How To Configure Your TOM BIHN Hero’s Journey Travel Backpack

There’s over 10 ways to configure your Hero’s Journey travel backpack ( This video demonstrates the options and shows how each option looks on two people of different heights.


Sheila Boughey says:

amazing bag but would we expect anything less &:)

Darendra Nareshwara says:

Does this not have a laptop compartment or did I miss it in the video?

japhywhite says:

Really loved the style of presentation. Can someone tell the name of the track playing in background?

JuricTV Gabriel says:

perfect bag but way too expensive. 🙁

vegas wajeel says:

anyone else know of good travel bags for around the 300 privet point? I just want something small enough for carry on that could hold my camera, laptop and a few travel items

Bob Galvin says:

Excellent looking pack, and you went the extra mile on the video! Though, as nice as the bag is, all I want to know is the name of the band playing the background music.

Damascus Steele says:

Well thought out!

Sean Inglis says:

Lass at the end trying not to laugh – excellent

LilPhilGee says:

Hi I really want to start a hero’s journey but I have some questions which are possibly also interesting for others:
How good does a Macbook pro retina 13 inch (with sleeve) fit in the top bag / daypack?
Why is the top bag / daypack not lockable and could you maybe add lockable zippers?
Is it possible to fix the side pockets on the top bag / daypack if I need more space for the small one but don’t want to use the big one?
Is there an opportunity to add straps in to the main bag to fix stuff next to the internal frame?
How is the ventilation of the main bag in comparison to backpacks with air flow systems?

Daniel Iannantuoni says:

I love the idea of a modular bag but at the end you can really tell this bag desperately needs load lifters

Angelo Reaper says:

ok, how and where can I get one?

arrGjjj says:

a great introduction to the backpack. But that price… ouch!

t braithwaite says:

Looks Great!

thu350 says:

what a bag!!!

João T.F. Santos says:

spectacular but too expensive

Danny Belanger says:

Broke student can’t…. :'(((((((((( SO SAD. Great vid.

Xiang Wang says:

on the first page of its instruction manual, it says “we strongly advise you to skip this manual and go directly to our youtube channel.”

el ouafi taharrast says:

can i find this bag in France ?

Jesus Izquierdo says:

just today I discovered this brand and I’m impressed.

pebble888 says:

Fabulous. I’m just hoping that you’ll produce a smaller one i.e. Total 40-45l 33l main & 12l as opposed to this one which is 60l -45l + 15l. Alternatively please just make a bigger Synapse e.g. 40l (that would be ideal for a two week minimal packing trip)

Euan Lake says:

This video is great – the music fits perfectly and gives a great querky feel.

tillallareoneluv says:

Great bag. Please note: In many countries there is an ‘attack on site” for anybody wearing a bag in that back hip configuration 08:56 FYI.

Beaker Meep says:

Awesome. The only issue I’ve had with Bihn backpacks is the back panel mesh. If that mesh comes in contact with any hook and loop (Velcro) from any other gear, it gets shredded. Wish an alternative material was used there. Otherwise, top notch bags.

EnthusiastiClay says:

REALLY great video! Appreciate the time and energy you put into making this video!!! NICE job!

Yun C. says:

What a bag!!

WTD Productions says:

damn not that interested in the bag, but this was very well made

MightiestArm says:

this is carry on

4God17 says:

I decided on a different bag but I still watched this video because of the excellent background track

christopher mc verry says:

Looks like the only bag you will ever need.

One says:

Durability wise, how does this bag stack up against the GoRuck GR2? I’m looking for a Travel Carry On Bag, and its between this and the GoRuck GR2. Thanks.

Kewen Zhang says:

Thank you.

Mark Jacobs says:

Where’s it made?  GOruk, made in USA.  Not that that matters to most these days.

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