4:16 Camelback Chute Water Bottle

11:36 Baron Fig Notebooks

11:41 Bose In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones:

14:33 Western Rise Olive Jacket

15:00 YNOT Deploy Packable Backpack

15:28 My Favorite Packable Backpacks

16:00 Aer Toiletry Kit

16:58 My Favorite Packing Cubes:

22:07 Topo Travel Bag

23:29 Heimplanet Monolith 40L

24:15 Peak Designs Travel Bag:

25:27 1-Bag Travel Buyer’s Guide


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Elise Park says:

I wish the color of the inside was in more bags. No more grey. Nice and bright. I can see the future with that color let alone my belongings.

Garrett Bredell says:

I feel about my first EDC bag the way Chase feels about this. My first bag was a Klettersack from TOPO which is a great bag but falls behind on features compared to other EDC bags that I use or own. But the Klettersack is beautiful and still hangs from my wall as decoration or for quick hauling trips like to the post office or grocery store. That’s all fine, but it becomes problematic when the value added benefits of owning a $500 dollar bag are in its collectible or aesthetic value. The moment using the bag is uncomfortable (especially with the straps) is the moment the designers should have focused more on use and less on materials. This first generation seems to use incredible materials, but the design is underdeveloped. A second generation of this bag has a ton of potential, though.

tim cullen says:

Awesome stuff as always, Chase!

Marian theLibrarian says:

Bought the Trakke Bannoch backpack for ~$335 USD, after Chase’s review and absolutely love the bag. The material and the look are truly special and I have zero regrets spending that much money. But this bag sadly seems to have limited pocket functionality and doesn’t seem comfortable and it seems like a wasted opportunity to make something worth the price tag.

Christian Onassis says:

Great review. Are you going to review solar bags?

Isaac Lucero says:

I love you chase

Jadersays says:

I thumbs up as soon as u started talking about the nipple on the water bottles ….lol always awesome chase always awesome

Raffy Serrano-Yejo says:

Heirloom? Filson is heirloom. You do a great / awesome job to review/explain the bag, but you’re even having a hard time justifying the price… “if Joe Schmoe reviews this bag = so so sales… let’s get Chase’’s review so at least we can charge $375 more than it could cost…. it’s a forgettable bag and if you have a caveat… well.

mnl8712 says:

If it weren’t for the ridiculous pricetag

A C says:

I’ve ordered mine, should be receiving it early next week. I’m Scottish so loving your accents… The fact that I’m Scottish might be the reason I want to love the bag so much. I’m hoping that it feels the way you described.

Stefan Forster says:

Great video, nice backpack, but way too expensive for me

chua yung un says:

Hi Chase, I always love to watch you review. I know this is not your style, but can you review some briefcases from Tumi?

Alian Anjum says:

What’s your favorite “fit under the seat on front of you” 1 bag travel?

Etienne Müller says:

Are you reviewing the Nomad Lane Bento Bag? I am scared of buying a bag without watching Chase talk about it before.

Vittorio De La Vaig says:

A few observations.

Firstly this has been designed by an apparently capable company, in collaboration with people who apparently eat, sleep and breathe bags.

Why, then, has the ball been dropped to stunningly?

*Water bottle pouch*

This has been situated in a such a way that when you’re carrying the bag in briefcase mode, you cannot sit it down as you would a case / briefcase if there’s something in the pocket.

*Backpack straps*

As Chase has pointed out, serious design flaws there.

…and this from people who really know bags?!


Then they’ve got the audacity to charge £450 for the bag itself, £85 for the packing cubes and £50 for the bloody hip strap?

zum zumiez says:

Always w/ the best stuff

Garrett Bredell says:

Thumbs up for another comprehensive, well presented video. As for the bag….

Tristan Jensen says:

you uploading a video at 6am CST? you crazy man!

Elise Park says:

I’m here for the accents

Chad McDanger says:

The water bottle pouch makes the bag look like it’s got a tumor.
Even without the pouch the bag looks like a couch cushion.
I’ll stick with the Minaal 2.0.

Alian Anjum says:

Could you make a video about your favorite clothing item like Bo did ?

Stephen Ball says:

That inside vertical pocket is clearly designed so it can be accessed while the bag is on its side (#Evergoods) without having to open the flap all the way, good idea, but then you go to quickly set the bag down on it’s side, and realize it’s awkwardly resting on your water bottle, or your expensive headphones…whoops… this bag needed more field testing.

ಠ_ಠ says:

It’s 900 AUD so I can’t afford it. For obvious reasons.

Mi V says:

Thumb up for mentioning the price (WHAAAAAT?!?!?) in the first 60 seconds!

Alian Anjum says:

Are you going to review the Mission Workshop Radian or the Mission Workshop Axis?

BananaNinja says:

If it wasn’t for randomly finding Chase I’d still be using the same book bag for travel like a scrub, this bag is a tad lackluster for the price & not something I’d use. But that life talk at the end is something I could use, since I am that anxious guy alone waiting to be called

Cath W says:

Loving your videos Chase. Could you please add packing cubes to the website? Interested to know the details of your top picks. Thanks!

daysleeprx says:

Man this video really devolved into a weird rambling mess

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