Boundary Supply Errant Pack Review | 24L Everyday Backpack For Tech & Travel

With plenty of smart organization, the Boundary Supply Errant Pack is versatile, durable, and offers a great bang for your buck. At 24L, it’s a great everyday backpack for tech and travel too! View Our Full Review:

0:31 – Material & Aesthetic
3:26 – External Components
7:01 – Inside the Pack
12:10 – Durability & Testing
12:57 – Pros & Cons
13:25 – The Verdict

In this review, we’re going to be taking a look at the Boundary Supply Errant—a 24 liter backpack that boasts some great functionality in a slick and minimal form factor.

According to Google, “errant” has two definitions. The first is “traveling in search of adventure,” and the second is “erring or straying from the proper course or standards.” We think both of these definitions fit the Errant backpack quite well, depending on what aspects of the bag you’re talking about.

On one hand, it’s designed for minimal one bag travel. On the other hand, it does stray a bit from the norm and what we’ve seen on other packs. We’ve been really pleased with some of these unique features, while some have left us a bit disappointed.

We normally don’t bring up price with bags, because we’re always happy to pay for quality. But there’s no getting around it—the Boundary Supply Errant is an incredible value for what’s offered. Overall, this is a solid pack that looks great and is a joy to use, especially if you’re the type of person that likes to geek out about about little details and organization on packs. If you can look past the top access being a bit slow and you don’t feel strongly about needing a sternum strap, the Errant is a great option to be used as a daily driver or for minimal travel as a one-bag travel backpack.

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In this video, Tom Wahlin of Pack Hacker reviews the Boundary Supply Errant Pack, a 24L everyday backpack for tech and travel.

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Eukicos says:

Bag looks good but BS is having lots of QC issues as well as bad support to the costumers/backers.
I will stay away from this company!

Hootymae says:

Great review.

Joshua Mueller says:

Great bag.
Trash company.

Wei Kiat says:

advertised as 24L but it really isnt, it feels much like a 18L bag and even my TAD AXIOM 18 packs more than this.

Pack Hacker says:

What’s your go-to bag for tech and daily carry?

Autumn Pitts says:

tell us about your pants and shirt in this video. that peaked my attention more then bag.

Sawyer Seth says:

It looks good but the unreliability of the company is a huge turn off. I love the look, but feel like they put a couple to many features and pockets on the bag.

Matthew Arriaga says:

Do a review on the Yeti Tocayo backpack!!

jonathanc says:

Great review! A few small details I really appreciate on this bag: it stands up by itself, the rigid top handle is helpful to quickly move the bag around, that top mesh pocket is so versatile, the bag’s slim form factor and very comfortable straps and back panel. My sternum strap is locked in nicely – I leave it there all the time. I purchased two strong magnets to put behind the main compartment’s fidlocks (inside the top Nywool pocket), which has helped immensely with the top lid closure.

chawin007 says:

Velcro pocket on the harness system is for store back strap

Jonathan Lee says:

i think the luggage pass thru is meant to be when the bag is on its side? those strap keepers don’t seem secure to be attached to a luggage

goodolecowboy13 says:

I’m a fan on this backpack, wouldn’t consider this for a trip but I use it for my edc. Everything fits nicely but it does seem a bit small for the listed size. Biggest complaint is the sternum strap! Lost it multiple times already. The top access gets easier to open and close as I get more time with it. Great video!

Jeff Carroll says:

If you don’t use the camera insert, the velcro sleeve on the lid is a great place to store the hip belt and the sternum strap when not using. I put it in a small, flat bag so nothing slips out.

Also, there is a small DIY community on the Boundary Errant Backers Facebook page who are using Fidlock magnets to build their own snap-in accessories, key fobs, and other attachments.

Vincent G. Phang says:

have the bag, it’s awesome and really good. unfortunately the issue with the company is true. also not mentioned here is the 17″ issue and tax refund issue.

Russell Wong says:

I don’t think the velcro pocket is meant for anything but the strap that is attached right next to it.

JonnielConCarne says:

Best review on the Errant on YT right now! Thanks for the detailed look on this pack, I’m patiently waiting for mine to come in and hope I made the right decision with not requesting a refund after the subpar customer service, delays, and inadequate communication from Boundary

Jeff J says:

Hey Tom, I’m actually on a family trip right now with the Errant. It was my family pack carry on and my EDC for a Caribbean trip.
When I get back to NYC and Duster Buster the sand out it will be my EDC for running my tech company,
Really an excellent bag

Alan Valdez says:

make a video on the dayfarer backpack

Gary Martin says:

Nice review. I also found the sternum strap to be useless, and ditched it – fortunately the pack carries comfortably without it. I pretty sure that the velcro “pocket” on the side is actually there to stash that extra strap on the back in case you don’t want to use it (which is what I did). This bag really sings when you’re using the camera gear accessories, which is the primary reason I bought it. After using it as my EDC for several weeks, I’m very impressed. Keep up the good work.

xfani92 says:

The Errant is an over-engineerd pack in my opinion. Never buying anything from them anymore with all of the BS they’ve been pulling. Arrogant, dismissive attitude towards customers is not cool.

