Looking for the perfect travel camera bag to fit your gear and clothes? The Brevite Rolltop backpack is the best camera bag for travel, especially on a weekend getaway!

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Darkwanderer 86 says:

Awesome review man.. trying to find out if they provide shipping to Malaysia..

Dung Le says:

Nice video. But does it have enough space to store 1 15 inches laptop + 1 ipad pro?

Bruno Chimitte says:


Colin Bloodworth says:

I’m gonna check this out. My Lowepro bag holds my gear really well but almost nothing else. Realistically, how much clothing/toiletires will fit in the top?

Liran Fridman says:


Jérôme Jheelan says:

Black ICU are they crazy ? Next !

许泳 says:

Hey Sidney, thank you so much for introducing this brand. The design of their bags are so smart and perfect for me. Picked The original right after I watched this video. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to try it out. BTW, love your videos as well. Learned a lot from you, thanks again.

Filipe Covas says:

nice bag 😉

Damian777 says:

This is my bag too! I love the look of it….BUT honestly, I’m fairly disappointed in the functionality. It’s a pain in the butt to acces both the main compartment, and the rolltop. The magnets sound like a clever idea in theory, but when trying to stuff things in there, its uber annoying to have that thing keep clicking shut between grabs of other items. I’m going to sell mine.

Möle says:

Really like your Review and the I love the backpack I’ve got one myselve and use it every week 😀

Felipe Olvera says:

Congrats on 10k subscribers! Cheers to growing in 2018!

8654 Zulu Foxtrot says:

Great review.   I’ll stick with the Peak Design Everyday Backpack, but this one looks very cool and a bit more of a “rugged” look I guess.

Ragnar Vision says:

Can I fit my DJI Phantom in there?

kottik1 says:

Great review, thanks! Trying to decide between this Brevite and WANDRD PRVKE 21 or 31… I see in the comments that you didn’t like the PRVKE. Was it 21 or 31 version? Would you please elaborate on why Brevite works better for you? Also, I can’t seem to find the dimensions of the camera cube in Brevite Rolltop on their website, but it looks like it’s similar to the one found in PRVKE 31.

Astrid says:

Hello, i would like to know if i can fit a 15.6” laptop on this bag??

Matt says:

Beautiful video! Just got this bag and I’m super stoked

Stephanie Watts says:

Hey do you think a zhiyun crane would fit in the top without the battery grip attached?

Kush Patel says:

I love how this, wasn’t a paid advertisement, but you still showed enthusiasm as if it was.

Troy Trav says:

I didn’t realize I need a new camera bag/backpack.

Euphorian Traveller says:

Can i fit in a Zhiyun Crane, + Sony a6500 + 2 lenses (sigma 16mm f1.4 and sony 35mm 1.8 OSS), + a dji mavi air? you think? i am afraid about the Zhiyun crane

Joshua Chapman says:

Nice review. But I have to concur. WANDRD PRVKE 31 is by far the best Travel/Camera Backpack that started the rollpack for avid travelers. Check it out. Proud WANDRD PRVKE 21 owner. Best part about the travel bag is that ll confidential info such as passport and currency exchange cash or in the back. Making stealing camera gear and passport impossible. If you are interested to purchase the travel bag, check them out. . Also check out the HexDuffel. I also bought this one. Just proud WANDRD owner.

Regarding your travel bag, to each their own.

Isabel Ammann says:

Every video you make is top notch! Thank you for creating 🙂

Jérémie Schuler says:

How the hell do you just have 14k subs! BTW I love you, but I also hate you. The backpack can be delivered in Europe… for 52 bucks shipment. But you know, now because of you, I want it so bad ^^

Etienne Dega says:

Great review ! Love your videos. 🙂 Do you think a crane 2 can fit in this bag ?

catlinomss says:

i would’nt wanna be bobby

Jean-Denis Haas says:

Thanks for that review!

HR10 says:


Annie Truong says:

Love the bag! Im traveling to LA in 2 weeks and this is perfect for me. Question: i have the a6500 with sony 50mm 1.8 & i want one more lens to travel with. I want to be able to capture some nice photos in LA (landscape, places ect..) should I go with the sony 18-105 all around lens or a wide angle lens instead?

Wide Open Aperture Productions says:

This is a fantastic pack review! I really wanna try making one like this! Super cool how you get really clean looking shots of the pack itself and how you explain it! And as usual super funny! Great video! I just got the Peak Design Everyday pack a little while ago and I really love it but one thing I have a hard time with is trying to figure out a way to pack my gimbal especially if its a weekend trip and I wanna pack clothes too! This pack doesn’t look any bigger than mine so im wondering how the heck you also get your clothes n stuff in it! Maybe I just pack more clothes than you lol

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