Osprey Nebula – The perfect travel backpack?

The Osprey Nebula is an extremely well designed, well thought out travel backpack.
Osprey Nebula (new version): http://amzn.to/2qDfC0V
eBags Medium Packing Cubes: http://amzn.to/25sfssQ


Soapy lll says:

i have the nebula and escapist 32l. both are excellent very practical. i find the escapist more suited to sports because of the shape and the nebula i use everyday. it is very versitile. can hold a lot!.

Osca Alva says:

for 90$ i go for the Kelty red wing pack

warriorprince101010 says:

Nice to see “Packing Cubes” used in a review. This is Important.

VMN says:

Great review, very thorough. My bag just arrived today! Love it.

romevi says:

That is a pretty nice blue. Debated for two days ordering the Quantum over Nebula based solely on color (and maybe price…), but decided to go with Nebula in blue. Let’s hope the blue looks better in person!

BryTunes says:

perfect review, thanks

thomas eggers says:

amen for backpacks that stand up…i’m in professional sales and just cant stand backpacks that fall over..good review

Brent Davies says:

MAN he loves that blue! 😉
Thanks for the review.

Alylai Flynn says:

is it waterproof?

kidbach says:

great review. Ive been looking for a urban survival/ get home bag that is grayman in appearance. it has all the features and space for gear and foraging. how has your bag held up so far?

schmitchell says:

I think it comes in that blue now 🙂

TacticalTrojan says:

Have you looked at the vertx gamut?

Mélanie Roussel says:

Perfect bag for college or university!

Captain Sunday says:

i’m tired of bags

ivan yau says:

perfect bag? this bag is dumb. lack of features and the copycat of everki

jim K says:

Dude..I really enjoy your reviews. You tell it like it is what you like and not so much like. The one thing that you have said a few times is the way osprey now puts that hood over the outer mesh pocket buckle. That it is not out in the open….. I disagree a bit with you on that. I like the fact that it is not easy to get to and open it. I had my pack almost pick pocketed because it opened easily on a bus once. I would think this would solve the easy they got into mine. Great vid.

rallyeonboardspain says:

Thanks for the review. I prefer old version (black + green). You know Where Can I get the old version?. Thanks

Jerome Ballesta says:

fit on asus ROG 17.3 inches?

Pilosopo Pinoy says:


john1968158 says:

Your reviews are awesome. Have been looking to get a decent 30-35 litre bag, and after watching this I have bought the Nebula. Thanks! Keep the videos coming!

Troejg says:

this bag looks great! considering it for college, just scared it might be a tad too big.

M Iqbal K Sindapati says:

because this channel…i bought osprey nebula black ! thx for the review

Deb Blackburne says:

I’ve just bought one of these bags and will be using it for long weekend travel. What size packing cubes were you using please

Dan Francis says:

I just purchased a nebula backpack, largely in part due to your very thorough review. Thank you! What size e-Bags packing cubes are those? I want to pick some of those up next!

Ruben Toder says:

is this ok for the gym? I would like to pack jackets, coats, work cloths and martial arts uniforms into this. Will they all fit?

Alex Alex says:

love your PAM 🙂

rallyeonboardspain says:

Please nebula included YKK zippers?. Thanks

Timothy Sung says:

Best review ever! I only have two concerns that stop me from getting one tho:
1. It’s not anti-theft and there’s no lockable zippers
2. Rain cover is not included
Idk maybe I’ll still get one…

koh chin song says:

very boring cant continue to watch no idea

Asyraf Aziz says:

Is this bag durable? Compare tu the north face surge transit or deuter gigant, which one is the best?

Christian Bjork says:

Fantastic review, thank you! I was looking at getting a new bag, and zeroing in on the amazing quality Osprey seems to offer, and was going to get a farpoint 40, but it seemed perhaps a bit too large for me. (I travel ultra light and had a super small backpack before, but wearing down – the ful refugee backpack). This looks like a great option, and will really consider it, thanks!

MMOEarth says:

I am deciding between this and the Dakine Network II, I am not sure about the airflow on this bag, does it get you sweaty if you use it on normal day to day?

Christ Jones says:

So you don’t think this bag would hold up in the rain? I’m in Seattle. I don’t hang out in the rain, but I often walk through it or wait maybe 15min for a bus. My regular Jansport is probably not waterproof, but water doesn’t seep into it either. Also, someone further down mentioned that the shoulder straps have really a rough and uncomfortable webbing, which presumably could chafe if you were wearing a tank top.. Is that really the case?

Richard Slater says:

“its Yellowey/Green inside” .. Nope, definitely green lol. Great video!

oOcitizenOo says:

Why not Farpoint 40?

Michael Nonya says:

stop comparing it to that other pack.

Erin P says:

Does this hold a 32 oz nalgene in the water bottle holders, or do they slide out?

Michael Abramovitch says:

Are the side water bottle sleeves big enough to hold a 40 oz. hydroflask securely? They look a bit small and flimsy.

DisneyGeek says:

The women’s version of the same bag called the Nova comes in a cobalt blue. I got that one for my husband to replace his 10 year old North Face Recon. He says he would have never known it was a women’s specific bag unlesd I told him.

medicinegone says:

You had me at “so many pockets I forget about some of them.” Organization rules. I’m buying one now.

Lakshmi B says:

How good is it during rains/light showers etc.? It probably doesn’t have any external rain cover I suppose, like some of the other osprey day packs.

morgieewindle says:

How does this bag do in the rain?

David Mencl says:

Do you think that my Lenovo Flex 2 15 would fit in there?

blizbiggy says:

Amazon has these on sale right now. I was looking to get a larger bag specifically for traveling and this pretty much sold me.

Cinaet Scott says:

The flap over the clip makes it snag proof.

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