Osprey Farpoint 55 Travel Pack Review for Southeast Asia Backpacking Trip

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Review of the Osprey Farpoint 55 Travel Backpack. It has a 40L main pack with a detachable 15L day pack. I have been traveling Southeast Asia with this backpack for 6+ months and it has been a really good backpack.


Chris Leung says:

Hey Jeff, thanks a lot for the review. Have you ever had a problem taking this as a carry-on on any of the airlines you’ve been on? (Have you ever been forced to check it in?)

Christopher Luke says:

Hi, if i use the shoulder strap, will the flap fall off easily from the velcro? Or does the velcro cause irritation to the lower back?

Carolina Andrea Avilés Fernández says:

I’m also going to SEA, Australia and Japan, and still looking for a good backpack. Is this one good for women also? I’m worry cause i am petite and I tend to have problems with my backpacks, specially with the curve of my back, and it ended up hurting. woul u recomend for girls? or is there a version for girls?

Nandu M says:

what’s the name of this color ? Different shades of grey are there in Amazon. it’s confusing.

Poenaru Radu says:

Can you lock it with an lock accessory?

Spencer Healy says:

Hi Jeff. I’m thinking of buying this pack for Central America. I like the lockable zipper features and the day pack looks cool but how do you secure the day pack if there’s no lockable zippers on that.

Khairel Farish says:

any good other daypack bag like the daypack 15L osprey?

Larissa Mazetto says:

Hi!! Your farpoint 55 is S/M or M/L? Thanks!! 🙂

Filip Sardzoski says:

What kind of lap-top do you have? Will it fit a 13″ MacBook Air (with a case)?

Jesus Izquierdo says:

Finally a video where I can see how big it is! Thank you, I think I’ll be buying one of this in the near future. If only Osprey had official presence in my country, things would be a lot easier. 

TheHaligonianVlogs says:

I’ve seen some reviews that say the Farpoint is a bit flimsy compared to the Wayfarer/Waypoint. How do you find this for durability?

Zero Cool says:

Great review. Just the info I needed. Still not easy to choose a backpack, since there are just so many to choose between. 🙂

Robert Connolly says:

Hi great video. what size is your pack? s/m m/l ?? thanks

FireAntStorm says:

This is airline approved for carry-on ?

Andres Vasquez says:

Are there a lot of people in SE Asia who speak english?
Planning my trip and need to plan accordingly. Thanks

Osca Alva says:

why not the 60L Pack

Nvids says:

Nice backpack

jude Blanco says:

where can I buy this stuff? it’s pretty cool!

Bernard Galeano says:

Im traveling to Europe, will this be ok for carry on? I ve heard people were worried about the size for carry on

avnguyen86 says:

Did you take any flights using this bag as carryon? I’m flying in SEA via AirAsia and Jetstar.

Greg Garner says:

Hey Jeff I’m about to head to SEA next month and one of my biggest questions is about carry on rules. I printed out the carry-on/cabin baggage policies for all the airlines I’ll be flying with and it seems like they all cap the weight limit at 15lbs. Were you able to use this as a carry on? If so did you just not pack much? Also if you were able to use it as a carry on what airlines have you used it on and if you remember how much weight was your pack?

I’ve been leaning toward getting the farpoint 40L or this pack but I’m still stuck on if/how people are able to use them as carry-on bags with the restrictions on weight. Any advice you can give would be majorly appreciated.

BornToBunk says:

We really loved your video!!

Fabio icm says:

is that backpack ok like cabin bag?

Anibal Arauz says:

Nice, thanks for the thorough review.

Samantha Denton_Giles says:

Is there a compartment inside the main pack to fit a laptop? Or is this only in the daypack? 

Tempest Jones says:

Those pillows really gave me perspective on how big it is. Thanks! I was thinking of going with the big 70l wayfarer but I’m confident I can meet my needs getting either the 40l or 55l (depending if I want to go for the daypack). I just hope the sternum strap fits well because I have large breasts and unfortunately the farpoint isn’t gender specific. I’ll know tomorrow when I try it out at the store.

ThaCapoDon says:

Do you know the size of the backpack without they day backpack?

AVROM X says:

Would you recommend this or the 70L version? Im debating between maybe the 70L version which includes a daypack, or getting a seperate brand 55L ish and then my north face backpack which is about 20-25L. first time going to SE asia and australia

Nicholas Kinoshita says:

I’m deciding between this and the stratos 50. Any advice?

Niem says:


Can anyone tell me what color is in the video

Calum Anderson says:

What colour is your backpack? Love it

Ange'sAdventures says:

Thanks for posting this video and also responding to the comments! I’m going travelling for 6 months straights and i’m thinking this would be the perfect companion for me.

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