WANDRD PRVKE Backpack Massive Review (Photo/Daily Carry/Travel)

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Killer rolltop backpack from Wandrd, this is their PRVKE backpack, perfect for a photo bag, daily carry and minimal single bag travel.



Checkout this bag: http://bit.ly/prvkepack

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Medium Packing Cube: REI Expandable Packing Cube (10” x 7” x 3”) https://www.rei.com/product/866088/rei-co-op-expandable-packing-cube-set

Slicks Washbag: https://slicks.com/usd\_en/washbag.html


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Info from their website (http://bit.ly/prvkepack)

The PRVKE Pack has won several awards for its innovative design, and is now available in both a 21 liter and 31 liter size. It is a travel/camera/everyday backpack that is a delicate balance between minimalist style and no-detail-forgotten function. Built out of durable and water-resistant tarpaulin and nylon dobby to make sure your attention is focused on where you are and not what you’re carrying. Side camera access for the nimble street photographer, clamshell opening with a checkpoint friendly laptop sleeve for the avid traveler, and roll top access for the weekend tripper, this bag will meet all of your versatile needs and more.

– 3 Points of access: Roll Top, Side Quick Camera Access, and Clamshell Opening
– Weather resistant YKK Zippers
– Checkpoint friendly laptop sleeve (fits up to a 15″ Macbook Pro)
– Secure passport pocket built into the back panel
– Expandable water bottle/tripod pocket
– Sleek and minimal, urban-inspired design
– Dedicated rainfly storage (rainfly optional)
– 4 connection points for external gear attachment (accessory straps optional)
– Removable camera cube with molded dividers (optional)
– Removable waist strap (optional)

– Materials: Waterproof Tarpaulin and Nylon Dobby. Weather Resistant YKK Zippers.
– 21 Pack Dimensions: 17″H X 11″W X 6.5″D
– 31 Pack Dimensions: 19″H X 12.5″ X 7.5″ D
– 21 Pack Volume: 21 L to 25 L (Roll top fully extended)
– 31 Pack Volume: 31 L to 36 L (Roll top fully extended)
– 21 Pack Weight: 1.3 kg (2.8 lbs)
– 31 Pack Weight: 1.5kg (3.4 lbs)


DASH 80 says:

The best flamboyant description/motion/action of hip belt usage I’ve ever seen. Well done.

Mingasaur says:


I feel like, if we’re talking EDC + Travel bags in one, you need to review and check out Incase’s Eo Travel Backpack and the City Commuter Backpack.

Sort me out with your wisdom bruh.

Mike Downey says:

Chase, I watch a LOT of YouTube, especially review videos, and I think you are the most entertaining and fun to watch reviewer on YouTube. Not exaggerating – you need to have more viewers. Keep charging forward, man! Create more content. Your videos are fantastic!

STI828 says:

19:46 – i just love you man.

Gabrielle Chan says:

I love the length of your reviews! Some reviews are just too short and leave me wanting more, but yours are perfect!! Love your videos!

Эмиль Ситдиков says:

You finally got it, man! Such a great review, as great as that pack by itself.

Cam Todd says:

Nice review as always Chase. You might be keen on the Prima system bag on kickstarter too

Duc Ta says:

Chase, will the Prvke 21 camera cube fit in the 31 snugly? Is the 31 carry on eligible and fit under the airplane seats? Great review!

Pack Hacker says:

Great review Chase! Thanks for sharing as always.

Jennifer Chun says:

I have the Joey and enjoy the expandability. This bag definitely has a better tech pocket.

Nikko Kelaidis says:

You are extremely entertaining…

Review the Incase EO Travel Backpack as a daily+single bag travel

Ariel Ojeda says:

Thanks man the best Review by far!!!

France Menk says:

Hey, Chase…I watch your videos whether or not I need a bag!! Since you use the Slicks washbag, have you ever done a review – or considered doing one – of their backpacks? They look intriguing. Thanks for the entertainment – and the info!!

BCtechB says:

It’s so expensive! Wish there’s back to school sale for this backpack

kr0nakai says:

perfect bag. from your video i found the new kickstarter product. definetely seems promising. can’t to get it on my hands

Material Goods says:

God you’re good at this

Anthony Yew says:

The 31 litre is litre-ally bigger!

venom5809 says:

Hi I was wondering if you could do some reviews of the Douchebags backpacks? Thanks.

