The Best Travel Light Backpacks 40-44L – Review Osprey, REI & Tortuga

I review the following backpacks to help you make a decision
Osprey Farpoint 40
REI Trail 40
Tortuga 44

These were the best packs in this size that I could find. All three of them are great.


greeenteeee says:

Great review, I just picked up an REI trail 40 and a Farpoint 40 before that. I’ve had a Porter 46L for years before that. If your wife didn’t pick the Farpoint would the REI still be your choice? I gotta return either the Farpoint or the REI… I prefer the REI aesthetically so far (I didn’t like how the Farpoint got wide very easily.)

Bia Amorim says:

Between them I liked more tortuga for the funcionality besides not so beautiful like Oprey…The Rei is stetically better than Tortuga, but only it. I could not see by this video bigger advantages in relation with the others.

Scott Garman says:

Thanks, I really like the head to head comparison. Please follow up and post another video on how the packs worked out once you’ve been traveling for a few months!

Bellucci2014 says:

All these are carry-on?

Suzanne Kerpel says:

Wow! awesome review… I went for the farpoint, but I know the REI 40 is really good also. Thanks!

Isai Resendiz says:

Hello Andres. What is your comment regarding Tortuga’s ergonomics? I have had a couple of Ospreys and I am very satisfied on back support, straps comfort and cushion, weight balancing… I have been able to carry comfortably 25-30 pounds on Ospreys with no ergo issues. I have only seen Tortuga packs in pictures so your opinion is much appreciated. Thanks!

Mitchell Tome says:

Just out of curiosity, how tall are you? I know the Tortuga 44L looks slightly large on you.. I put more of an emphasis on functionality, however style does play a small role as well, so I want to compare your height and size to mine.

I am leaning towards the Tortuga over the Osprey, but have not had a chance to see the Tortuga personally, so I am not sure. My roommate has a Farpoint 40, so I have seen that and tried it on.

The Soan Age says:

Hey, nice video. Thanks for the comparison. How did you order your REI bag? Are you based in the US?


Osca Alva says:

for 90$ i would go with the Kelty red wing can run with all 3 of those bags

Thomas Earl says:

Hi. Bag looks ideal for RTW travel as long as it can be locked easily through the zip pulls? Is this the case? I wouldn’t want to be without the option of locking the bags main compartment Thanks

Jason Wilson says:

They all looks great empty. …

fill them up around 25lb then take a nice 1 mile walk around when it’s HOT.. now you’ll know.

especially your wife. .:)

enjoy yourself’s….

Preston Gladd says:

That “small pocket” in the top inside of the bag is to access the frame sheet, not really meant to be a pocket. The “Carabiner loops” are so that you can move that buckle next to them over one and prevent the bag from unzipping all the way, so it’s more like a top loader, also why the inside mesh zipper is on the bottom, so when you flop it open down to those zipper stoppers, it’s in the right orientation.

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