Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack Review – Airline Approved!

This bag is simply amazing. Travel on any airlines with it as a carry-on, then transform it into a hiking backpack to take your gear everywhere!

How to travel with only a small backpack: http://youtu.be/PmD6eCw-Fyc

Osprey website: http://www.ospreypacks.com/


Rebecca Perez says:

Do you think I could pass this bag under the RyanAir carry on guidelines? It says max. dimensions are 55cm x 40cm x 20cm so it’d just be a bit over

Sven Vranken says:

How tall are you? Is this the S-M or M-L model?


Maestro Ninja says:

Is this bag comfortable?

Eye Spy says:

Great backpack, but after you bring out the backstrap can you hide away the big zipper flap?

Gary Ren says:

Have you been able to successfully bring this as carry on for budget European airlines like Ryanair? The dimensions are technically a few cm too big

Spencer Stanley says:

Hey great review! I did a review on the same pack on my channel and would love some feedback 🙂

licandres01 says:

Have you traveled on Ryanair with that bag as carry on luggage?

James Hall says:

So where on earth do you put the flap when using the shoulder and hip straps??

dcalix32 says:

Bag fits a 15in laptop not 16.

Robert Pedigo says:

here does the big flap go when you pull out the backstraps?

Scott Lyman says:

Well, I’m a dissenter: presentation was a bit awkward, and I think you should have been a little more conversant with which straps were for what before posting this video, and you passed over how to store the rear flap which covers the backpack straps when not in use (which I think is rather funky, compared to the much nicer system on say, the Porter 46).  But thanks for posting that, regardless; it takes courage to put yourself out there like that. Kudos.

Christofer Sensei says:

I know someone who’s flying from Indiana to Georgia(long flight) so there will be two planes to board right? Will she need to buy another plane ticket here or will she be told to go straight to the next plane so she can get here?

Robert Williamson says:

When you’re wearing the shoulder straps and waist belt, what do you do with the panel that covers them ? ? Just let it hang down ? ?

Jon V says:

How would this backpack compare to a Go Ruck GR1..?? curious to know which would be better.?

Musix&shit says:

great review,thanks

Brenda Correa says:

Definitely the best review I’ve seen of this backpack, so thank you! One question though, is this pack in black? For some reason I keep seeing a greenish color to it, but then again I wear glasses so I could just be blind. Thanks again!

Darren Gaudry says:

The Osprey Porter 46 is so much better…

Marcsie28 says:

He doesn’t know how to pack, lol

K Kostas says:

terrible presentation, very little info, skip

Rex Mundi says:

Is it too big to be used as a daypack? i really don`t want to pack in a daypack into my backpack.

Patrick Fealy says:

lets take priorities. if you get stuck in the Ain in July in Rockport with all those cloths with the hotels filled up you will need to walk all night so as not to freeze to death. that happened to me. carry rain gear and a light shelter. i carry a 20oz down quilt. have a small canister stove and a titanium pot with a water filter some rice and beens. cary just one shirt and 1 pants and also have a multitool.

Janina & Lisa: Our Cup of Living - Traveling says:

Hey I also did a unboxing / review video about the osprey farpoint 40. Would be nice to get some feedback 🙂

manica soun says:

is it fit under the seat?

Spencer Stanley says:

Great review! I did a review of the same bag on my channel, check it out for comparison 🙂

Juan Carlos says:

I’m looking for a backpack I can run with and fit my Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu Gi and Boxing Gloves – any thoughts on if this model would work?

Julio Ricardo Moran says:

is this color black or dark green?

OG Mud bone says:

Stop reviewing products if you don’t put the link in the description

Gaitri Mahabir says:

ifyou cross the compression straps into an x it holds stuff even better.

Elizabeth Berendzen says:

Thanks for the awesome review! I just bought mine for study abroad in Germany.

madiantin says:

Good review – liked seeing you struggle with the compression straps and zips as it showed the deficiencies of the pack while also showing its packability. It looked like the compressions straps cover the water bottle holders – is this right? It looks like it makes them unusable?

tillallareoneluv says:

Would have been nice if you actually reviewed the strap system, especially the comfort level of the hipstrap.

Sang L. says:

Do you think it is possible to carry on 2 of these 40 L backpacks?
One backpack for clothes and one backpack for electronics?

Ryan Bonner says:

ordered this today, because im going back to southeast asia in little over one month! its my third osprey, and they’re only getting better – the materials and build quality are top-notch, and im looking forward to not paying extra for checking in baggage.

Kris S says:

Do you know of anything like this only slightly smaller as the M/L one of these is 53cm tall and the s/m (which I cant actually find anywhere) is 51 and Etihads limit is 50cm. It is really a pain because the width and depth are under by quite allot, Just irritating that the shape is slightly off as this bag looks fantastic.

iamgadget2 says:

it is a great bag…i will add molle to the bottom
this video should have been prepared before producing it. I do not throw clothes like in a bag like the video….it should have been realistic…Do it over…maybe use packing cubes as well…shoes…socks….electronics…..chargers etc. make it real…

Orca Flotta says:

Jeez, what was this: How not to pack your bag???
Never seen anyone packing up so cluelessly and wasting so much space.

Comrade Smirnov says:

Congrats on 100K Subscribers :)) Good video.

curiosityuniversal says:

Thanks for the review 🙂
It was helpful!

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