Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack Review (35L)


This is a review of the new Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack which I call a “single bag travel backpack.” Perfect for Carry-on use. I get into what it’s like to use, similar bags (Minaal Carry On, Aer Travel Pack), if it’s durable or not, etc.

More about Tortuga here:


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Here’s more about the Tortuga bag:
Bring everything you need without checking a bag. The Outbreaker Backpack is a maximum-sized carry on for city travelers.
Lie-flat laptop compartment
Padded, fleece-lined tablet and laptop sleeves
Packs like a suitcase
Plenty of pockets to organize all your stuff
Adjustable suspension system
Removable, weight-bearing hip belt
Waterproof sailcloth
Ariaprene foam
Weatherproof zippers
Duraflex buckles
Made in China
Size: 20.3×12.9×8.2”
Weight: 4.6 lbs (2.15 kg)
Laptop: Up to 15”
Tablet: Up to 13” (iPad Pro)
Fit: 16-19” torsos


Matt C. Hollis says:

What would your thoughts be on the Outbreaker for business travel? I’m gone usually Tues – Thurs but maybe a sport coat but mostly business casual. Think it would work fine for that?

Leo Zhang says:

Hi Chase how would you compare this too Kelty Redwing. I’m thinking of getting this in 45 and 44 or 50 for Kelty.

David O says:

Interesting that you mention Rick Steves. While I love the general design of the Tortuga Outbreaker 35L, I still love my Rick Steves Classic Back Door Bag (about 41L) for one very important reason: weight. The Back Door Bag weighs in at only .9 KG whereas the Outbreaker 35L is a hefty 2.15 KG. Move up to the 45L and the weight moves up to 2.3 KG. While size is important for carry-on only travel, it is not the only factor. I live in Thailand and travel a lot in SE Asia, mostly on Air Asia, the Ryanair of SE Asia. Unlike Ryanair which has a fairly generous 10 KG carry-on limit, AA has a 7 KG limit. Using the Back Door Bag, my carry-on usually ends up between 6 and 6.5 KG. Adding the extra 1+ KG difference from the Tortugas would put me over the AA carry-on limit. That puts me into the costly checked bag category.

And then there is also the cost of the bag. The Classic Back Door Bag is US$80 while the Tortuga 35L is US$224. YOu could buy 3 Rick Steves bags for the price of the Tortuga, but you probably wouldn’t need to. Over the past 3 years, I have used the same Back Door Bag for a couple of trips to Europe going from London to Istanbul, and countless trips all over SE Asia. It is still in basically the same condition is was in when I bought it.

If Tortuga could shave a KG off the 35L I’d definitely think about giving it a try but for now, the weight is just too much.

james Truscello says:

just realized those shoulder straps don’t pack away like some bags. Hmmmm,

oOcitizenOo says:

BTW. I stumbled upon this question right now – ok, you use this backpack only for travelling. That’s great but what are you gonna do when you arrived at the hotel and have to leave all the clothes and stuff including the backpack itself? Does it mean you take another small foldable backpack with this one? D

kamo krooked says:

Not one to comment, but found your channel today and your reviews are great! This one had me laughing out loud multiple times. Awesome 🙂

ISK says:

Please do Tortuga Homebase backpack review!

nurse82 says:

Thanks for the laugh, “Where are my headphones, goddamn it!” Totally true. 😉

Kat says:

It’s like you’re speaking directly to me in the intro. I’m a huge bag addict, always looking for the perfect bag, feeling like it will solve all my problems! Well, at least all my carrying problems.

Nick Breen says:

“Shoes fucking suck”. This is a fantastic video Chase. Thanks for the video, I’ve watched a bunch of your channel and decided on this bag. Thank you for bringing so much of yourself to your videos! Cheers pal.

Daniel Miller Brunker says:

Great reviews. Keep em coming. I’m surprised you haven’t done the Red Oxx Skytrain yet. Is that one forthcoming?

Rohit Monserrate says:

Hey Chase, im looking for a bag thats comfortable and fits enough for a 2-3 week trip. i do like to pick up stuff along the way so could you recommend a bag thats big enough and comfortable enough? and tortuga outbreaker 45l or the aer travel pack

Josh says:

Must be getting paid. I’ve been traveling with the 45L Outbreaker for 8 months now, and it’s poorly designed, and you can’t fit nearly as much as you should be able to in a 45L bag.

Hacer Teatro says:

Thanks for you Vídeo and advise, i really enjoy seeing it, specially cause you make me laugh. Very nice job and thank you!

Ashwin Vidiyala says:

I’m just three minutes into this video, and I fucking love this guy.

Jay Sterling says:

Thank you Mr Reeves- I’m off sick today and your videos are making me laugh.As an Englishman I also enjoy your take on a ‘upmarket ‘ English accent on another video of yours. Cheers!

Hamad Al-Suwailem says:

tbh, other than that I liked the review a lot and only wanna know about this bag, I subscribed for that charisma you got. I like your hype and way of presenting what you’re presenting. Good job mate, keep it up. Definitely needs more views.

dietlamp says:

This review was robust

Tyler Moore says:

I love you

Theo Gregoire says:

Great review. How do you feel it compares to the Nomatic Travel Bag?

Oindril Purkait says:

Hi Chase, awesome review. I am confused between an osprey farpoint 40 and tortuga outbreaker 35L. Can you please suggest?
Thank you 🙂

Sawyer Seth says:

“Southeast Asia walking through one of the tsunamis”… feelsbadman

William Gist says:

Dude, by far the most informative and funniest videos ever!! Chaching, subscribed!!

Yannis Papanastasopoulos says:

haha i love your reviews!

Loke says:

Excellent review bro. Funny AF.

aghametti says:

haha TSA impression was spot on!

flpmrtnz says:

it is 15L larger than it needs to be

cocohelado says:

Thoughts on this bag versus the Go Ruck GR2 (34L)?

BEN SOH says:

Great review! Fun to watch, was wondering which would you recommend for carry on back pack (airplane carry on weight in my region is just 7kg)

Mukul Chakraborty says:

more than the actual product, i love the “way” you brief…i mean your expressions etc.u can be a good actor.basically, i enjoyed the whole video for your acting is so natural.

Adam I says:

I’m not really into backpacks and this is the first video of yours I’ve seen. But I like you so heres my sub.

jinx mcjinxer says:

After reviewing the aer travel, minaal 2.0, and tortuga, which bag would you recommend and use? Thinking about the 2.0 but now reconsidering after seeing how durable this is.

Jay Thomson says:

You should do the Kathmandu lite haul 38L best single use backpack I have owned.

Nome Nessuno says:

Can you remove the shoulder straps or is there a way to stow them away somewhere?

bentravel says:

great videos, but downvoting so I remember which bags I like and which bags I don’t! your vids are great mannnnn

thomasgoespro says:

Just purchased the Totuga Outbreaker 35L thanks to your awesome review. I can’t wait to get it. Keep making great videos dude, subbed!!

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