Osprey Farpoint 40 Backpack Review – 1 Year Test | Popular Travel Pack | Women’s & Men’s Perspective

The Osprey Farpoint is a backpack built to travel. A good choice for the digital nomad and a trusted companion on an extended journey around the world. View Details & Buy: https://packha.kr/8wzu

1:48 – Material & Aesthetic
3:51 – External Components
6:37 – Inside the Pack
9:20 – Durability & Testing
10:18 – Rebecca’s Perspective
11:20 – Pros & Cons

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If you’ve ever searched the internet for ‘best travel backpack’ or found yourself wandering around your local sporting or camping goods store, chances are you’ve come across the Osprey Farpoint series before. Being highly reviewed and widely available to try before you buy at stores is as good a reason as any to try this pack, but the Osprey Farpoint is so much more. After testing it for just over a year, we like to think we know it quite well!

The Farpoint comes in four different sizes, a 40L, 55L, 70L and finally a whopping 80L! The bag we tested is the 40L (both the S/M and M/L models). It’s the only one that fits within carry-on specifications. Since we’re all about traveling as lightly as possible, this bag made the most sense. If you’re looking at the larger sizes, do stick around as most of what we’ll be covering will be applicable for them as well, but we recommend the carry on 40L size as we think it’s the slickest way to travel.

Overall, the Osprey Farpoint is a travel backpack, and that’s exactly what it does best. Perfect for the digital nomad that moves onto a new country every week or month. We can attest to its reliability. It’s become a bag we can trust, even after a year of heavy use. It’s highly reviewed on the web because simply put, it’s a great bag, one you can travel the world with.

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In this video, Nathan Coverdale of Pack Hacker reviews the Osprey Farpoint 40 – a popular travel backpack that you’ve probably seen at REI, MEC, or your local sporting goods store. It’s a popular option for a reason: this pack is a great companion on an extended trip, although it probably won’t last you a lifetime – it’s still good option for one bag travel.

Editor’s note: The Osprey logo is a slick-looking bird with some decent type.

🎶 Tonez&Re-C – Kyoto

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nameless says:

10 seconds in and i just wanna day thank you so much for the captions!

Lauren Hom says:

Sweet – I spent 18 months traveling and met so many people who love this bag.

tnetroP says:

I’m male, 5ft 8in and have the m/l. Although I’ve not tried the s/m I am very happy with the m/l but would suggest the s/m for anyone shorter.

Dennis says:

Nice review. Having both male and female opinion is great!

RTW reset says:

Thanks for the great review and info! We ended up opting for the Porter 30L instead of the Farpoint 40L. We purchased both, packed/unpacked each and found that we could “just about” fit as much in the Porter. We think it’s partially because of the laptop placement. The Porter puts the placement along your back, versus the Farpoint which has it in the flap part. Once the laptop was in the flap, we felt that it limited how much could fit due to the more dome shape of the Farpoint…versus the rectangular shape of the Porter.

Elwin Mentaram says:

Hi. Great video!
I have 1 question, is there any detachable daypack?


Joe Hodgson says:

Possibly a weird question, but have you ever really used the waist straps on these?

I’ve been traveling since the early 1990s, and the only times I’ve used waist straps is when I’ve massively overpacked and I needed to spread the weight.

I’m into one-bag trips now, and my usual maximum pack weight is around 7 kilograms.

When you use waist straps, they’re instantly sweaty, and when you don’t they stick out bashing everyone to your sides and generally getting in the way.

I just got this pack, and while all the straps tuck away neatly, when you’ve got them exposed these things are huge (and quite bulky when covered).

So I’m thinking about performing radical surgery on my shiny new Farpoint 40 and cutting them off, just leaving the shoulder straps.

Any thoughts?

Tinkerbexx says:

Im torn between the women fairview and this….but Rebecca seems happy with this one and it is cheaper, so I doubt the womens version is much different! Thanks for the in depth review!

