For a lightweight, but extremely functional and versatile daypack, the Osprey Daylite Daypack Backpack is a bag that I highly recommend. Watch for the full review! Hit “Subscribe” for more reviews!

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Stoic Croissant says:

damn, at REI it’s $50, must be on Amazon

Rajj shrestha says:

some websites says it fits on farpoint 80. Do u think it can be atttched on farpoint 80. Thanks

Amit Bitton says:

thanks for the review, I have one question though, what watch are you wearing? It looks nice

Paul James says:

I have to say, after watching this review I went out and bought one. Well, I actually got a daylight Plus, and I have to say that I am so frustrated with the mesh side pouches. They are apparently not rated to hold water bottles, and my Nalgene water bottles fall out at least 5 times a day. I just want to get this major flaw pointed out so Osprey can fix it, I assume any major brand name will have water bottle pouches that will actually hold water bottles, a 32oz Nalgene should be the standard!

Tom Rutten says:

Thanks for the helpful review! I have one question though: Did you had any problems with the airport authorities when bringing the daylite and farpoint as a carry-on?

Lailatulmaghfiroh Ansah says:

Thanks for the great review. I have purchase this bag because of ur advise.

Deena Kassouf says:

what is the size of the hydration/laptop sleeve? would it fit a laptop sized 13.5″/9.1″/0.9″?

Tom Ramsey says:

Great Review!!

Sammy Faraj says:

You have been doing these consistently high quality vlogs and have not een getting much views. All i can tell you is keep up the hard work and dont give up, you will get to where you want to be.

Diego Berrutti says:

Y cant take laptop 15,6″? Excelent video!!

j f says:

how about less video of your face and more of the backpack?
And maybe kill the musak.

tinodedino says:

does a daypack also work at night?

BrosettaStone says:

Do you think this bag would be suitable for a 4 day stay in a hotel? Like will it fit at least 3-4 changes of clothes, some accessories, and maybe a 13inch macbook? im flying there so i cant bring a whole lot to begin with but i feel like this bag should be alright for only 4 days what do you think

Myxo14 says:

Great review man! Can you tell me if the waist belt is removable?

Rikkid Germano says:

great review for an affordable daypack.

Machinist says:

Great review! I’m planning on getting this for all day hikes while carrying 2x 40oz Hydroflasks in each of the side pockets. Do you think the pockets are durable enough or should I consider a bigger daypack? Thanks.


Charles. Since this video from a while back, I noticed that Osprey has come out with the Farpoint 55, with the 40 liter main pack, and an included 15 liter day pack, that attaches to the main pack. It even allows for the day pay to connect in front of your torso, while the main pack is on your back. This seems to be what you needed. I am curious of you changed to the Farpoint 55? And if so, how did it work for you. If not, what is your luggage set up now? My wife and I are starting to travel more, so we are looking for experiences from world travelers like you! Thank you!

OnePercentBetter says:

Hey dude, thanks for the review! Is it comfortable having the daypack on the front and the farpoint on your back?

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