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29:49 Invisible Carry On Backpack http://bagworks.co/bag/opposethis-invisible-carry-on-backpack/

30:17 Topo Travel Bag: http://bagworks.co/bag/topo-travel-bag-30-40l/

30:29 Tom Bihn Synapse 25 http://bagworks.co/bag/synapse/

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We created the spacious and surprisingly light Large Expandable Knack Pack for people who like to carry a lot with them every day. Learn More

Easy-access, padded side-zip computer pocket for 17″ laptops
Spacious main compartment with organization pockets, fleece-lined tablet pocket and key leash
Hidden, zip-away side water bottle pocket
Separate, patent-pending, expandable packing compartment holds 3 to 4 changes of clothes
Meets most global airlines’ carry-on dimensions even when expanded
Packing compartment with easy-access suitcase lid
Custom-developed, durable, water-resistant body fabric
Molded, comfort-cool foam back panel
YKK™ water-resistant zipper with custom-designed pullers


Don’t worry about your backpack being a black hole. We designed pockets, sleeves and clips that help keep your everyday items organized and in place no matter where you go.

Not sure about staying in town after your business trip ends? Unzip, expand and pack our hidden suitcase compartment with a change of clothes and be spontaneous.

Inspired by tailored clothing fabrics, our custom-designed, two-toned, water-resistant fabric is as much at home at a meeting with your boss as it is at drinks with your friends.

Feel free to carry your laptop day and night. We designed our padded computer pocket to be easily accessible and close to your back for carrying comfort.

Our zip-away side water bottle pocket keeps your drink handy and your bag neat.

It should never happen, but if that flight attendant makes you check your backpack, don’t worry about your straps getting caught on the luggage carousel. Simply unzip the back pocket, unclip your straps and stow them out of the way.

Our custom-designed lining brightens up your day and ensures things never get lost in your bag.


Epic Understated says:

Hi, nice reviews. I hope to hear your opinion on the Carhartt Ashton Backpack. They use a 5.8 oz polyester twill. Would that be durable enough for a daily backpack? I am thinking of buying this for daily use to work. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the bag and durability of its materials. Thank you in advance. And more power to you!

Natasha Jiang says:

I love it! This could be my dream travel bag

Dennis Chua says:

hey Chase, any chance you would do a review of the Topo Designs Core Pack?

Moustafa Baroud says:

Laughed so hard during the singing portion

TK42DAN says:

20:07 Looks like the bag is some kind of disgusted tiki god.

Cristina Jiménez Brenes says:

Hi chase ! I’m Cristina from Spain, I have been watching tones of your videos because I’m so confused with what backpack I will need for been travelling around the world .
I have fallen in love with this knack backpack , but there it’s no shipping for Spain , do you know if I can do something about it ?
Thank you so much , I love your videos.

Craig Stevens says:

Great review as always… dope shirt Bro, where you get/what brand??

Adam Buchweitz says:

I’m using the bottom compartment for my Always Wanna Have You Never Wanna See you…. aka the AWHYNWSY. I can’t wait to hear Chase pronounce that.

stormymittens says:

Which bag would you say is more stiff- this or minaal daily carry? I have the minaal and one thing I don’t like is how structured it is. Makes me feel like I’m carrying more than I am, even if it’s practically empty. it’s just a lot of bag for a daily carry (for me). Thanks, love the vids! And I agree- the inside pattern on this is not my fave, kinda makes me dizzy. Plain solid is way better!

Austin Craig says:

Awesome video, I’m just curious what you fit inside those packing cubes. Is the medium size large enough to travel with? It seems like a pretty tight fit.

Francisco Africano says:

Thanks for another great review, Chase. My three big hesitations about this bag are: 1) the weird dual zipper front pocket that doesn’t seem to be very well thought-out, 2) the lack of organization options inside, and 3) the side-only laptop access. I’ve been considering it for a while, but can’t seem to get off that fence.

Wind & Wild Adventures says:

That bottom pocket is totally for a tech pouch or a pair of shoes! Love the review!

Casey Hardman says:

Can you collab with Olan Rogers? I don’t even care what it’s about. I just feel like you guys would get along. haha

Jordan Baldwin says:

Chase! Are you going to review the evergoods ctb40?

Hector Agdeppa says:

Fondling bags and spitting truth – love it! I’m a fellow bag ho… told my wife I’m not the only one (you know… to justify my incessant bag/pouch purchases) but she wasn’t impressed. Anyway, big fan, and nice watch (i’m a bit of watch ho too), and a minimalist wallet ho – you need to get into that $hit!

Christopher Punsalan says:

Love the freeze frame at the end. Lol.

vlbusch says:

Peak vs Knack (large) for women international which would you use????

928ruf says:

What is missing in your Hybrid list is the NOMATIC Travel Backpack which is expandable as well and very convenient to travel with and to use as a daily Backpack.

Onno Kaell says:

I’d put my flip-flops down there! 🙂

Mike Shaw says:

Send me a dope travel pack that you aren’t using! Going to Ireland this summer. These things are stupid expensive. Thank you, appreciate it.

Alieza Inam says:

could I fit gym clothes in the bottom pocket of a large?

Gianne Willett says:

dope as always bro…im definitely torn between this bag and the Evergoods CTB40. i need to haul VR headsets with me daily + im traveling more so….anyone have any suggestions?

BoonSeong Chai says:

please do a comparison between KNACK Medium Pack and Tortuga Setout Divide

TK42DAN says:

5:40 has a very Steve Martin/Wild and Crazy Guys thing going on. Made me smile. 🙂

Sergii V says:

Please make a comparison video of bags for… papers

Giuseppe Salemme says:

I think the world really needs a comparison between this one and the Peak Design Travel Pack. Those are the two I’m stuck on at the moment.

KalashniBen says:

I’m looking for a medium(?) bag for high school around 80$; do you have any suggestions? I need something that can hold, at its max capacity, 2-3 binders, some books, and my laptop.

LastStarfighterAJ says:

I’d imagine that bottom pocket would be useful for shoes

Troy Hyatt says:

Hey chase – do you think you could get your hands on these for a review? Simple rolltop for commuting.


Swan Htet says:

I like your personality and style. Cool reviews. Please review Crumpler mantra compact and pro.
edit: you are the coolest bag-reviewer on youtube.

manuelruanosika says:

It would be great to see more bags with a luggage pass trough! I’ve seen may of this videos and it’s very odd to see them

Jacob Thebault-Spieker says:

The video said the M is 17L (expanded: 22L), and the L was 31(expanded 37L), but the Knack website says the M is 17L (expanded: 31L), and the L is 22L (expanded: 37L). Am I missing something? The generous expansion seems like the thing you love about this, but the video says only 5-6L expansion? Or was that just a mistake?

TK42DAN says:

So much I like about this bag, but struggling with that weird front bottom pocket. Need to sleep on it a bit.

Michael Baldivia says:

Loved the opera review!

Brian Rand says:

Tom Bihn needs to steal that expansion rear compartment idea and put it on a synapse.

Arnd Janssen says:

angel-like voice at 10:49

mark mobley says:

I was looking at this one, then veered off into the Peak Design. I could get the large and medium for what that bag cost. What do you think?

betty wang says:

I’d like to cooperate with you~How can I contact you?

Michael Wright says:


Rocky Rouw says:

Please compare knack backpack with nomatic travel backpack

Ashley Watson says:

Does the water bottle holder hold a 32oz water bottle?

Shakur says:

who else makes bag reviews and throws in a Smith’s cover – nobody that’s who. nobody.

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