Minimalist DIY Travel ESSENTIALS | PRO Packing Tips ✈🌎

Our MINIMALIST carry on ESSENTIALS for travel packing. These hacks and tips give YOU the ultimate travel packing list. Everything you need and nothing you don’t.



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+ Bellroy Passport Organizer:
+ iPad:
+ Beats by Dre:
+ GoPro:
+ Ollo Clip:
+ Joby Micro Tripod:
+ Jansport Digital Burrito:
+ Anker Battery Pack:
+ Ex Officio Underwear:
+ Banana Republic Traveler Jeans:
+ Nano Puff Jacket:
+ Rains Rain Jacket:
+ 1000 Mile Boots:
+ Boulder Boots:
+ Workout Shorts:
+ Crushable Wool Felt Fedora Hat:
+ Nomadix Quick Dry Towel:
+ Triumph & Disaster On The Road Kit :
+ Fulton & Roark Solid Cologne:
+ Topo Dopp Kit:

+ Hotels:
+ Flights:
+ Eurail Tickets:
+ Insurance:


– Sony A7s Mirrorless Camera:
– Sony 24-240mm f/3.5-6.3 Zoom Lens:
– Sennheiser MKE 400 Shotgun Mic:
– Sony Cyber Shot RX100iv:

– Sony A7rii:
– Sony 24-70mm F4 Vario Tessar Lens:
– Promaster CX525 Tripod:

– DJI Inspire 1 Drone (2 Controller):
– Go Pro Hero 3+:
– Go Pro Suction Cup Mount:
– Go Pro Accessory Kit:


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ftse07 says:

i wanna travel so i can disconnect myself from all these gadgets

Mr. Unknown says:

1000th comment

Retro Loot says:

The condom propaganda at the beginning. Man, don’t even kiss a girl you don’t know, she could give you several stds.

PrideBanefros says:


vilstas says:

Very useful video, but you forgot vaccinations. You do not want to get rabies.

akadimas says: after years of traveling experiences, I finally made a video about living a creative life ! and this is my first video on youtube, check it out and let me know what you think 🙂 !

Madi Eve says:

uhm I love you Alex

Alissala Sooksawat hu16 GD says:


Maz Dela Cerna says:

great watch!!

Darla Gallegos says:

That shoes reference tho. No one probably remembers that video, one of the oldest YouTube videos.

Patrick .R says:

I know this video is a little over a year old BUT about the ATM card and fees…if you open up a Checking account with Charles Schwab you get a debit card that offers no fees for withdrawls while traveling. It’s pretty legit, look into it

Emmanuel Trujillo says:

BTW what size backpack do ya suggest getting if im trying to travel with a carryon and backpack.

Evans Odhiambo says:

Jambo, hey hi….. thanks for your video & advice on traveling am Evans from Nairobi Kenya I believe that my City defines Safari so am looking up to start a Travel Agency here in Nairobi & am in need for someone with experience like you to partner with for at least 40% share stake, would you be or know someone who would be interested? here is the link of what am working on ( if interested kindly contact me on or

Dave Alan says:

On the comment where you said ” you can’t afford to be hungover and miss a day ” that happened to me during my trip to London. I had planned to go to the London Bridge but was entirely too hungover to go the next day. That same day the terrorist attack happened on the bridge. I went straight from being bummed about missing a day, to thankful I didn’t go, and bummed about the attack. It was really strange honestly. Maybe it saved my life, who knows?

MD GH says:

By far the most important advice for traveling.
Getting sick will ruin your vacation people..!!!

Bobby Beck says:

Sleeping bag…?

Mr Wh1tman says:

“Even when you’re in a relationship bring these for someone else…..” …….. Bros, are you trying to get me killed? o_0

Ello Ello says:

I remember when i was 7 i was on a plane but i had to sit next to a stranger. At the end of the flight, the stranger gave me a whole plastic (like a decently big one) full of candy!!!!god bless her and she probaly wont see this but THANK YOUU!!!!

jayram dahal says:


LuckYao's journey says:

What do don’t have to do is exactly bacshish to make things happen… no way we need to stop this, it’s corruption !!! And we make it happen …

Wael Khayat says:

Bakhsheesh means loose change in Arabic.

ATX World says:

I’m watching all your videos on tips what and how to pack and what type of traveling backpack to buy. I’ll be traveling to Mexico and Central America later this summer. Thank you both for all the tips, and where to buy many of these products.

Sherwin Pais says:

I don’t even have some of these things at home :/

Dalton Balboa says:

Why not plant your seed on the other side of the planet? Just kidding that’s terrible and probably very common.

Tim Hale says:

These niggas said digital burrito lmao I’m through

Noel Lasure says:

So… just 1 jacket, and then… here is the second one.

Christian Charron says:

I’m new to credit cards. I do not own one. Why is it an essential for travelling?

Bwanaz Wholesale says:

A good travel kit bag would comes really handy when traveling

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