Tortuga Setout Divide Review | 26-34L Expandable Carry-On Travel Backpack

The Tortuga Setout Divide is everything we wish the Homebase had been—a durable and versatile travel pack with some great features. View Details & Buy:

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0:48 – Material & Aesthetic
3:04 – External Components
8:58 – Inside the Pack
12:18 – Durability & Testing
12:57 – Pros & Cons
13:31 – The Verdict

Overall, we have really been enjoying the Tortuga Setout Divide. It truly is everything we wish the Homebase had been—it’s got a nice, tight design and we’re confident that the materials used will hold up for years to come. Plus, the expandable functionality makes this one of the most versatile bags we’ve tested to date. With only a few minor gripes about the hip belt and lack of water-resistant zips, we really think Tortuga has done a nice job with this pack and it is clear that each new release from Tortuga is getting better.

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In this video, Tom Wahlin of Pack Hacker reviews the Tortuga Setout Divide, a 26-34L expandable carry-on travel backpack.

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Robert Williamson says:

Serious Question please: For being a minimalist one bag carry on….Do you feel that this bag would stand up well to a year long RTW trip ? ?
I wouldn’t want to buy it and have the material or stitching fall apart a month and a half in while in Nepal or Sri Lanka.

Nam Nguyen says:

Do you think I can get away with using this as a personal item when flying? I am looking for a backpack to complement my regular carry on when travel.

zvczvcvzxcv says:

Is there a review for the shirt Tom is wearing or is it just a regular shirt?

Vincent Tran says:

Hey, how would you compare the setout divide to the minaal 2.0?

Jade says:

Can you do a review and compare on the REI Co-op Ruckpack 40 Pack please !

Andrea Bosio says:

P.s. forgot to ask what’s the size as in WxHxL of the smaller one the devide thanks.

Pack Hacker says:

How useful do you think the expandable 26-34L feature is?

rp says:

hi and thanks again for yet another great review. could you please compare and share your thoughts comparing this bag vs 2 other similar bags: the North face Overhaul 40 (not clamshell, expandable) vs Mountainsmith Continental (clamshell, expandable but cheaper) ? thanks again!

Vicente Numpaque says:

Like i said, man, I really like how detailed are your reviews. Please do the Akra by arcido bag! Thanks!!!!

Steve Grimes says:

My tortuga air is the same size (25 – 34L), it’s my favorite travel pack for short trips. I love the clamshell opening, mesh compartment and retention strap inside. The Divide adds stowable straps, carry handles, better back panel, but is made of polyester instead of high density nylon. I wish Tortuga would offer a version of the Divide with a higher quality material and weather resistant zippers.

Melody Notmylastname says:

Interesting! The Setout was too big for me but the Homebase a touch small. I also felt like they looked a little cheap but somehow this one doesn’t – I like the versatility and that Tortuga really are listening. Good work, Tortuga!

Alexander Roberts says:

Great video Tom! Do you prefer the material in the Setout Divide or the Homebase?

Vincent Tandaw says:

Finally! Thank you for this review, Tom! Now I have to decide between this and the Aer Travel Pack 2, for which your review was equally awesome!

ThrowingFitz says:

Great video! Any chance on doing a review of the Setout Laptop bag?

Shadow Raven says:

Eagerly waiting for a review on the Tortuga Outbreaker from you guys (both sizes).

Igor Fleury says:

I tried to pack with a 34l subterra, is to small for me. So i went with the tortuga setout 45l, really great… I don’t understand how low the score is on your website, while the subterrra is higher.

jattwhiskey604 says:

Is there a option to attach the bag to a roller suit case?

Takahashi R says:

Cool review, now it’s head to head with the aer travel bag! The expandable feature is now a must for me to use it as a everyday carry.

sl7293 says:

Fine review. This seems like a nice pack, but my preference would be for a pack of this capacity to be significantly lighter. Even the Goruck GR1. which is much more robust in terms of fabric and construction, weighs less. Weight can make a difference when traveling on airlines with carry on limits of 11-15 pounds.

Joe Hodgson says:

Great review, as always 🙂
…I do have a request/suggestion: could you possibly do an overview of options for messenger-style lightweight packable bags for using for walking around cities (for people who want to blend in and not look quite as much like a tourist, which day-packs tend to make you look like) please?

rp says:

Do you think I can get away with using this as a personal item when flying? I am looking for a backpack to complement my regular carry on when travel. Pack Hacker what do you think? can you please share your thoughts?

Carlos R says:

which backpack you choose between the tortuga setout divide and the aer travel pack 2?

Matt Sullivan says:

Warning: slightly off-topic. This bag reminds me of the black Topo Travel Pack in some way. Tom, have you considered reviewing this Topo pack? Looks like a well-made pack with a consistent brand style across the lineup.

Robert Williamson says:

I thought polyester was a cheap fabric only used on low-end school bags…

Ross Reeve says:

Would be much appreciated if you could do a review on the Kathmandu Litehaul 38l carry-on.

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