Minaal 2.0 Travel Backpack Review (+ Accessories)

Here’s a review of the Minaal 2.0 Carry On Travel Backpack plus the accessories that Minaal sells for everyday carry, world travel, and weekend travel. Love this minimal travel backpack!

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More about this bag from their site:
They told us to start with a sales pitch.

“People don’t care who you are,” said They.

Well, that’s not how we roll. This is about more than “shifting units” and “maximising shareholder returns” (mostly because we don’t have any shareholders to tell us to maximise their returns).

We’re here because we care about crafting tools that help you move faster, and go further.

The Minaal Carry-on 2.0 is the next-gen version of our sold-out Carry-on 1.0.

Concocted in rural New Zealand, and mercilessly travel-tested over millions of collective worldwide miles on the road, it’s built for every moment you step out the door with a destination in mind.

We focused on three core principles to drive the Carry-on design:
Will this bag help you move faster and more efficiently?
Will this bag bring joy to the travel experience?
Will you be proud to wear this bag to a meeting, and utterly unafraid to take it off-road?
The result? A backpack that’s super light, yet protects your expensive devices. A travel carry-on that speeds you through airport security and avoids the dreaded ‘carousel tango’ at the other end. And more than just a backpack, or a travel bag: a companion that knows when to help you organize, and when to get out of your way.

Every component is hand-selected for exceptional performance; every stitch is personally inspected before heading to your door. We back all our gear with a lifetime warranty against defects, and we take pride in our ongoing personal support for all users.

There’s a ton of extra info below, and a passionate community of Minaal users to connect with around the globe. If you have any questions, we’d be truly stoked to hear from you.

See you on the road,
Jimmy, Doug, & the Minaal team

Product Dimensions:

Net Weight: 1.415kg / 3.12lb
LxWxH: 55cm x 35cm x 20cm (fully packed) / 21.6in x 13.7in x 7.87in
A note on capacity.
Depth of main compartment: 20cm / 7.87in
3D mesh pocket, top: 31cm x 34cm x 3.5cm / 12in x 13.4in x 1.4in
3D fabric pocket, bottom: 21cm x 34cm x 3.5cm / 8.3in x 13.4in x 1.4in
Carry-on raincover: .07kg / 2.47oz

Considered design

From the office, to the street, to the trail – Minaal gear transitions just as smoothly as you do.

Ergonomics first

Stay super comfortable on the road with our 4-point load balancing system and adjustable chest strap.

Attention to detail

With cutting edge components and our borderline-OCD focus on quality, you get the gear you deserve (finally!)


Katie Orcutt says:

HAHAHAHA your Rick Steves impression!!! My god. If you ever make daily vlogs, I’d be the first to subscribe. You are freakin awesome! Thanks for the Minaal review. Made my decision easy… Excited to take mine to the Philippines in April!

Scott Magruder says:

Listened to your review and within 5 min I subscribed to your channel. When you laugh out loud by a bag review, you know its good.
i want to go on adventures too, but never do. Ha Ha
Keep up the indepth and entertaining reviews.
BTW Do you have a favorite travel or every day carry bag?

thesoulinspiration says:

I love your passion and energy for this bag! I’ve kinda sold my soul to Tom Bihn, but this is great-looking bag.

mina rosa-diaz says:

I bought and packed for 2 years of international travel, the Osprey Farpoint, Tom Bihn, Ebag, Tortuga, several other well reviewed bags and this Minaal. I chose bags that were 40L or less (mostly 40l) because I planned on going carry-on only and flying with Ryanair and other very cheap airlines with very strict weight and size restrictions. I NEVER check a bag and not planning on it, so the bag had to not only fit EVERYTHING for 2 yrs but also a 1person ultralight tent and ultralight sleeping bag, a little cook stove (cup size) and pretty much everything else you see people pack in these videos AAAAANND because I refuse to check, it has to be inconspicuous enough to not stand out on my little petite 4’11ft body. Needless to say, it took me a couple of months to finally whittle it down to 2 bags; Tortuga and Minaal.
Minaal @ 35L beat out and held what the 40L Tortuga could not. Plus the Tortuga looked huge on my petite frame. The biggest and only con for me with the Minaal is the hip belt. It’s useless for me so I had to modify my bag by buying real hip belts from mountaineering backpacks and sewing on the carabiners BECAUSE Minaal would not reply to my email requesting 2 of the buckles they use on their hip belt. “I’d pay for them”, I said. Never heard back.
Anyhoo, I love my Minaal❤

Bernard Tan Yonghan says:

Hi! Given how you reviewed the packing cubes from Minaal comparing them with those from Eagle Creek as well, just wondering if you’ve tried the vacuum bag from the Nomatic Travel bag? Wanted an expert review before I made my purchase!

Michael Strange says:

Hey Chase, Would love to know what you think about the Osprey Farpoint 40! Tossing up between the two!

Nathan says:

You have reviewed a lot of backpacks, but which one in particular do you think is the best? Assuming price is not an obstacle.

cware85 says:

Dude you’re awesome! Love the personality and thoroughness of your bag reviews! I have been absolutely tortured over picking a single bag for a 6 month + SEA, Japan, Europe trip and have finally narrowed down to a few contenders, minaal 2.0, Tortuga Outbreaker 35 (45?), and the Northface Overhaul 40. Now I stumbled upon this bag from Lowepro http://store.lowepro.com/highline-bp-400-aw. Have you had any experience with this bag? Wondering if its large/functional enough for long trips. Also on the minaal, I aim to be as lightweight as can be. It’s my first trip of this kind and length and hoping it will be good enough for general use like some hiking and general schlepping around. A lot of reviews say ot may be too small and possibly uncomfortable. So many decisions! Help chris! Thanks fellow pdx’er!

