This is a very detailed second review of the Osprey Farpoint 40 describing my experiences using it while backpacking for 2 weeks in New York. I also answer all the questions people asked in my previous review video and provide video footage and information relating to traveling on airlines, walking at length with the bag, using the hip straps, compression straps and more. If you decide to buy the bag, please support my channel by purchasing it through the link below from Amazon. If you enjoy my videos please subscribe!

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1st review (showing packing & laptop sleeve)

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Hat review: https://is.gd/15NI0r


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mvitti21 says:

Very helpful! Thanks.

Rob Richards says:

I bought this bag, your review really helped, keep up the good work…..Cheers!

Олег says:

Great video! Thank you so much man!

MrLockingking says:

good review, osprey should pay you for this! im getting it tomorrow 🙂

Redshanks says:

Thanks for the great review lots of detail which is not in a lot of other reviews

Osca Alva says:

for 90$ i would go for the Kelty red wing i think its the better bag

dada asdada says:

thanks for the review bruh i bought it cheers

Stardust says:

Wow… Thank you for this!! I’ve been wanting my question answered how it is when you’re walking long periods of time. I’m doing my first solo trip this summer and majority of the time I’ll be walking around and riding trains. So I needed to know if it was comfortable to walk with this backpack for long periods of time. Thank you!!!

pekow91 says:

Great review! Supprised on how many reviewers don’t show the backpack on.

Ҡҽɳ says:

Thanks for the review! What size do you recommend for me? I’m 5’6, should I get s/m or m/l?

vicki s says:

Excellent review. Just got a Farpoint 40 and will use it soon. Looks like I made the right choice. Thanks for the tips!
Safe travels!!

Joe Cusack says:

Excellent video dude! Thank you for taking the time to create such an in depth review of this pack!

Why not says:

Thanks, man! You made me purchase one. It’s the best backpack I’ve ever owned.

Christopher Seymour says:

great review!

Giovanni Medellin says:

Great job. I always think the same thing when watching reviews. Thank you for this review.

Lewis Ingram says:

where do you put your day bag when your big bag is carry on size???

Edwin Waddel says:

Hey Marcus… going to get it.. nice documentary…on the back pack..

Spencer Stanley says:

HEY, great review! I did a review of the same pack on my channel you should check it out 🙂

Tony Staggs says:

most informative review yet! Thank you

Roman Postanciuc says:

Amazing, comprehensive review, thanks a lot.

Stonewall Jackson says:

Torn between this pack and the Kelty 44… this video is helping very much though! I’ll be sure to watch the other one as well

AMGmov says:

This is a very nice review but I think I prefer the looking and a bit more space from porter 46.

Yazmin Garibo says:

can you take this and a carry on or is it more of one or the other ?

AxmanGCS says:

Loved your review. Have you tried the farpoint 55? I’m still trying to decide which one to get. I do like that the 55 have a detachable day bag.

lylarush says:

Very useful review. Thanks!

David Fellows says:

Excellent review Marcus, very thorough, thank you very much! Safe travels!

afieQ1992 says:

Best review, thanks man

Henrie Oliver says:

Great review and it is definitely a nice bag to do carry on only travel. Your original video was the reason I decided to make a purchase. I also got the Osprey Porter 30 for my daughter and I must say the P30 may be just a notch better than the F40… but both great bags. I made a vid of the P30 on my channel, will try to make a vid of your quality later as I find it the best kind of review.

Musix&shit says:

great job! , never seen a review in this style

Martha Rhine says:

I’m sold on this bag. Thanks for a great review!

jes sick uh says:

Yes! I just did 2 months with the Porter 46 and hated it. It would be great if I were to never walk anywhere. I just got this because of the fact that it doesn’t look like it’ll break my back if I have to walk across a HUGE airport again. Your video reminded me of what a nightmare it was to hide the straps on the Porter. The Farpoint seems like it is my kind of bag, for my kind of travel…too bad I didn’t know before. bah.

Mario Worm says:

Hello there mate,

I am very pleased by your open style of reviewing this bag. The one thing that keeps me still looking for other bags was the hip belt that is not able to be hidden. Now that you proofed this one wrong, can you please let me know if carrying your back in this manner is sustainable for back comfort, lets say with a weight of 8 kilo for 1 hour?

Darryl Pearson says:

Thank you,
Just purchased and excellent review in applying the function aspect of bag

Gambit says:

My god this review was sooo good. Thank you!!!

Cindy Fransisca says:

I really wish I saw this video before spending hours surfing the web… Thanks Marcus this is really useful, I’m gonna check out your previous review!

manica soun says:

Is it fit to put it under the seat?

sunnysideupmonster says:

HAHAHAHAHA allright your amazon-link-reminder with the elevator background music made my evening for sure :DDDD (had to pause and write that down right away.. now back to the video <3 )

manmeetsworld says:

Killer review Marcus. Thanks!

Ulumalu says:

Very nice review sir. I too took this bag to Thailand for four weeks. I found it a perfect size for myself. I plan on having this durable bag for many years to come. Cheers.

Amanda Lopez says:

This has been an amazing review. Everything and more of what I wanted to know. I have my eye on this for a trip to Europe and this helped tremendously! Thank you for taking the time!

Robert vp says:

Great video helped explain a few unanswered questions.

Kym Moulds says:

Firstly Marcus thanks for the great review as I’m in the market for a carry-on bag for an up coming trip to India and the Farpoint 40 like the one I will end up buying. Again great video and thanks a lot. Cheers.

Jake Sahadi says:

This was probably the most helpful video I’ve seen on this. Just purchased one online! Here I come, Vegas!

Quick question- If tightened the compression straps tight enough, could this be scaled down to use as a daypack, or would it just be overkill?

Daniel Hallock says:

AWESOME review, really sold me on the bag, going to share this with my brother, as we’re both going to Europe for a month. Cheers mate

luna lovegood says:

very thorough review, thank you! 🙂

Doroteya Doncheva says:

Absolutely great and informative video! Thanks a lot!

quotidianlight says:

Great review. You really set the bar for gear reviews.

Ethan C says:

GREAT review, thank you! Ps. I love your accent it is awesome!! Greetings from Tennessee

Danny Duberstein says:

Such a good review, I’ve subscribed. I’m looking to go to Europe for 2 months and I’m just wondering how much in terms of clothes can you fit in this? Also as it’s my first time there I think I’d end up buying many items/souvenirs and unsure if 40L will be enough, although I need a carry on size bag. How would I go with 1 hoodie, 1 weather jacket, 7~ shirts, couple pairs of shorts and trackies and I’ll just take 1 pear of jeans that I will wear. Plus other things like socks/underwear and some room for things to buy.

Maybe I should go the 55 as I’ve heard many people get away with carrying it on if you just seperate the front and use it as a personal item

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