The Best Travel Backpack? – REI Ruckpack 40 Preview

What is the best backpack for one bag travel? We believe it’s the REI Ruckpack 40. Perfect size. Perfect weight distribution. Perfect security. Perfect aesthetic.

REI Ruckpack 40:

We also go through some other bags we’ve tried that didn’t quite fit our needs:

Hershel Little America Backpack:
Osprey Manta AG 36 Backpack:
Incase EO Travel Backpack:

And here’s the electronics organizer we use:

Grid-It Electronics Organizer:

Music: Broke for Free – Juparo

Our camera gear:

Canon Powershot G7X Mark II:
SD Card:
Battery Charger:

GoPro Hero5 Black:
microSD Card:
Batteries + Charger:
Selfie Stick:
Floaty Stick:

Canon EOS T4i:
SD Card:
Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 Lens:
AC Adapter:

Google Pixel:
iPhone 6:

Other Gear:
Gorilla Pod:
Mic Preamp:


Reynaldo García says:

Thank you so much! Really nice review!

NOMAP says:

Those metal zipper tabs would drive me nuts. Looks like you could cut them off with plier cutters and put the zipper pulls back into the zipper body that has the locking rings on it. I’ve done that with myTom Bihn bags. Looks like REI is stepping up their travel bag game. Having spent the last 2 weeks traveling all over Spain by train, bus, foot and budget planes, I’m extremely happy with my Osprey Farpoint 40 choice, but someone looking for a more backpack oriented bag that’s low profile this looks like a great choice.

H FS says:

Backpack experts..

Vinz One S. says:

Very Informative… cool

The Official Skizy Vk says:

love your review of the REI ruckpack 40

John Coyle says:

I used the Trail 40 on the El Camino trail in Spain this October and it performed well in this application. I would characterize the Trail 40 as a pack that could be used for travel but was optimized more for long distance carrying comfort than the Ruckpack 40. I saw the Ruckpack 40 at my local REI the other day, tried it on, and felt that this was also a good pack of similar size that seemed more optimized for travel and might be not quite as comfortable on the trail for long distances as the Trail 40. BTW, I had no problem carrying on my Trail 40 which is about the same size as the Ruckpack 40 and saw people carrying on even larger backpacks with no problem. I couldn’t carry on my hiking poles and my Swiss Army knife though and had to check them. We flew Southwest and American airlines. Thanks for your review because I am considering the Ruckpack 40 for trips that aren’t quite as hiking intense as the El Camino.

pcproff says:

Keep em comin’! Maybe one of u guys traveling with one bag life. Awesome video.

Johnnie Cee says:

Do you know if this pack is carry on approved? Domestic/International?

Michael Fingerman says:

Thanks for the vid…buying a bag today and am between the Farpoint 40 and the Ruckpack…can you post the review after using the bag? Concerned about how the bag gets narrow…thanks!

Mausmaki says:

Looks like the bag is designed in such a way that it wont stand on its bottom/base ,and you have to lean it?

Daniel Cusan says:

Very helpful video and walkthrough of the features. Do you think it’ll fit a 15′ Mac? I just ordered mine based on your video 🙂

Levente Gergő Rézsó says:

They open zippers with a pen….:s

Marc C says:

Great, in-depth review. Thank you for the detail and great work 🙂

thang nguyen says:

is it carry-on size?

Julio Nagashima says:

Loved it! Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

Aqmar Aghey says:

great review!

richard payoff says:

i think youre a filipina maam? am i right?

Neda Nother says:

WOW! only 1 video. You guys are naturals – please make more vids. Thank you for the review, couldn’t agree more. My daughter is going on her first international trip at Christmas. I will recommend this to her for all the reasons you pointed out. Thanks so much. more please

Marvis Ezan says:


Joe Talavera says:

Great review.  I appreciated the visual breakdown of the features (although I miss the rain cover :() and your videography was excellent.  Please do follow up the review; I’m really interested in getting one of these for an upcoming trip I have.

Daniel Choi says:

Ea!! Nice review guys!

Jessica Derksen says:

Thank you so much for this review! I have been googling and researching backpacks for weeks trying to find the perfect one for my year long trip to New Zealand and I haven’t found anything that quite worked for me. I love everything about this bag and will definitely order one!

Cynthia Mayela says:

is this waterproof? does it have rain cover?


Meybe the best!

Us Against The World says:

Check out the video from our first trip with these bags:

Michael Nelligan says:

Great content.

simon wang says:

Just came back from a 1 week trip to Norway with mine. Great design.

fergyfive says:

Nice video, you guys are naturals. Where is the follow up?
I’m trying to decide between this bag and the women’s North Face Overhaul 40. I thought the Timbuk2 Wander could work but there is no waist strap and poor reviews on the straps and clips. Wondering how some of the Patagonia black hole products could do, like their black hole MLC. Anyway would love to see your follow up on how it worked for your trip.

Myke Greenough says:

I’ll make this quick, you two are naturals at this, my one criticism is that taking up 8:30 of the 15:30 (more than half) of vid time reviewing those other packs that fell short was torturous – and took valuable time away from featuring more on the subject pack. One thing I would have loved to see is what you pack and how you pack it inside. Maybe go straight to the featured item in future reviews, so that you can give an even more detailed description/demonstration and first hand testimonial on its use. Great job on the video in every other way. Safe travels!

Osca Alva says:

you guys spend a lot of money on packs that are junk just go for the osprey porter 46 for 1 bag travel carryon

beeveedee says:

Wow. Looks like REI has come up with a winner design. Great review.

Sebastian Coste says:

Very informative video guys! Hope you put that backpack to good use for many many travels! Take care!

amelie dionoski says:

THANK YOU so much!! I ve been watching videos on the best backpack this week and really, I am buying!! It has all the qualities I was looking for! Thanks!!! And have a nice trip!

Allen Erickson says:

Attention this bag is NOT truly lockable. After a hundred trips to rei, I finally went in to purchase and realized that side access pocket into the main compartment is not lockable. It doesn’t matter that the main zippers lock if you can literally open the side pocket and pull everything out. Nice video guys but be advised you can’t secure the contents.

Toyota Toncray says:

You guys totally missed the rain cover, the daisy chains, and the trekking pole loops. But it was a nice review and it is a great pack.

sab y says:

wow wonderful video

Mattly One says:

Kelty 44 redwing my choice good video

Carl Concept says:

Great review. However, that bag still looks “touristy” in my opinion.

Roger Barrus says:

Well done review!

František Linduška says:

Great! Have you guys used it as a hand baggage as well?

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