Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L User Experience Review

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Jobs Zaa says:

Hi Jason. How tall are u in cm? I saw your review seem the PD Travel is a little bit big on your back.

Colin Turner says:

Can’t find any info on the Tech pouch even on the Peak design web site, where to buy or how much

tochick666 says:

Great review and am considering this backpack. The only dilemma is that it might be too big for me as a day pack? I’m 5’2…. I know your gf(?) is the same height. How does she feel about carrying the backpack? Does it feel gigantic? It looks okay on her, but just wondering.

Carlo Timothy says:

i’ve been contemplating buying this! thank you for this video dude. we’ve missed your face

T. Frank says:

Great job with this review!

Swe Kiwi says:

Just a warning for those who want to travel light – this is generally HEAVIER (at 2 kg, nothing packed) which means it’s less stuff to fit if you want to use it as a carry on. The weight is my ONLY main concern with the Peak Design everyday pack (20 L) ä. Which I love. But think is to heavy to lugg around compared to my other backpacks (that even are larger)

Trent Cleland says:

You gotta do a review on the rhino POV!

Shah RED-X says:

U hardly talked about comfort?! If ur carrying heavy backpag for 6-8hrs it’s usually very obvious that certain backpacks are much more comfortable .i.e. Can distribute the load better and make them seem lighter compared to other backpacks.

H W says:

Those Zeiss lens wipes aren’t what we think they are huh… Is it because you like shooting RAW? 😉

Thanks for the info! Helped me decide whether to pull the trigger on a couple of the components.

Maja Isakszon says:

Nice bags sick prices. And way to risky for your stuff to be stolen.

Suu-Va Tai says:

Stopped in SF to see this bag in person today. Looks smaller in person and doesn’t feel too heavy when empty. Defiantly well built and feels like quality. Sage is darker and more green than it looks in the videos. I like it better than black and I normally get everything in black. Camera cubes are ok. Going to skip the packing cubes and get some camera cubes and the tech pouch and 5l sling in sage.

xdethxfr says:

Finally someone reviewing the travel bag in Sage!

Michael Escay says:

At 9:07, it looks like you were able to fit in the 10L sling with the medium sized cube. Was it able to close?

milkbunnies says:

Looks heavy as fuck…

Emre Evinc says:

Hi Jason, nice review. like your videos. Just one question. Why do you carry so much stuff, I mean like 2 bodies, so many lenses, and all the other misc peripherals just for a holiday trip? just curious 🙂

jonneymendoza says:

got a link to the tech pouch?

Brandon Waiss says:

Amen to the charcoal color option. I would have snapped it up while it was still active on Kickstarter! Great review!

Roger Huston says:

I had to sell mine. I tried both the 20L and 30L. If you load it with Camera gear (Sony A7 system) the pack gets heavy very quickly and it is not designed for 20lbs+ and more than 1hr of comfort. Walking 4hrs was torture.

Y&S FOOD! says:

Amazing online video! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we all love to notice this type of content. We make Travel & Food video as well, all around the world, and therefore we are constantly seeking for inspirations and also creative concepts. Thank You.

Andrew Yang says:

What if peak design made a roller bag?

Joshua Pinter says:

Good stuff. Just a note, water or weatherproof mean something a lot different than water or weather resistant.

funkforyourtrunk says:

IMO, the actual backpack by itself is reasonably priced for the quality and features, especially when comparing it to the competition out there. To me, it’s the packing cubes and shoe pouch that are absurdly overpriced. Eagle Creek or any comparable, high-quality packing cubes can be had for $20-$40 for a PACK OF 3, depending on model. Lots of other great options on Amazon for even cheaper. I was interested in buying 2 medium & 1 small PD packing cubes, but that comes out to an ridiculous $88 + shipping for the pre-order, and a jaw-dropping price of $110 retail. For.freaking.packing.cubes.

Also I have to say the sage color is kind of ugly on this backpack. Black looks much nicer. I agree that they should of went with their classic charcoal vs. sage.

And i’m not sure if I just didn’t see it, but I don’t believe you addressed the fact that this backpack also has integrated hip straps that are stowed away near the bottom, which helps tremendously with carrying larger loads. Might of missed that as well.

Fat,Gay, and Tired! says:

Man I wish they made the charcoal-can’t buy it until then.

tobisonbrown says:

i’m excited for this. everyone complaining about the price should take a tour around one of their bags. go through all the custom hardware and different material choices they make. then consider their lifetime warranty and their excellent customer support. it’s no joke. you pay for the details. you pay for the support.
great video jason…but you should have opened the small cube. what’s in the cube?!

kui says:

Hey Jason. The pack is weatherproof but NOT waterproof. I’m sure you know the difference.

Chris Sayno says:

Gahhh! So glad we’re the same height. Was worried about this being WAYYY too big for me. Good to know it fits just nice!

Tristan Ramos says:

Can’t tell if ESL or pun.

Aweeky says:

Is this bag good for hiking?

Yggdrasil42 says:

I backed it and am not even a photographer. In retrospect, I think it’s too big for me and I rarely need a pack that large. In fact, I’ll probably change my pledge to an Everyday Backpack, Tech Pouch and Wash Pouch. Got a week left to decide.

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