The best new travel backpack of 2018!? – REI Ruckpack 65 First Look

Could the new REI Ruckpack 65 be the new perfect travel backpack? Even better than the Ruckpack 40? We take a trip to REI to find out!

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REI Ruckpack 65:

REI Ruckpack 40:

Our gear:

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Kyle Hanson says:

looks like a great couple or friends or whatever

whxtxrxsx says:

isnt there a 16 lb limit on a carry on ?

Marissa Nufer says:

I just ordered this backpack and overall it looks really nice and I like the daypack, however it is huge! When comparing it to my carry on size suitcase, it was probably about 3 or 4 inches taller, and the metal frame makes it so you cant really compress it. I’ll probably be returing it in hopes to get something thats more carry on compatible.

plutoplatters says:

problem is… the pack is about $ 3,000 it’s REi

Alyssa Brolsma says:

Have you guys checked out the Eagle Creek Global Companion packs yet? I would love to get your thoughts. They make a 40L and a 65L version. The 65L looks to have about the same dimensions as the REI 65, but I really like the comfortable carry of the Eagle Creek. That being said, I’m going to try and sneak it on delta, but keep a packable daybag ready to pull out if they make me gate check it (it comes with a built in rain fly that converts to a duffle / cover for when you need to check it). I have a one-week and 2 two-week trips coming up this winter (all warm beach / jungle locations) that have little time in the itineraries for laundry, so I’m going to cross my fingers my hotel-sink-laundry skills improve 😉

Nepalese Nomad says:

that’s some good bags there. thanks for sharing.

Abby Worwood says:

Which one do you like better? If I were to travel with a weeks worth of clothes? Which one would be best?

Jay Martin says:

You should look at the Vanquest Skycap 46.

Matthew says:

Thanks for your great review. I’m looking for a carry-on backpack which hopefully will fits a 5-7 day trip. Would you recommend the 40L one or the latest 65L one?

Naturally Footloose says:

Thanks you two! Ive been doing research the past couple weeks or so to find a stellar bag for travel. I am a huge backpacker, and I love my Osprey Aura 65w, but I know I am going to want my backpack to have different overall features, during my 10 day trip to Italy in less then a month now. Ive narrowed it down online, to the REI rucksack 40 and then saw that they made a 65. That being said, I watched your Best Travel Backpack video first because, I couldn’t find many reviews on the REI rucksack 40!! To my surprise you had a review on both!! Im stoked to hear about your positivity on the pack in general, I am forsure going to check out the pack in person next week! Thanks a bunch!! Cheers, and happy future travels! -M

Paige Mucci says:

Great video! Is there a noticeable difference in size for the woman’s 65 travel pack in small versus medium? I realized the 40 pack does not offer size differences, and I am planning a two week trip!

SB Rider says:

How is the reliability and warranty features on this ruckpack 65. Will rei repair or replace the pack if the zippers fail? I torn between this and the farpoint 55. I need your help, thanks

Wesley Turner says:

The Berkeley store! I work there!

Manuel Mendoza says:

Awesome review.
You mentioned that the daypack has a sleeve for 13 inch…You think there’s a chance the main compartment can squeeze a 15 inch.

the4thcoiro says:

Great review!

Prashant Nagpal says:

Have you tried the under armour cordura range duffle backpack or the nomatic travel backpack?

sav0405 says:

so patagonia 60L black hole duffle or REI ruckpack 65?

Mike Boone says:

Separate compression straps don’t even give the air line a reason to even look a the large puffed out back pack and sides . works every time it’s tried.

veganforever17 says:

Finally someone made a review on this backpack! Great review!!!

Gee Speller says:

I’ve seen people with military rucksack on carry on

Liubiss says:

You should check the hyndel eagle, i was looking they are cheaper but I Don’t know which would be better, from the 38lt vs 40lt from them. Love the review guys

afshin735 says:

Good job guys, enjoyed the review.

Kendra Wilson says:

Love your videos and comparison.. Im heading to Europe for a month during May.. I am not a light packer by any means but i will try my very best to keep it practical. I love the REI 40 design but i think it will be too small as i plan on hopping around by cheaper airlines like ryanair Im worried that the 65L will have to be used as check baggage instead of a carry on. Was thinking of going with the Fairview 55 too. Any feed back would be appricated!

Rhianna Gabourel says:

Great review. Ive been looking for a great one bag travel bag and love the 40L option. I was wondering if you guys have ever tried the Cotopaxi Alpa 35L? And if so what your thoughts were? Thanks in advance

Amanda Mary Sweeting says:

YES! Thank you SO MUCH for posting this! I live in a very remote location where I have to buy everything online and I couldnt find anything about this bag – super helpful!

SoCalDaveL says:

Great video. I think you both nailed it. Going up in volume is going to put you over the carry on limit (although that’s not always enforced). Plus you’re not approaching that “typical tourist” look you mentioned in a previous video. Personally I have the Farpoint 40 and LOVE it for the same reasons you both prefer the REI 40. In my comparisons, the Osprey appears a bit more ruggedly built whereas the REI appeared a bit flimsy. Of course that’s just my 2 cents. If you are considering a larger capacity, the Osprey Farpoint 55 might be worth the look as it also has a daypack which can 1) be zipped to the backpack or 2) clipped to your front like a turtle for convenience. But I think you’re better off with the 40L and packing light.

Orazio Images says:

I would buy the 40l for my world Trip, but I have a lot of gear. I think the best option is to take the 65l and buy a better daypack as the rei have. But why it looks like, that the 65l isn’t that bigger than the 40l?

Jay Martin says:

How many days are you usually packed for with the 40?

Lori Skyrud says:

Thanks you guys. Great review. good info… keep shinning

Marie Dewulf says:

Love your review!!! I’m going on a trip to Peru (one month). Which one would be better? The 40l REI Ruckpack or the 65l?

Bobby Beck says:

Hey, you guys live in the Bay Area. I know that REI. Love your vids!

Joe V808 says:

Yes! You guys did the review! I’m the guy that suggested the Ruckpack 65 to you guys… I have a quick question, I ended up going with the Ruckpack 40 and I have a trip coming up next week to Barcelona. I am going to be flying on Norwegian air (I think you guys might’ve taken that airline to Europe judging from one of your videos?)… Did you have any problems taking the Ruckpack 40 onto that airline? In terms of size and weight? Ruckpack 40 is the only bag I plan on taking but I’m trying real hard to stay within the weight/size restrictions. I’m also flying to Venice Italy from Barcelona, via Ryan Air, and I think I’ll have to check in my bag in that airline :/

Anyway, thanks for the videos! I have one more suggestion for you guys: the PNW Sea to Sky day pack! I’m taking it with me as a day pack during my trip. It’s a packable waterproof pack (size of a soda can) that expands up to 24 liters. Maybe you guys can review that sometime? Mahalo!

Royland Legaspi says:

Nice! Please Check out the Eagle Creek Global Companion 40L and 65L

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