OSPREY FARPOINT 40L Carry-On Backpack FULL REVIEW — Long Term Travel & Backpacking // 109

The Osprey Farpoint 40L backpack has become my baby over 5 months of backpacking Europe. In this review I go over everything from the straps to the compartments. Overall, it is a spacious yet compact, strong, comfortable, and reliable backpacking backpack. It fits in carry-on, so if you’re traveling or backpacking carry-on only, then the Farpoint 40 should be one you consider.

By the way, going backpacking carry on only was a fantastic choice!

For long term travel, I recommend Osprey because of their lifelong warranty. This Farpoint has been tossed around under buses, stuffed in airplane cabins, dragged along pavement, and much more. I have overstuffed it until I swore it would pop, but there isn’t one stitch out of place. The Osprey Farpoint 40L Carry on Backpack is absolutely durable and reliable, even for long term travel and long term backpacking.

Enjoy the full review of this amazing Osprey Farpoint 40L Carry-On Backpack.

See what’s in my backpack: https://youtu.be/juf9ejsEEhg
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Here you’ll find my honest experience of traveling Europe for a year on a budget!

In June 2017, I quit my job to travel around the world. Without much savings, I was destined to be a backpacking budget traveler. This is my budget travel trip through Europe! All I’ve got is myself, and a carry-on backpack, and determination.

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Thank you for watching! 🙂


Ania Pietrzak says:

Hi! My height is 168cm. Should I get Osprey Farpoint 40 in size S/M or M/L? Anyone feel free to answer 🙂

Daniel Pearson says:

With all your crap where is your TSA liquid 1-1-3? Do not know what airlines you travel on but the airlines I am on you are allowed 7 kg, 15#. the only U.S. carrier is Alaska that I use.

Locals Along the Way says:

I love the top straps/clips! We have an Osprey bag too, I think ours is 46l 😀

RTW reset says:

Thanks for the great review and info! We ended up opting for the Porter 30L instead of the Farpoint 40L. We purchased both, packed/unpacked each and found that we could “just about” fit as much in the Porter. We think it’s partially because of the laptop placement. The Porter puts the placement along your back, versus the Farpoint which has it in the flap part. Once the laptop was in the flap, we felt that it limited how much could fit due to the more dome shape of the Farpoint…versus the rectangular shape of the Porter.

Patrik Kantola says:

Great! My search for a decent priced quality travel backpack is finally over! Good review.

Mahbuba Alam says:

this was one of the best review videos on osprey backpack — thank you for going into details on all the straps! very helpful. however, i have a question — do you think this bag will fit well with a height of 5’3?

Dainen Penta says:

thanks for this! of the videos on this bag yours gives the best real world idea of how much I’ll be able to pack in this. and it is a lot!

brownvirtue says:

I just used this for my trip home for Christmas. The weather there was single digits. I packed 4 thick sweaters, 2 pair of jeans, 4 shirts, undies, a size 8 1/2 pair of shoes and toiletries in the main compartment using packing cubes. I put my 3-1-1 bag in the top pocket at 4:45. The bag didn’t feel stuffed and wasn’t heavy. I used the shoulder strap when I arrived at the airport but once I was through security I used the backpack straps without the hip strap. Comfortable both ways. Put all straps away at the gate and carried it on the plane using the handles. I’m a 5’6″ woman. No problem lifting for overhead compartment and it slid right in. I love this bag. I highly recommend.

Zaaba Khairuddin says:

Greetings from Malaysia!

Dustin Borglin says:

I just did a review on this bag.. spent 5 months in Asia very nice bag..

Anaïs Herbreteau says:

hi ! is there anyway to attach a sleeping pad/bag or a tent at the bottom of this bag

Lisa Elle says:

Great review! The more research I have done on the type of backpack I need, the more I realize this (or possibly the new Eagle Creek Global Companion 40L with same price tag) is the bag for me! I will be embarking on a 1 year RTW trip around this summer. I look forward to seeing your other videos to help me with my trip!! xoxo

Prince Fabulous says:

Give dog a hug from me, please. Also; great review. I now know what the capacity of the backpack is. Keep up the good work!

Brad Carr says:

Thanks so much for this Jacey, it’s good to see someone actually showing what it looks like being worn and telling the length of time they used it for. I’m gonna buy one 🙂 also subbed!

Michael King says:

If you get one more subscriber then your subscriber number will be the number of the beast.

Lindsay Campbell says:

I’m so glad you showed all the pockets and what all the straps are for. I bought one on amazon and will wait for it in the mail. Nice straight to the point review.

Alfonso Avila says:

Great review! I’m planning to buy this to use it as carryon in Europe. Do you have the link of the pack boxes you use on this backpack?


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