Now that I’ve had 10 months of actual travel usage with the Osprey Farpoint 40 liter backpack, here’s a full review on exactly how awesome it is! Hit “Subscribe” for more reviews!

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Angelica Pickles says:

super distracted by the giant time traveling clock in the background. maybe ditch the clock for videos so we don’t notice your awkward edits.

AA AA says:

is this bookbag waterproof?

Rochy V says:

For some reason was reluctant to watch this video, but I’m so glad I did! Best review so far! Especially when you mentioned trekking for miles with the bag weighing in at almost 18KG! I’ve used a 35L bag weighing in at 8KG and because of the straps, was really uncomfortable, being the main reason I’m looking for another bag. This has won my vote! January sales Ill be getting this bag! Thanks for your review 😀

sleepwalking73 says:

Some reviews I’ve seen of this bag people get the shoulder strap for duffle mode and some people say they didn’t get one. It’s very confusing…

Sang L. says:

Great video Charles!

I am planning to backpack through Southeast Asia for 4 months.
Do you think this backpack is sufficient for me?
Do you know if you can carry 2 of this backpack onto the plane with you?

Jack O' Lantern says:

Charles, is there any pockets on the inside of the back? I thought I saw a little zippered pocket on the back panel in in the main compartment –not quite if that was a zipper or just a wrinkle in the material.

Osca Alva says:

nice but for 90$ i would go for the Kelty redwing i think its the better bag

Nomadic Unicorn says:

Great video Charles! I would have subscribed from this if I hadn’t already 🙂 I fell in love with this bag a month ago in my local outdoor store and I’m pretty sure It’s the one I’m going to get for Southeast Asia. Did you always put your vlogging tech in here? I’m trying to work out whether to get a separate daypack/tech bag as well….decisions, decisions! Where are you off to next?


Charles. Love your reviews. You are one of the best reviewers on You Tube!!! Do you have a review of the Osprey Sojourn versus Meridian versus Ozone 22 carry on luggage ? My wife and I travel often and both have the Osprey Manta back packs that we really like, and need roll-aboards to round out our travel optimal set up. Unfortunately, it is very confusing to sort through all the features of the Osprey carry ons that offer the attached day packs. Can’t tell which is best overall. Thanks!

tvsma says:

Nice review! Thanks a lot. You really answered my questions, particularly about the laptop sleeve.

D Estrada says:

i “actually” like your review.

Johan Kregting says:

mate your camera focus is having a fit, check out your clock

jogu says:

can this bag be compacted into a personal item when traveling by air?

Olivier Martel Savoie says:

why did you choose this one over the Porter 46?

Everything Ian says:

Cheers for the review, it helped me decide on buying the Farpoint 40! I recently filmed a first impressions video of the 2017 model on my channel if anyone is interested.

Mélanie Roussel says:

Hi!! I just got a Farpoint 55 for my future travel. I looked for the 40L but I think it would be too small for my use. But the daypack removed and not full loader, I think I could use it as a carry-on.

zalws says:

I’m actually looking for my first bag pack. Is it possible to pack for 7days in a 40L bag? i will not be using any laundry services throughout the 7 days.

SolarizeYourLife says:

With the top pouch you can quickly empty your pockets instead of security tub…

Jenn & Preston says:

Great review Charles Jamerlan! Check out our review of the Osprey Farpoint 40 here:

Safe travels!!!

anemozen says:

have you gone to europe with this bag? I have looked and almost all the airliners have a maximum size and weight for cabin baggage of 23cm in depth. and this one has like 37cm right?

Ted Willis says:

Thanks for the review! Its helpful as I’m trying to pick out my travel pack.

Dustin Vannoy says:

hey bro thanks for the great review. I got a question….I’m torn between the porter 30 and the farpoint 40. I’m a light packer but what are your thoughts on which way to go. it would only be a difference of 8 liters for me as I’m a s/m in the farpoint 40. thanks!

Joshua P Contreras says:

is it water resistant?

Angela Grant says:

Would you be able to fit a tripod in this bag?

Love4Passion says:

hey can u make a video with how u stuff ur bag? like I wana know what to take backpacking you know and the essentials


Gav3n 314 says:

show whats in kt

Hülytopia says:

Thanks for this great review! 🙂

Rikkid Germano says:

Dang! I was hoping for a give away lol Never mind, great review though Quite pricey over here but I guess it’s worth it

Chana S says:


Dom Robinson says:

‘The UK’ and ‘Scotland’ aren’t two separate places dude. This is something nobody outside of the uk ever seems to get right….

Moji Hasan says:

This review was lifesaver for my upcoming Europe trip. Thx for posting it!

Daniel Maínha says:

Hi. Bought one today and I hope that it was a good choice. You forgot to mention something that the seller told me. There’s a rescue whistle buckle on the chest strap 😉 http://www.ospreypacks.com/download/180

Gav3n 314 says:

show whats in kt

Richard Lozarita says:

sir,kabayan frm iloilo…just want to ask where to buy this farpoint cheap on line.?thanks.

Spencer Stanley says:

Hey, great review man! I did a review of the same pack on my channel you should check it out 🙂

Sam & Aaron says:

do you vlog?

Todd Nguyen says:

Great review!

SargeOrona says:

Do you get enough ventilation in your back? I hate taking the bag off and have my back all sweaty..

Flonker says:

Perfect review. To be fair the rest of the internet already basically told me to get this bag, but if I had seen this first, I’d be sold. This is my next bag for sure. Thanks!

Patrice Canto says:

Safest as carry on…. will the FARPOINT 55L pass as a carry on? Or would the FARPOINT 40L be a better choice ?

Jack O' Lantern says:

NIce video review, man. Lots of information clearly presented. Think I am going to go w/ this bag if I do Europe again and bring less stuff.

Kim NJ says:

8:56 so your clock does go backwards

jjammom says:

Great review!
Very informative!
I’m looking forward to trying this backpack myself!

Ben Reeves says:

Amazing detailed review!! Thanks

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