WillcountryMC says:

He did the zoom trick ! He did it like in the past ! Nice video Chase.

Joshua Banfill says:

I love how well you focused on the capacity of the bag. That’s a big point of curiosity. Well done!

Cory Shelton says:

Can we find a 15l that expands into a 20l?

Zack Does Things says:

I started watching to find a single bag travel bag. I ended up buying the Aer Travelpack, but I cant stop watching. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Karen Capuyan says:

Been waiting for this review. always thought it was pronounced provoke but perverky sounds much better. lol

Josh says:

I’ve come close to hitting the buy button on the Prvke31 a bunch of times, but the thing that always makes me pause is the annoying branding on the front of the pack. Same reason I passed on backing their otherwise well designed Hexad duffle packs.

If anyone from Wandrd is reading this, I hope they can reconsider dropping all visible branding. The Prvke line is actually a pretty rare design – not a lot of bags have the flexibility of a rolltop combined with the access of a clamshell-opening bag. It’s just that branding…

mcb882 says:

“Bringing the Teddy Bear home”…perfect!

john says:

Oh man, I was wondering why the video was so long but that backpack is filled with so many different pockets/compartments! A lot of thought went into this pack. Solid review as usual! Personally though, roll tips and vertical zippers just aren’t for me.

All about Ian says:

Keep it up! Love the new reviews!

James Baron says:

interestingly designed bag

Ben Nguyen says:


peterk814 says:

Lol so they make a bag made primarily of a waterproof material but you’d still need to use a rainfly. Might as well have not made it 90% tarpaulin

shannon campbell says:

Weird snapping sound in the video, don’t know if it was my BT headphones, but all your other videos sound ok. Just FYI

stfuerik says:

hey chase where did you get that little bag with all your little stuff you dont want to see

Theresa Do says:

I really can’t decide between the 21 or 31 for my needs. Do you think the 21 storage will work for:
– Mirrorless Camera
– 2 lenses
– GoPro
– Mic
– Filters
– Various straps (shoulder and gopro chest harness)
– Hard drive
– External battery pack
– Laptop (15″)
– Laptop power supply
– Bag of various cables and spare camera batteries for camera and gopro.
– Extra change of clothes & shoes for an over nighter or weekend?

The 21 looks big for being the “little brother” (not a bad thing.) And, being that I’m smaller in stature, that would be my preference if I can fit all of the aforementioned. What are your thoughts?

David M. Bush says:

If we’re concerned about consistency in your verbiage, I believe you coined the term “bag condom” in an earlier video.

Lebrassasaurus says:

Was looking for a school bag… found the one… now I’ve found myself watching all your videos because you’re such a legend

Enrique Nuño Alegre says:

Great ba!! I liked the Aer Fit pack very much, but boy, this one is great!!

Cesar Canassa says:

Great review as usual, thanks!

Samuel Dunn says:

How good are the Bellroy Card Sleeves!?

Kristina Voyvodova says:

Accessoriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies!!! 😀

Leo Zhang says:

Hi Chase I have a Tortuga outbreaker 45L and I’m looking for a day bag that can fit my camera(Sony mirrorless) and mavic drone for travel. Do you think the 21L can be stuffed into the Tortuga, or is it too bulky for that purpose? Is it better to just get a insert and stuff it into some smaller day bag? Thanks!

rockmaster637 says:

I’ve been looking at this bag for my camera gear. Another great review.

Misael Rodriguez says:

Hey man, I was waiting for this video so much! I think I was one of the first ones to actually suggest this bag in comment but I might be wrong. That was probably around a year ago or so. I still havent decided on a bag yet. Have you thought about reviewing the Cotopaxi bags? The 24L one or maybe the new Cotopaxi Allpa 35? I’m always looking forward for your videos. Keep up the amazing reviews!

Brent Coulter says:

you said something about using the minaal for daily carry being floppy … what about the daily minaal .. and have you tried to carry the daily in the bigger minaal on a trip supposedly (on the minaal site video ) it fits in the tech sleeve of the bigger one for the plane … don’t remember you going over that in the minaal video.. how much room it takes up etc..

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