CHOOSING A BACKPACK // Preparing for Long Term Travel #4

Picking out a pack for traveling the world.

My review of the eBags backpack:

Updated version of eBags eTech Weekender:
Gregory Amber 44:

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JaimHell says:

This video is old so you already returned the bag but I just bought a Gregory for my backpacking trip this summer. You mentioned you don’t like having to use the top-loading pack but there is a U-shaped zipper on Gregory packs to get you into the main compartment so you don’t have to use the top. I’m surprised the people at REI didn’t show you that. That’s what I really enjoyed about the pack, it opens like a suitcase.


You are quite attractive! I’d enjoy running into you on a trail 🙂

Lu Doan says:

I’m not sure if you’re still on the look out for a travel bag but I highly recommend the Osprey Meridian 22 (60L size). I first started traveling with a hiking type backpack but realized that most places that I went to was accessible by rolling suitcases. Most times, the large bag stayed in the place that I was spending the night at. My little day pack was what was carried most of the time when exploring. So a rolling bag would have been a better choice.

The Meridian is the perfect bag.

1) Carry on size.
2) Has wheels.
3) Comfy backpack straps when needed. This is the only convertible bag that I’ve come across with an adjustable torso length.
4) Awesome quality. Last thing you need is your bag falling apart on the road.
5) It’s incognito. There are situations where it’s better to not to look like a backpacker.

Hope this was helpful. Have an amazing adventure!

MrSundru says:

พูดช้าๆ หน่อย แปลไม่ทันฮะ

qamar dad says:


LaterSkater 13 says:

The e-bag pack is the obvious choice if you’re going on an airplane. The Gregory pack is meant to be used for backpacking but never flights. The whole idea of a larger pack like that it to carry it and camp with it, not to take it on the plane.

Ahamd Banjar says:

I highly recommend either an Osprey or an Eagle Creek backpack, because both of them have good back support and open as a suite case.

Vincent Miceli says:

I have a 78 liter and have carried it on many times in travels to the Caribbean and to Micronesia without any problems. Of course, airlines are getting more and more picky all the time so you are probably right to play it safe.

quotidianlight says:

Might I suggest packing the new pack and taking it to the airport to try fitting it in the measurement thing.

Osca Alva says:

the tom bihn 45 carry on or the red oxx sky train is the pack/ bag to go with you can travel the world with only 1 bag carry on you need for the rest of your life. hope it not to late to return the 1 you bought ..

Laura van Love says:

I get really excited about watching these videos every time haha, are you off yet?

Ama Bulle says:

Watching you from the Netherlands, I’m looking forward to see more of your trip. What you are about to do is so amazing, I’m impressed! I wish you good luck, safe and happy travels!

CampingCarJoa says:

Hi, stumbled on your channel.  Not sure where you’re going, but if you don’t need a nicely padded backpack, sounds like you would be better off getting a wheeled backpack.  My girlfriend and I use the Osprey Meridian.  You should check it out.  You still have that backpack look, and when used as a backpack, it’s just about as comfy as any alpine bag I have.  I’ve been used to lugging around a backpack, but realized the way I travel, I mostly carry it to the airport, in the airport, and to the hotel or hostel.  Wheeled backpacks like the Osprey are the way to go.  You should check them out.  There are plenty of reviews on YouTube.

Travelcheese says:

great work. watch a great way to recognize your backpack. thanks for watching

Carmen Kemp says:

Hi Mari, I’m planning on going to Australia for more than 6 months around september. I just found out about your channel and you’ve got some great video’s! I’m deciding on a backpack but can’t choose between a carry on backpack or a bigger pack (50 – 60L) I see you are traveling with a smaller bag for multiple months. I’m not a minimalist but don’t want the hassle of checking a bag with it getting lost and broken you know. So how do you manage traveling with a small(er) bag. Do you regret it or love it? Would love to hear from you! Best from Holland

aQueenieL says:


MichaelsVideos says:

Why do you remind me so much of Laura craft

Laurie Marion says:

Discovered your channel by accident and I’m loving your vids! Looking forward to following your adventures from my own living room! Safe travels!

Duc Luu says:


Crystal Bisel says:

Hi Mari…enjoy watching your trip! I wondered if the EBags backpack is the right size for Ryan/EasyJet air carry on requirements? Thanks 🙂

Jorden Lee says:

Hey Mari! Just found your channel, you’ve got some lovely videos! says:

Great Video

KABS1 says:

I’m with you…top loading would just irritate me! Safe travels!

Without License says:

safe travels!!!!!

The Opinionated Lassie says:

Super late but you should check out the Osprey Far Point 55. It’s a backpack designed for travel and has a removable day pack which is nice.

Allen Hare says:

Great advise. It’s amazing how many different backpacks there are. Less Stuff = More Freedom, for sure.
Best of Luck!

Shehab Samaha says:

It is a nice video, and I looove the pillow 😀

itscarolinemary says:

glad you were able to return it! doing that mock packing before you took off the tags was smart 🙂

JP Goes Global says:

Sometimes, tried and true is the best option.

majorghn says:

Kaka makes really useful and high quality backpacks. Try their Tactical backback

Scottie says:

Where are you travelling to?

Rachel.(AkA Pebbles) says:

what did you do with your job are you on leave or did you resign ?

Tommy Lane says:

Have a look at Minaal, Tortuga, GoRuck and Tom Bihn for some real nice, high quality travel packs. The idea of all of them is carry on only. that are well made and will last forever. I enjoy your videos. Good review in the Canon Powershot G7 X. I may have to pick up one. I was at Adorama, yesterday, looking at a few mirrorless cameras. It didn’t occur to me to look at the Powershots.

Toni Yia says:

travel to the Philippines!!! for sure you’ll love it ❤

BeeeHonest says:

I wanna go back packing with you! ^_^

Gopal ds says:

ur looking soooooooo pretty

Petechypete says:

I really looking forward to see your video trip in Thailand.
Good luck for every thing and safe flight. 🙂

lavapix says:

The least amount of straps the better. A couple compression straps and maybe some molle attachments points. You’ll be amazed at how many packs you’ll buy and try over a lifetime if you travel lots or hike too. When you find that perfect one, buy 1 or 2 extras in case they stop making it. I want an REI where I live…ebags is great too… Enjoy the traveling…

The Wild Native says:

I like the idea of mock packing!!! Thanks for this video!

lol wut says:

You look like my mom. Weird.

Nahed Masry says:

I swear to God that you’re the most beautiful thing I have seen this week (no homo) God bless your natural beauty

The NYC Couple says:

How much were the bags? I’m waiting until Black Friday to buy a backpack but maybe Mark and I will go try them out beforehand 🙂

EnlightenedLotus says:

Wow you are gorgeous!

Eric Barriga says:

check out the kelty redwing 50

Rossie D says:

Wow you’re off tomorrow, good luck, have fun and look forward to your vlogs, have been loving these videos….   When will you clear the rest of the apartment out, I noticed the shelves were still up and there were some books?

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