Osprey Fairview Review (Vs Farpoint) | One Bag Travel Backpack Designed With Women In Mind

The brand new Osprey Fairview is similar to their best selling Farpoint series, but designed specifically for women—and at 40L, perfect for one bag travel. View Details & Buy: https://packha.kr/31dx

View Our Full Review: https://packhacker.com/travel-gear/osprey/fairview-40/

0:43 – Fairview Details
1:24 – Material & Aesthetic
2:49 – Fairview vs Farpoint
4:12 – External Components
5:53 – Inside the Pack
7:23 – Durability and Testing
8:18 – Pros & Cons
8:45 – The Verdict

Follow along with Rebecca and Nathan on their YouTube Channel “Always A Friday”: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWmBYPbsGaGDOo3UExFOCew

The Fairview is Osprey’s new travel backpack designed specifically for women, and considering we’ve already spent over a year and a half testing out the Osprey Farpoint, we were really excited to get our hands on this one! There are a lot of similarities between the Farpoint and Fairview, and a lot of stuff mentioned here echoes what we said in our full review of the Farpoint. However, this is a women’s specific travel pack and a standalone product in its own right, so it deserves it’s own fully comprehensive review.

The Osprey Fairview comes in three different capacities, a 40L, 55L and 70L. We are testing the 40L version, which is the only one that fits within carry-on specifications—AKA, the best way to travel. The Fairview is only available in one Small/Medium size, which is fine for anyone under 6 feet. If you are over 6 feet, it’s possible the Farpoint may be a better fit for you as it comes in a Medium/Large size.

Ever since the Fairview came out, Osprey now refer to the Farpoint as the ‘men’s version’ (interesting as it was marketed towards men and women at the time). We’re really intrigued to see just how different it can be now that it’s actually designed specifically for a woman.

To put it bluntly, the Fairview 40 is not the most chic, fashionable bag around, but that’s why it’s sold as a travel backpack and not a fashion statement. This has some great advantages though—you’ll feel fine laying this thing down on the floor, with no need to worry about scuffs and dirt. This is not a bag you have to feel precious about, it’s built for travel and we love that.

The Osprey Fairview is still everything we like about the Farpoint—great for one bag travel, neat hideaway strap system and available worldwide—just designed specifically for women. They knew they had the right formula, so with a few small adjustments in the hip belt and shoulder straps they’ve created a bag that’s a great, comfortable carry for women.

Osprey Farpoint 40 Review: https://youtu.be/pa_iUaIHklM
View more backpack reviews on our website: https://packhacker.com/travel-gear/category/backpacks/

In this video, Rebecca Coates reviews the Osprey Fairview 40 for Pack Hacker. A later iteration on the Farpoint 40 designed with women in mind.

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NOMAP says:

Great in depth video on the Fairview 40. I agree, it’s the best one so far. My wife’s used hers for 4 weeks of travel and really likes it. Sadly after the first trip, we noticed the inside binding connecting to the zipper had ripped all apart. She still used it for a week in Italy and it’s at Osprey right now being repaired under their lifetime warranty. Regarding the buckles at the front of the shoulder straps, I had no idea they could be used to clip in the sternum strap. Thanks for the tip! They’re actually designed to clip their smaller daypacks turtle style like their larger travel backpacks. Folks are saying that the new, newest version of the Farpoint 40 has been updated with the same buckles and key lanyard in the small front pocket that the Fairview 40 has. Having tried and returned Minaal, Ebags,and Pacsafe Venturesafe travel backpacks, I have to say the Osprey Farpoint/Fairview 40 bags are pretty decent for the money. While not perfect, they have a lot of great features for a minimal price point. I don’t travel with a laptop, but hopefully Osprey will revise the next edition to place the laptop compartment inside the main compartment like Eagle Creek has done on their new travel pack.

Roberta Prando says:

Great review! And I love the fact that the notebook sleeve is in the front because it makes going through security a breeze ❤️

Rafael C says:

Love british accent

chubipower says:

Wish the fairview was available when I bought my farpoint. I’m a petite girl and I think the fairview would’ve fit me better. But I’ve been travelling with my farpoint ever since I got it in 2016 and have been very pleased.

MK Let's GO says:

Pretty thorough review! Are you going to review any more Osprey bags?

Sherry C. says:

It’s really a good backpack, thanks for sharing

Nicole Wong says:

Wonder if anyone has any advice for packing their fairview/farpoint and getting it to stay up. Mine just rolls most of the time.

Ariella Taylor says:

might be a bit late, but can i ask how the size compares to the farpoint 40? do you really feel the 2 liter difference? i like the bigger capacity and the strap fit on the fairview but to be honest id have love for them to just come out with a black as opposed to the bizarre sludge grey they came out with…

Phat Nutz says:

nice review. would love to see a comparison between the new goruck gr3 and the new quicksilver x pacsafe 40l. thanks!

ik8vwa says:

The best review on Osprey Farpoint 40 ever seen so far. I bought this backpack for my wife as soon as Osprey introduced it since I already had the well known Farpoint 40 for me.

Christina Chmielinski says:

I would love to see you guys do a packing video for this bag. I am just now getting into carryon only travel and packing minimally. I own this bag and would love to see how you guys recommend packing it for travel up to a month. Due to this bag being newer the only videos out there are for the far point. (In the past I would pack too much so trying to pack this bag with everything does give me a wee bit of anxiety lol)

Marie Decastro says:

What size did u get?? I’m 5’2” and 140lbs..which size u think suits me?

sbs5130 says:

As is often the case, different perspectives will produce different evaluations of the same facts:
Con: Front compartment is tight when the main compartment is full. OR
Pro: The bag is able to be filled-out by use of the main compartment alone.

sanna riissanen says:

Bit late to ask, but I’m thinking about buying the fairview backpack, but my only worry is that with the laptop sleeve being on the front, the laptop might get bent if the backpack is full. Any opinions on this?

Mélanie Roussel says:

I’m sold to this pack! I bought the grey one and I absolutely LOVE it!
Update: I just got a Farpoint 40 for my husband for our trip to The Riviera Maya next month!

Liubiss says:

Which is the difference between this and the REI?

Thagirion9 says:

Nice review. Best one so far on the differences between these two bags. I love that bright green color.

Ana Carolina Zamaia Kikumoto says:

Too bad it doesn’t come in the wine red color, I loved it

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