Osprey Porter 46L Backpack Review- 1 Year of Travel | Best Backpack for RTW Travel

Travel Gear We Love is just that! This is our video series where we review the products we have with us on our 1 year around-the-world trip… and it all starts with this backpack!

We carried our Osprey Porter 46L Backpacks around the world with us for a year. These things are seriously bulletproof. Well, maybe not bulletproof, but we beat the hell out of them and they still look brand new.

Ready to pull the trigger on the Osprey Porter? Purchase through Amazon for less than $120 with free shipping!

Don’t be a filthy backpacker with a dumb top loading bag. Buy the Osprey Porter and ascend to traveler nirvana.

0:07 – My favorite things about the bag
1:20 – Additional features
1:40 – Is the Osprey Porter 46L airplane carry-on friendly?
2:43 – How much stuff can you fit in the bag?

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Pascal Erb says:

Cool vids dude!

Alex Clifton says:

Downvote for audio

Sweet and Sour Adventures says:

will it fit a 15″ laptop?


so cool!! so inspiring…I want to live just like you. Be a world travel!! thanks for the info!!

WorldTraveler | HD says:

Big apologies for the terrible audio! We filmed this last minute at a hotel in Vietnam. 2 years later this backpack is still going strong and still our go-to for all adventures! (We also film everything on microphones now, so check out our channel!)

Lucky Ducky says:

i bought this backpack cuz this chick is super hot!

Tony Chan says:

Thanks for posting this. Next year I plan on backpacking the Baltics. I’m torn between this pack and the Tortuga 46L. Are there any exterior pouches for your camera. water bottle, maps?

Crazy Clown says:

*Does it have a dildo compartment*

Osca Alva says:

i go with my BAD bag #3 much better bag a 45L carry on bag at 1/2 the price of the ospray.

MrGreen33 THC says:

She looks a lil bit like Nicole Arbour.. beautiful ..

Christina GoneWild says:

When i tried this pack on it towered over me! i was bummed as the capacity was perfect for me , but at 5″2 it was a no go. Definitely try this pack on fully loaded before purchasing

Benjamin Burkhardt says:

Bag looks overpacked.

PIPE 86 says:

what are the dimensions of the daybag you put in the links? (packed and unpacked) Thank you…love your channel btw =)

Rob Campbell says:

so this backpack works well for light backpacking trips? I’m thinking of a Southeast Asia trip for a month and I’m looking at this and the osprey farpoint 55.

Duc Luu says:

Awesome review!!

Bellucci2014 says:

Good video. I think I’ll try this backpack.

Odd question: I see you have a Lenovo 13 inch laptop? What model is that?

I am looking for a 13 inch laptop in silver/grey and can’t seem to find one in silver/grey and (and I don’t want a MacBook Air) then I saw this one in the video. Thank you!

Ostap Lernatovych says:

what are those small bags ~ 3:00?

rescueeric77 says:

Great video! I know you said you have taken it as a carry on with Ryanair but would you say 99% of the time this bag would be able to be a carry on, not just Ryanair? Being carry on is my biggest thing for buying this bag! 🙂 Thanks

alexandra david says:

May i ask how tall are you? This 46L bag doesn’t look as bulky as similar sized bags. I’m curious if this is the design, or perhaps you are taller than i am (likely since i’m only 5’2″).

Jay Lee says:

you guys make me want to quit my job today and start traveling!!!! haha I enjoy watching all of your episodes!! Keep posting!

Nicole13Taty says:

Contemplating this backpack for my travel pack to Nepal! I was wondering if you think putting camera would be easily accessible from any of the compartments?

Louie Allen says:

Do you still use this backpack or did you upgrade to the newer model. Looks like this is the 2013 version, I recently purchased the 2016 version, and just found out REI has a exclusive 2017 version as well.

PIPE 86 says:

how comfortable is it wear/carry?

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