Daniel Pearson says:

Best review of the Farpoint 40 I have seen. I worked in aviation 35 years as a mechanic and the cargo hold has metal edges that catch on every including clothing when the personnel are loading baggage. The issue you would address is most foreign airlines, not U.S. , limit carry on to 7 kg or about 15 lbs. when my 40 is packed it weighs 28 lbs. so not able to carry on unless I remove some. I will not travel on any U.S. flights but Alaska.

Armiger says:

is this the one with a small day backpack?

scootermcgoot says:

Agreed completely with the video. in general its a great bag but the cons are pretty annoying when the bag is completely full. Also having the two compression straps across the front makes it kind of difficult to pull things in and out the of the bag quickly if needed. I like this bag alot but have been looking for another option. Looking at the tortuga setout now

Patrick Kelly says:

Suggestion: Even though the little tears are not getting bigger, you may want to get some “Tenacious Tape” and cover them up. That will help them *not* grow, restore water resistance, and prevent accidentally snagging the little hole on anything.

Takahashi R says:

Cool review. Which size of the cocoon grid it did you use? Large or medium?

Anthony Truman says:

Tip for this backpack: You can hide/tuck away the hip straps while still using the shoulder straps. The flap that covers them all up, can also be tucked around just the hip straps pretty good. If you watch MarcusBird’s review of this bag he demonstrates it.

Jack O' Lantern says:

Great long term review! Mine has held up well so far but i wish the laptop compartment was closer to your back instead of on the front.When the main compartment is loaded up the front will flex and potentially create pressure on the laptop in there. I’m 5′ 8 and I recommend the larger size.

therealchickentender says:

Carry-on only travel on airlines is overrated. It took me a year of 2 years constant travel for that to sink in, but I’ll never go back to toeing the line of carry-on specifications again except for quick trips. For extended travel, the amount of times travelers spend on planes and waiting at a baggage claim is next-to-nothing, and the freedom you have checking a durable bag and taking a tiny carry-on, for me at least, far outweighed the hassle of stressing over my load, lugging it around the airport, finding an available spot for my carry-on (which is usually still the largest carry-on on the flight) in overhead bins, etc etc. You can still go light and fast, with a checked bag that can grow and contract with you and your trip. I’m a minimalist and utilitarian by nature and that’s just where i landed in terms of travel…. 40L is just not large enough for really long journeys if you intended on picking up anything along the way. Your mileage may vary.
The last quick note is simply in terms of carry – the larger versions allow you pack much more vertically, and compress inward, so you don’t get that same tug on your back/shoulders with so much weight/gear sticking outward and making the load awkward.

Maxima says:

For the money, they should hold up better and biggest suprise is no place for water bottle.

S2E K9 says:

Looks like a great bag… Just what I’m looking for. I’ve never travelled before so I’m super excited to be going in Dec 2018, I’ve been saving for 2 years!!

Reece Peacock says:

Osprey now do a female specific version of this pack called the Fairview 40. The straps and belt are cut to better fit the female form. So I would suggest any female check that version out rather than the smaller Farpoint.

It's Schincko! says:

this is one high quality review! Thanks you for that. I’ve been using the farpoint myself for quite some time. And I totally agree. Even tough I do think that it could be a tiny bit more comfortable around the shoulder straps.

Lauren Aida says:

I was so excited when I saw you added a review of this backpack! I just received it as a gift and can’t wait to travel with it!

Wayne Law says:

There is a whistle built into the sternum strap buckle

AJ M. says:

Thanks for the awesome review! I’m a 5’8″ guy, and I’m thinking about using this bag as a secondary backpack rather than a main bag. I intend to pack my electronics & valuables (I have a lot of these) in it & carry it onboard.

I’ll be wearing a larger backpack on my back, probably the Farpoint 70. Do you think I can comfortably wear this one, the Farpoint 40, on my chest while wearing the Farpoint 70 on my back? Neither one of them will be fully packed.

McAero08 says:

Small correction: the zippers are YKK.

nameless says:

I’m thinking about bagpacking and I’m a pretty small person 5’3 and 107lbs and I’m thinking about getting this bag on a summer trip to Southern Europe . Would the S/M of this be a good choice or would there be another bag good for smaller individuals?

Richard Bridger says:

Nice review just bought one myself off seeing this. I have a question. What packing cubes do you use and what size?

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