My Minimal Travel Backpack Setup

I’m traveling to Japan for 2 weeks and didn’t want to be slowed down by my usual roller luggage. So instead I’m trying to fit everything I need into a single backpack. It was a lot more challenging than I thought to keep it light and compact but it was a fun challenge.

Here’s what I ended up with:

Backpack – Aer Travel Pack 1
(There’s also a newer v2 that looks more comfortable)

IKEA Packing Cubes
(Looks like they discontinued the ones I have, which is unfortunate they are great and cheap, not sure if the new versions are any good)

Uniqlo Supima
Uniqlo Heattech
Uniqlo Airism

Uniqlo Ezy Color Jeans
Uniqlo Stretch Color Jeans
Uniqlo Sweatpants

Underwear – Uniqlo Airism Boxer Briefs
Socks – Darn Tough Crew Light

Jacket – Uniqlo Pocketable Parka
Warmer Jacket – Uniqlo Ultra Light Down

Packable Backpack – Eddie Bauer 30L Pack

Camera – Panasonic G7
Camera I wish I had – RX100 V
Tripod – Joby GorillaPod 3K

Noise Canceling Earbuds – Bose QC 20 (compact and great for reducing airplane/car/train noise)
Noise Isolating Earbuds – Etymotic MK5 (good for reducing high freq noises like talking)

Travel Container Set – IKEA Forfina


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Cuteystar283 says:

Only 3 socks for 2 weeks??

nuvoclassic says:

After watching dozens of packing videos, your was excellent and refreshing!

Spike Spiegel says:

Awesome setup. I also have that Eddie Bauer bag and have used it during many trips!! It makes a great “day travel bag” when you don’t need to carry much. It’s held up well for me considering it cost less than $20.

David Zhang says:

Am I missing anything important from my bag? What’s your one must have travel item?

Sara M says:

Your honesty is refreshing, thank you

Greg Dundee says:

Still too much stuff if u ask me, how many toiletries do you need? You realise Japan is a wealthy first world country where u can easily buy that shit when u get there. I literally just take a toothbrush with me and that’s it. I can guarantee that that bag with all that stuff in it will 100% weigh more than 7kgs

Augusto Brazil says:


smithydll says:

Just came back from Japan. What you forgot to pack was empty space, and lots of it for souvenirs.

Samuel Crawford says:

Nice but did you not want to take anything back with you from your trip? Japan has so many amazing things you can buy.

Bruce Sorkin says:

Flashlight. Exercise kit. Hat. Sewing kit.

Jack Bailhache says:

Hey David if you live different travel bags, i just got an amazing bag from Nomatic, called the Travel Bag. Take a look you wont be disappointed

CyberStorm Tech says:

Nice Vid David, Thanks

Imran Shamsul says:

Cabin Zero is about 500-700 grams. A larger dual compartment packing cube with clean/dirty sides will save you more space and keep all the clothes in one place. Happy travels!

Tomas Hernandez says:


tawara bun7 says:

Awesome !

Thomas Schönweitz says:

I use the Bose plug for almost 3 years now, no problem on wear or malfunction.

Aashish says:

Since you’re coming to japan you should be fine with what you have on you. The weather is pretty cold around now but I think you could layer and be okay.

Samuel Kotler says:

Is this channel dead? he makes like 1 video every couple months

Bams Gunawan says:

I want your bag. where can i get it?

myra961 says:

i;m heading to osaka this spring and i need to pack below 7kg if i dont want to check in my bag, so.. thanks 😀

Andi Palmer says:

Awesome setup! Which case did you use for your camera?

Ashley Tsui says:

You really don’t need to peek at the camera if you don’t want to 😛

AL N says:

Do you still use your note sleeve wallet?

Katie Shayler-Bethell says:

I got those Bose ear buds a couple years ago for Christmas, and used them almost everyday for studying at school/the library for about 2 years. Now that I’m not in school, they’re reserved for air travel because I don’t feel comfortable listening to noise cancel headphones when I’m on a bus/train or walking around; gotta have spacial awareness. Mine are going strong; my brother’s one the other hand, are starting to fall apart, but he’s been using them on his daily commute.

Vincintosh says:

I really like this setup because it’s minimal, yet you still got enough clothing. Most people don’t even bring enough underwear when they do these setups lol Come on, you definitely need to at least stay freshy down there!

Non Non says:


Y&S FOOD! says:

Fantastic video! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we all love to check out this sort of contents. We produce Travel & Food movies too, around the the world, and also we are continually looking for inspirations and also approaches. Thank You.

sapphirexwind says:

Maybe it’s becaue I’m female, but I just can’t do it…nope.

Roderick Aspiras says:

Save you back and use a luggage. Many coin locker in Japan.

Sung K says:

Japan trip may not be good country for minimalist travel based on your asethics. You may need an extra bag for all the things you will buy.

077 Di says:

Any budget similar backpack someone?

SectionHiking The AT says:

Nicely done. As a backpacker, I would tell you to loose the compartmented clothing sacks- they only add weight and reduce space. The poncho seems like a good idea, but be prepared for wet sleeves- try an ultralight rain jacket instead; it can offer protection from the rain and wind. For two weeks, I’ll bet you could reduce your personal hygiene bag to something even smaller. Great video!!!

Руслан Шахматов says:

A very nice guide. I need to start packing smarter, not just stuffing everything randomly in my bag.

toppdogg93 says:

Great video u my friend just got a new subscriber

Josh Tan says:

I went to Japan for a 1 week and my luggage is at least double of yours. LOL Gotta reassess my packing.

DFDX says:

Bought AER backpack after watching this video. At first wanted to return bag, because it cost me £200, but now I think it was really great purchase.

From the material, design and build it looks like it’s going to last me ages. Also, design is really good, everything is organised and accessible.

Will Tang says:

YOU ONLY BRING 4 PAIRS OF SOCKs?? so do you do laundry like every 3 days..?

张鹏 Roger Zhang says:

great video!Can you still manage under 7kg if going in winter?

Just Travels says:

A bag that size would just be my camera hahaha

Vichar Nuchsiri says:

Your video is beautifully shot and produced. Keep up the good work, I carry around Timbuk2 authority pack I am thinking about using as a traveling case also you’re video is giving me some ideas.

Offensive Username says:

Why does your Ikea have the better looking packing cubes than mine?

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