GORUCK GR3 Review | Nearly Indestructible, Durable 1 Bag Travel Backpack

The GORUCK GR3 is a massive, maximum legal carry-on travel pack that carries well, looks great, and will undoubtedly stand the test of time. View Details & Buy: https://packha.kr/em8r

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0:32 – Material & Aesthetic
2:03 – External Componenets
7:15 – Inside the Pack
11:57 – Durability & Testing
12:50 – Pros & Cons
13:53 – The Verdict

In this review, we are excited to finally check out the GORUCK GR3! We’ve put the GORUCK GR2 through some extensive use over the past couple years and it has held up as one of the most durable packs in our arsenal. We’re curious to see what changes GORUCK has made with the GR3 and how they could improve a bag that we’ve found to be fairly close to flawless.

GORUCK’s tagline for the GR3 is “The Largest Possible Carry-On,” and they are not kidding. This thing is massive, coming in at a whopping 45 liters and just barely fitting into the one bag carry-on travel category. The official dimensions are 22” high by 14” wide by 9″ in diameter. It’s not going to be carry-on compliant for all airlines—especially outside of the U.S.—so we’d recommend doing a bit of research with your airline before you get to the airport.

In addition to being large, the GR3 is also quite heavy when empty—5.15 pounds with the hip belt and 4.59 pound without. Yes, the hip belt weighs half a pound. We’ll get into specifics later, but that thing is no joke.

As far as materials go, GORUCK says that the materials they choose “are proven to thrive in war,” which is as equal parts impressive as it is slightly terrifying. This thing is made of 1000D CORDURA® ballistic nylon, which is just about as good as it gets when it comes to backpack materials. Besides being ridiculously strong, it’s also highly resistant to scrapes and abrasions, which is great. We’ve noticed that the stitching on this bag looks really sturdy and durable as well—the handles and seams feel really solid.

In addition to the sweet ballistic nylon, this thing is covered in heavy-duty YKK zippers. Given the materials and our previous history with GORUCK packs, we’re pretty confident this pack will hold up for a long time.

Overall, the GORUCK GR3 is a huge, super rugged pack that is at the literal size limit for one bag travel. It’s got a slick, minimalistic and/or tacticool look—depending on which version you go for—and offers some great customization with a few sections of MOLLE. It lacks any major interior organization, but makes up for that with an inventive interior velcro/MOLLE system for packing cubes and gear pouches. The only main complaint we have is with the compression strap system & it not being hide-able. Other than that, the GR3 is a solid option for the one bag traveler who is looking for a large pack that will stand the test of time.

GORUCK GR2 (40L) Review: https://youtu.be/MDs75HPqiQw
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In this video, Tom Wahlin of Pack Hacker reviews the GORUCK GR3—a nearly indestructible, durable 1 bag travel backpack.

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themartian1 says:

Heavy af for a backpack. That is a big con…

Ron Gallant says:

Good review. That thing is a beast!

poorpolarbear says:

Hey Tom, this bag is too big for someone of 5^6″ height? Do you recomend the Gr2 34L for 6 months traveling? Or the Minaal?

Online Business says:

Pack looks cool, but way too heavy for travel. Some of the budget airlines now limit carry on to 7kg. Not much left for contents then! Good to see that the MOLLE webbing is now optional. It looks too tactical for my taste, and there are certainly countries where you don’t want to be associated with anything military.

kostas mpa says:

Good morning from Athens, Greece. You do make nice videos as far explaining the true abilities of each bag sice the needs of each individual are different. I wanted to ask you about the prices of bags like this.why are they so expensive? Is only because of the materials?thanks in advance and keep up the good job!

Antenox says:

Yes! Been looking forward to this one!

Gonzalo Dios says:

nice, but it can’t be compare with osprey farpoint jajaj

Paul says:

The problem with Gocruck packs is that they are VERY heavy in weight. 4.59 lbs? It weights more than (2) ThinkPad 14″ x1 laptop or about 7 days of cloths. People who choose to travel with backpack instead of roller usually prefer a lighter bag. The difference will be day and night especially in summer.

Bo Ismono says:

Awesome review. Thanks for the cameo. 😉 The bag looks huge, I doubt that it will be very useful with my height. Looking forward to test it out myself though. Thanks for the great review!

phat nutz says:

great review! price aside, would love to see how this new gr3 compares to similar-sized packs. thanks!

Josh says:

Very interesting. I’m wondering how this will fare as a checked bag though? As a shorter guy, this is too big for me to comfortably carry-on, but as a checked bag, I think it might be a nice alternative to rolling luggage.

Because of the way GoRuck designs their strap and laptop compartment I wonder if I can actually stow the straps into the laptop compartment, and the bottom attachment loops into the hip belt pass-thru so I won’t have any straps dangling around? Anyone know if that’s doable? Can the straps fit into the laptop compartment, all zippered up?

Pack Hacker says:

YO! We’ve been thinking about doing a quick GR2 vs GR3 comparison video. Give this comment a thumbs up if you’d find that useful.

– Tom

Karan Bhansali says:

Your videos are good because you think of stuff that no one really thinks of! You should really collaborate with a few bag designers and make an EDC/ One Bag Travel Backpack under the PackHacker name. Would be a great idea!


Was so curious about those compression straps! Thanks man!

Joshua Mueller says:

Holy crap that thing is enormous. I’m 5’11” and want to check it out. Nervous on the size though. There’s no way that thing passes international carry on standards.

Skipper says:

I honestly don’t get the Goruck bags. I mean they are ok if you are going into combat but for 99% of travelers it’s overkill. I am 6’2″ & 200lbs and I found the GR2 40 litre too bulky. Great bag but heavy. IMO I would rather a 1-3 lbs bag and have the extra weight savings for other things like clothes. I think the weight is a major con. Love watching your reviews though.

Brian Donnelly says:

I wish I could like this video more than once!

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