Here is the Osprey Farpoint 40L backpack i recently purchased. I bought it from http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/ online because it is not available in Hong Kong and there was a black friday sale 🙂

I do own already the Osprey Farpoint 55L and the 15L also.. i love the Farpoint Model, however the 55L is just TOOOOO BIG for all things !!

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love jasmine xx

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frizurd says:

I like the logo on the front, it’s different from the other osprey farpoint bags.
This is the volcanic grey one right?

Patrick Owens says:

Great review Jasmine! Thank you!

Gregory James says:

Hi Jasmine,
Love you vids ! Great backpack but the best make for travel (made for motorcyclists) is the KREIGA I have the R20 can have a fluid bladder as well if needed many sizes and I travel the world with it. Asd you can imagine as its made for motorcyclists it stays on and in place at 150Km/hr or more, great materials and great form fit and wont work loose even at a full run.
Kind regards
Greg J Perth WA

Spencer Stanley says:

Great review! I did a review of the same bag on my channel, check it out for comparison 🙂 Great channel btw!

is8550 says:

Hi! I’m thinking of buying this bag and i did try it on in store today. However, i felt it was a bit “hard” and i’m afraid i would get blisters on my shoulders and around my neck because of that. So my question is, will it get softer over time or should i just chose another bag?

EppingForest304 says:

That backpack has already done a lot of traveling, having to be flown from U.K. to HK

Fiona Mak says:

when you were traveling, did you check in your backpack or did you carried it as hand luggage? Thanks 🙂

Meagan Pence says:

i just got this backpack and its great. however I can’t figure out the best way to roll away the straps cover? and what is that square of velcro at the bottom of the back for?

Titus Pullo says:

Disliked because you review an item straight out of the packaging, rather than reviewing after use

sdnalyam says:

Are there any good web sites to find rooms for say 3 months in Hong Kong. Would living out from the center be worth it if you include the daily transport costs .Would love to spend Nov, Dec and Jan in Hong Kong.

Kim Garcia says:

i super like ur jacket!

James Spectre says:

Osprey Far-Point 40L is absolute crap. I got it as a present from my gf, but I’ve used it extensively and found that it is really annoying how little space you actually get in the main compartment due to the way the backpack straps fold into the back of the bag and space from the main inside compartment is taken away because of it.

Also, carrying a 15 inch laptop, MBP or Dell 15 9560 causes the front flap to be so heavy that trying to get into the main compartment becomes difficult.

The compression straps also makes it hard to enter into the laptop compartment or main compartment when you want to.

There’s a lot of annoying features with the bag and to be honest, I travelled with my old holdall bag which gave much more easily accessible space and dumped a day bag straight inside with all my contents and laptop when boarding a plane and take it back out when I get off.

This way, I can access everything easily and for me and a lot of people, I feel it’s perfect and way better than the Osprey Far-Point 40L. You really in the end don’t get as much space with that bag because of the silly compartment size design which are not straight.

oOcitizenOo says:

Thnx for review. Decided to buy it for my London trip 🙂
For short term travels i use amazon ibagbar backpack, cheap, canvas, convertable to messenger bag. It’s awesome too 🙂

Faraz Khan says:

we love to see you jasmine Elizabeth please make more videos for us . thanks

MarcusBird says:

Nice review! I will check out your other videos as well 🙂

Ramisteeldoor Aljunaidi says:

enjoy. your video is best in youtube 🙂

Lynda D says:

thank you this video really sold it for me!

Lintassimilator says:

“Depth wise it is like one hand” xD Totally adorbs. But yeah, you really helped me decide on this bag, very thorough overview, and you successfully covered everything I wanted to know! So thanks! (:

vegan farm says:

Thanks for the video, very professional and in detail

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