Southwest Mama says:

Any chance you have a suggestion for a 30 liter carry on backpack? I am trying to use a “personal item” only on frontier airlines to avoid the carry on fee. (totally love your reviews…thanks!

Tim says:

Wow, you’re Amazing funny guy x)

Osca Alva says:

200$ ill put my 75$ tac bag against it any day and it comes in 6 colors and camouflage.

Asher Riley says:

First vid of yours I’ve watched; r u criminally insane?

Aron Fra says:

Really appreciate your videos dude! Would you consider doing one for the REI Co-op vagabond 40 l?
I’m traveling for a month this summer, minimalist style, and am on a budget so right now this seems like the right bag for me but there’s no exhaustive review of the bag that I can find online and I know you could do a really good one! Would just be a lot of help.
Cheers from Sweden!

Christopher Pereira says:

I have the Patagonia bag you mentioned in the video, but interested in these bags. What are your thoughts compared to the Patagonia bag?

Sarah Jasper says:

I generally prefer packs with a waist belt as it helps a ton with shoulder strain. Do you feel as though this bag would become painful if carrying… say… 15lbs for extended periods of time?

Kevin Moore says:

great vid, man. really covers everyting about the bag. thumbs up.

Rebeca Plantier says:

OMG you are hilarious!  I could use your advice: I want to get a gift for my husband who is out of town 3 days a week (up to 4 or 5 some weeks).  Needs to transport his stuff to his accommodation and then empty out clothes and use bag to go to office/take public transport/go to meetings.  Any recommendation?  Many thanks.  Love your videos!

Slappysan says:

Hip straps should be included. SMH

Julien HAASS says:

Hello Chase.
First, thanks for this review and for all the good videos you make. Great job !
I’ve a request for you.
I’ve a big project for this year : living one year with only one smart bag and to be in movement (making videos on a YT channel). After some researchs, I am interested by the Minaal 2.0 but with Tortuga, Aer and Osprey too. But living in France, I don’t have access to this bags and can’t test them..
Can you give me your advice ?
I need to pack all my stuffs, to be able to put it in a cabin plane, light, versatile, resistant, etc..
Not easy.
Thanks if you take time to give me your feedbacks.

Tys Sniffen says:

awesome job man. keep it up. “Rick, if you’re watching…”

TROQUE4 says:


Wilson says:

Hi there, this review is awesome and helps me understand Minaal 2.0 so much better.

Can you do a review on the Arcido bag? =)

Edgar Hernandez says:

I like the Minaal but don’t like the price tag. I watched your review of tortuga and don’t want the bulkiness. What do you think of Timbuk2 Aviator or Osprey Farpoint 40l?

flpmrtnz says:

there should be a minaal 2.0 without the laptop compartment and larger main compartment.

Rajat Sharma says:

Could you do minaal 2.0 vs aeronaut 30 comparison ?

emhers says:

This is so great! I have the original Minaal and I love it and it did me right for four weeks in South Africa, and a bunch of travel in the US, but eventually I’ll need to upgrade, this solidified I’d stay with Minaal :). That being said, I’ve had it for a year and travelled regularly with it and it’s still in amazing condition despite being trekked everywhere.

Outside says:

Minnal looks cool, but way more expensive that Osprey 40 and 55.

Fredrik Burmester says:

Do you watch Louis CK or what!… You are exactly like him haha. Btw, if you haven’t watched him then do that.

Anthony Garcia says:

14:15 you sound like Stimpy right here!

Julian says:

How about the Timbuk2 Aviator Travel Backpack?

Nick Pearson says:

Yes!!!! Just watched a bunch of your “Technical single bag travel backpack” reviews and I love them all! Not only entertaining (and I think you know it is) but actually a very good review. I feel like I have an idea of what I would be getting if I purchase this bag. I also love the comparisons to other bags in the video. Keep up the good work. I might also recommend another bag that I would like to see a review of: http://www2.alchemy-equipment.com/collections/luggage/softshell-carry-on-daypack.html

Alek Jan says:

camera’s focus…… doesn’t focus correctly, its sharp in the back (bookshelf), but the bag aint sharp, nor is your arm/face/shirt…… you get my point, so something to think about next time

Moritz Beck says:

@chase reeves 17:58 –> For your ties! 😉

Thx for the great Video!

Nick Agel says:

Hey Chase, I’m looking at getting this bag but I’m concerned about the water bottle holder dimensions. I want to get a Hydro Flask right now with the July 4th sales because it’ll keep my water cold/hot all day. Will it fit in that water bottle holder? The wide/skinny one?

Lawrence Royce Manapsal says:

i would like you to help me pick up my right laptop backpack for me… i live in asia and will travel to europe (maybe london and paris)… please recommend me a good bag (the ones you reviewed earlier e.g. tortuga, minaal, aer) i have a budget of $200 max is $250… thank you +Chase Reeves

OmarM says:

Hey Chase great review! Because of your Minaal review I’m seriously considering getting one.

One question though, have you ever traveled with the Minaal daily tucked inside the 2.0 and use it as a daily when you travel? If yes how is the experience?

Apologies if someone has asked this before. Keep doing up the good work man!

Braden Fisher says:

Chase – I’m getting real close to pulling the trigger on the Minaal 2.0. Do you have any other bags that I should check out your youtube channel that I should also consider?

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