Ultimate Camera Backpack Review [Peak Design vs LowePro vs ThinkTank vs Incase]

I’m a bag whore because I’m constantly searching for the ‘perfect’ camera backpack. Unfortunately it doesn’t exist as there is a bag for every occasion.

Watch my video to see my comparisons and brief review of the:
PeakDesign Everyday Backpack 30L
Incase DSLR Pro Backpack
Lowerpro DSLR Video Fastpack
Lowepro ProTactic 4∞0
Thinktank Shapeshifter V1
Thinktank Streetwalker Harddrive

This is NOT an in-depth review of the bags, but rather a quick overview of which bags I tend to go for and why.

Also what’s stated here is just my own personal opinion =)

Shot with the Canon 5D Mark IV with 24-105mm

Shot at RF Studios http://www.rfstudios.ca/



prince2thethrone says:

thanks for the vid

David Charles says:

Just get a Vapur water bottle, which will solve your dislike on the incase.

Ashley says:

Hey Desy, where can we get the Incase backpack? I haven’t had any luck finding it online, seems it’s now discontinued.

alexander peckham says:

The first bag is good if u want to be undercover as it doesn’t look like a camera bag.

adam Lesniak says:

Thanks for taking the time to put this together!

Thuc tran says:

thanks bro for the strap of Lowepro tactic. it’s valuable to me.

MightiestArm says:

No Tenba or F-Stop

RufusLeakin says:

As far as backpacks are concerned, I wish the whole craze would disappear. Why is it in the past 10 years or so, people have the sudden urge to carry so much stuff with them? What’s the appeal? If they’re not going on a camping trip, it’s unnecessary. All I need is my keys, wallet, cell phone, coins, and perhaps a tactical flashlight or a pocket camera.If people go on a crowded subway with a backpack that equals their girth, if they can’t put it on the floor between their feet, then take a damn taxi! I hate when those things keep bumping into me!

abhinav prasad says:

Hello Cheng, I am slayed by your reviews. Really appreciate for sharing. For the incase dslr pro, for the top compartment ( Quick access top zip ) versatality can you please tell me if I can place my DSLR with a batter grip. I current own Nikon D750 + the battery grip ( MB-D16 ) + the lens. Do I need to squeeze it in by shifting the velcro ??. Any info would be beneficial ? thanks a ton.

RC Vlogs says:

Which external mic u r using??

Maiku Wong says:

haha I saw Louis Cole using the Peak design bag and I was getting jealous until I saw your review. I already have the Incase DSLR Pro Pack, and now i don’t care about the peak design bag anymore.

Eslava del rio says:

I can use and pay the shipment of any bag that you do not use 😉

Ricky Lai says:

every bag claimed to be a photography bag is shit about shoulder straps.
only the outdoor one will give u thick foam straps.

DrinkSumJuiice says:

Gotta checkout the PRVKE 21 by WANDRD!

Salt & Pepper says:

Very good review.

You give a good conclusion summary line first, and then go on to explain why. Most videos on youtube are shot with beautiful images and leave me with rage trying to figure out what there review is actually about.

家进弱 says:

very nice camera bags

BunniHopper says:

Wow! Great review! This video was very organized, and it helped me decide on a camera bag as well. Thank you!

Jonathan Lopez says:

Hey Desy, great review of bags and uses. Having had both the peak and the incase I do tend to agree the ease of access to all makes the incase my bag of choice as well.

I just saw however the Black Ember V4 collection that just came out and I was hoping you could slide that into your reviews and see where that would stack up. Thanks for you reviews

Marco Capile says:

About 5:15 Why would you need two lenses at the same time? Can you mount two lenses in the same camera at the same time? Can you shoot two different cameras at the same time?

Alek i says:

Where did you get that brown tufted sofa in the background?

Thoughts Like Rockets says:

that incase DSLR pro backpack looks just like what i need! thanks for the review! you should become an amazon affiliate so you can earn some money for sales since you’re putting all this work into creating this awesome product vid.

Garbage Man says:

do you think the Lowepro ProTactic can carry a manfrotto 55 comfortably?

Climby INFP says:

Sweet Vid , very informative !

Scott Balkum says:

Check out the Mountain Smith Parallax. I did a review on it a while back. It is a rather large, back opening pack with a laptop pouch. What I like about it is it was made by backpackers who carry cameras. It is super comfortable. Enjoyed your reviews. I am a bag hound as well…..

pattons3rd says:

If only Osprey made camera backpacks

Ghost in a jar says:

Bro you should make your own photography backpack, i d back that on kickstarter

Will Y. says:

For me, the greatest feature of peak design is that I can access every corner of the bag without ever having to put the bag down, which is super convenient when I am travelling or just going for a walk. I feel like peak design is for photographers who are spontaneous, constantly moving and need quick access to everything in the bag, and it doesn’t have to be just camera gears, whereas Incase is designed specifically for scheduled photoshoots when a photographer can pause, find what he/she wants, and don’t mind being recognized as a photographer.

Capt. America says:

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BallinWang says:

lowepro tactical vs incase dslr pro? they look the same size in the video but will the idx fit in the incase? also can you use the lowepro as an everyday pack?

JD Photo says:

Nice video you will be a great youtuber I could see that coming

Jonathan Duckworth says:

Great video. Clear and concise.

Chubby And Away says:

Great tips! So informative. Which of these you think would offer the best anti theft/pickpocket protection in a crowded area? Need something a little bit bigger than the pacsafe brand.

Steven Kim says:

Just curious… Why do we need to carry a laptop? It’s hard for me to imagine juggling a notebook on top of all the bodies and lenses when you are on the field.

Jason Lloyd says:

For the Lowepro get some seatbelt strap covers to beef up the straps 🙂

Bananas and Bass says:

Interesting. I guess it’s down to personal preference of how you like to work and access your gear. The Incase is great for people who like to put their bag on the ground and shoot.
The Peak Design is exactly for the other people who want to be on the go and access their gear without putting their bag on the ground, it’s its main feature to have easy side access while having the bag on the body.
So for the assignment/wedding photographer I’d say get the Incase. For the commuter/traveler/urban explorer/hiker kindo photographer, get the peak design.

Lars Freeburg says:

You have any recommendations on backpacks that will keep my gear safe if I fall while skiing? (Minor falls, not sending off jumps and such), I’m headed to Colorado and I want to get some good pics in the summit of Vail. But I also want to make sure my gear gets to the summit of Vail safely while also having some fun in the backbowls. Any bag recommendations?

Camden Mounts says:

This dude sounds like Paul Ran, the director of marketing for DJI (the drone company). Ran does a lot of the voiceovers for their new products. Check it out.

Ryan Mills says:

I would check out the Burton Focus Camera bag its great!

Rex Maverick says:

I really like my protactic from lowpro because it is Modular which means I can ad Military/ Police packs on to it. I have the smaller version which is excellent for walking and I notice my back doesn’t sweat as much with it on. You forgot to mention the great airflow system. The waist and sternum straps should aid you with the shoulder straps for an all around fit.

Benedict Voon says:

I will go for the Peak Design for sling to front assess and alternate zip-failure proof.

David Medina says:

YOu should check the Mindshift 26L

家进弱 says:


Robert H says:

This is exactly what I was looking for. And I still feel like I can’t make up my mind. Is there any chance you’ve tried or could talk about the Thule Covet DSLR Rolltop and the Wandrd Prvke?

rumporridge1 says:

Nice video Desy. I went with the Lowepro 450 AW. Very very sweet bag and holds all my gear. When I street walk though I take the Lowepro Sling 250 AW. Very sweet sling for my Mark IV with a 24-70

jootai says:


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