty cool indeed 🙂

nma says:

The super bag pro ad wasted screen time showing other things instead of the bag

Caroline Lu says:

The super bag pro isn’t that unique, swissgear made one like it called the getaway duffel last year which is virtually the same

Gail CARSTEN says:

If you have a heavy bag, which we do, it’s hard to carry without rolling it. Bad for your shoulder and back if heavy. No style to these bags, boring.

Lalo Lacinato says:

Can’t wait to get mine in July

keepinitreal says:

What is this blue bag with grey inside that you have? I thought pakt blue bag has a bronze/tan lining

mustagree2google says:

I guess my takeaway is that the superbag pro is for clueless travelers, since the demo showed the guy pulling his wallet and passport out of closure-less pockets, not using any kind of protective case for his laptop, and putting his clothes into hotel room dresser drawers, which is a great way to get bedbugs.

Shuhui Kline says:

whats the name of that duffel bag?

Carmelle Louise says:

why a shoulder bag. no.

InstantPuff says:

Is it me or does this sound like Matt D’Avella?


90FUN PC Suitcase 20 inch from Xiaomi Youpin – GOLD FINGERPRINT UNLOCKING VERSION
Link : https://www.gearbest.com/luggage-travel-bags/pp_009750176341.html?wid=1433363&lkid=15158876

KookiesMusic says:

The Bag from Indiegogo (the first one) Is it Matt De Avella speaking?

L M says:

I swear this industry is still clueless! Do these manufactures ask us road warriors what we need?!?
I’ve been an IT road warrior for 30+ years. In a nutshell:
No Duffle or suit case at all. I want both arms totally free to maneuver through turn-styles and gates with ease. I want to jump into an Uber or on a train without the bag swinging away from me or getting caught on something.
I don’t want to have to roll anything! Gummy wheels, dirty carpet, snow, slush, ramps, rough concrete. Forget that!
Give me a backpack with a clothing side and a laptop side. I want to reach into my pack and pull a laptop without someone having to look at my underwear in there!!
I want zippers that are designed to be worked with ONE hand. My other hand is holding that orange juice and I’m in a cab, zipping through zig-zag traffic in NYC.
I want a foldout way to hang the pack over a restroom stall door so I don’t have to set it on the floor.
I don’t want any BS pack that has parts that separate from other parts! They will eventually manage to stay behind in a hotel bathroom. 1 pack, many organized sections and compartments!
I want one or BOTH of those straps to EASILY fold away – with one hand! So I can make the pack less likely to snag on an airline seat armrest or overhead bin!
I want a rainfly/protector that stays attached and can be deployed, again, with one hand. I want that fly to be purposely detachable and totally machine washable.
Designers… come on!

K.Srikanth Varma says:

It’s awesome

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