PACKING TOILETRIES Minimalist Essentials | BAGS & Pro DIY Tips ✈🌎

These packing tips show the BEST MINIMALIST TOILETRY essentials. DIY packing list for your toiletries, keeping it minimalist. All you need for a trip and nothing more!

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Liberty Mountain Compact Toothbrush:
Malin + Goetz Essential Starter Kit:
Triumph & Disaster On The Road Kit :
GoToob 3 Pack:
Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap:
Mitch Reformer by Paul Mitchell Hair Gel:
GoTubb 3 Pack:
Fulton & Roark Solid Cologne:
Marc Jacobs Perfume Solid:
John Lewis 3-1-1 Toiletries Bag:
REI Co-op Micro Shower Kit:
REI Co-op Hanging Toiletry Bag:

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+ Hotels:
+ Flights:
+ Eurail Tickets:
+ Insurance:


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– Sony 24-240mm f/3.5-6.3 Zoom Lens:
– Sennheiser MKE 400 Shotgun Mic:
– Sony Cyber Shot RX100iv:

– Sony A7rii:
– Sony 24-70mm F4 Vario Tessar Lens:
– Promaster CX525 Tripod:

– DJI Inspire 1 Drone (2 Controller):
– Go Pro Hero 3+:
– Go Pro Suction Cup Mount:
– Go Pro Accessory Kit:


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phil trash #2 says:

My toiletry kit :
– shower gel
– shampoo
– deodorant
– handsoap
– hand sanitizer
– toothbrush
– toothpaste
– pads
– prescription medication so I don’t die

That’s literally all

Bajlandia says:

These tips could help me to get for a trip and survive 🙂 I really have always a problem how to pack toiletry 🙂 thanks guys !

Stephen Hickey says:

Picked up a set of the 3oz GoToob black version. Unfortunately, someone at work decided they needed one of the bottles more than I did, and I was down to 2. I sent a short message to humangear about it and they sent another one out, no problem! #CustomerService

Tru Neilson says:

Love my Gotubes… I used fingernail polish to cover the lables (cause white on white can be hard to read) on them then used a q-tip with polish remover to remove the polish only from the raised letter. So much easier to read!

cLam says:

How is that minimalist? LOL

moi says:

Be careful with getting your hair cut and your face shaved in countries with high instance of HIV/AIDS. This was a tip I got from long term travelers.

Ella Borstad says:

You should make a girl toiletries bag, because their is different stuff that girls need that weren’t in the video

Juan Ng says:

your jamaican accent was dead on

Joseph Mansour says:

U can put dry shampoo it keeps your hair clean and refreshed

Kar Bear says:

I thought the bag had to be clear?

Ivan Wine says:

Sorry to be Mr. Pedantic, but what you have is a safety razor, not a straight razor. Neither are allowed, however. Just a nit pick.

Bottle Solvent says:

Feminine hygiene tip: lily cup compact. Fits into a palm when collapsed. It’s small and unobtrusive.
I love these little tips, it’s handy handy!

Joie Mojica-Gahum says:

Nice tips! Try to use roadeavour’s travel toiletry kit!

Traveler Global says:

Hi Guys, I found this really cool website with checklists for your next travel: so make sure your don’t forget anything 🙂

JBryant Concierge says:

Nice. I’m simplifying all of my travel gear and this video was very helpful.

crazy cool says:

ah stupid autocorrect condom

iwishihadahippo says:

Wait! Link me that vitamin b tab!!!! I’ve heard of the shots before but never the tablets!!!! This is life changing

Claudia says:

oh my god they’re hot as fuck.

Blazing Trails says:

Thank you! This gives me a place to start plotting out my minimalist toiletries kit. I wasn’t sure what all I should include, as I’m fairly new to minimalist lifestyle when travelling.

googleflex says:

you guys…….need your own merchandise!

Leah Deitrick says:

You can create solid perfume using your favorite liquid perfume as well.

Trudie Thomas says:

You guys needs to shop walmart and dollar tree. if I lose something, it’s not that big deal.

Bill Reed says:

For the record, CVS has castille soap-exact same stuff- $2 cheaper. I havent used conventional soap in over a decade.

Jep Leas says:

Dr. Bronner’s Baby and Almond Soap scents do not burn like the Peppermint other scents do.

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