BobaFeet1138 says:

I was an early backer of this Kickstarter project and purchased the Slate Blue version with the Aux compartment to add more storage options. Please note that the Aux only hooks onto the front of the Errant (two hooks on top) and is tied down on the bottom just like the sternum strap tab. It has come undone a couple of times with just regular movement alone so I would make sure you secure it with some kind of non-permanent method but it makes it a pain to remove it quickly to slim down the pack. I’ve since removed the Aux compartment since it makes it really bulky when you are moving around a crowded area.

The sternum strap has come undone and I’ve just secured it with a non-residue stretch tape to the hypalon material, not pretty but it keeps it from getting lost.
The materials are top notch and it feels very comfortable to wear. Just know that the bag doesn’t really “expand” and most items you put in there really use up a lot of room if you are not careful in organizing every little thing. The top flap with the two fidlock magnets are a joy to use, when I get them to lock which only about 10% of the time. I was really upset that the company didn’t meet the projected delivery time of October 2018 and received my pack at the end of last month (Jan 2019). But since I knew this was a KStarter from the get-go and got it at the early bird pricing, that seemed to lessen the delay pains. Boundary Supply’s Errant pack is a step in the right direction but like others have stated, this would have been the perfect pack if they corrected the issues of:
1. Expandability (not much room once you pack in a laptop, camera, water bottle, etc.)
2. Quality Control that some people have gotten. (I did not have any issues of mis-alilgnments of straps, etc.)
3. Top Flap magnet closure – just not as simple as it looks (Check out Chase Reeves’ video on how difficult it was for him to close the flap)
4. Thicker grab handles on the top and sides of the bag.
Those are just a few of my gripes since using this bag everyday since I received it and I really do like the quality and storage options but just know that you will have to make some compromises if you do decide to give this bag a try. Hope this helps anyone out there thinking about buying it.

Jeff Kliewer says:

Great job Tom. Are you guys still planning on doing a separate review for the Prima System?

DarkFireBlade25 says:

Great bag. A tip for the round clips is that when you insert them, you don’t need to follow the rails. Just push them into the circular indents and the internal mechanism will snap. You only needs to follow the rails if you want to unclip them. I also find that the pack doesn’t need to be zipped at the top in everyday use. The clip will hold the flap down pretty well.

Ali dawoud says:

the 4th viewer

audax989 says:

Great review! You can tell you guys did your research! I just hope you went in on regarding the QC issues the backers face with their errant packs. I’m part of the pre order so we are probably in the next batch, hopefully they ironed out all the issues this time around.

Keren Wang says:

It seems like as if a lot of the Kickstarter backers never backed any products before. They expect everything to arrive on time and be perfect. But, that is exactly why this bag was on Kickstarter and not direct to retail. I have waited 2.5 years for a wallet before.
At the price point of the bag, it is quite hard to criticize. The “next bag up” would be the PD 30L, which is more than double of what this bag costs. While everyone is criticising the bad conduct of the laptop compartment (was communicated to fit 17″, but barely fits all 15″. But then again, this young and hip company didn’t expect people to turn up with their 4-year-old giant laptops, instead of just using a Macbook), no one them commented on how BS re-iterated the back panel, tried to fix the magnetic clips and experimented with different fabrics.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see an updated version down the road.
The personal insults and how it seemed as if their life depended on the 150-200 bucks made the backers in the Kickstarter comment section look extremely childish. [im not affiliated in any way. I pre-ordered 4 months ago directly from the website and am still waiting. meanwhile i just go on with my life.]. Also cool review Tom. Keep them coming. Ok, coffee break is over.

Connor Bowlan says:

I was pretty disappointed when I received mine. The Errant demos well with all the features, but the low price point is ap-errant (har har har) when you actually get your hands on the bag. Seems like they dumped all their budget into features that are pretty hit or miss, and had to cut some corners when it comes to the core functionality of the bag. For example, the absurdly stiff Jansport-style straps. They’ll break in over time, but I’m not exactly excited about deterioration as a feature. Day to day use of the bag also frustrated me due to how annoying it was getting in and out of the main pockets, everything is very rigid (zippers, liners around the ridge of the openings, etc) and there’s not much stretch to the main compartment to accept large or oddly sized items.

It’s sad in a way, because there’s some solid ideas in there buried below the extra features. The vertical commuter pocket is very handy, the key clips is a welcome feature, and the side handle is a welcome addition. These guys have good ideas, but they clearly optimized for the Kickstarter campaign/feature-list-appeal rather than the delivery & day to day use of the bag.

ryan webb says:

May I know the gray item on the right pocket at 10:56 please? Is that a keyboard?

Yunlu Zhu says:

DO NOT buy this backpack if you are a photographer and are looking into Errant Pack + CB1 camera cube. I bought the photography kit and ended up returning it. The CB1 does fit into the backpack very well but when it’s loaded with camera gear the upper lid with nipples becomes extremely hard to close. I’ve seen other users complaining this on Instagram.
Even the compartments in the bag itself are poorly designed. Almost all the pockets fight with each other for space. This is my opinion.

Tim says:

There’s a massive luggage pass through on the back – turn the bag 90 degrees and slide the luggage handle behind the padding.

David Dessus says:

Nice review Tom ! It’s great to know how this bag performs

vboy720 says:

I’m considering getting this pack despite peoples feelings about the company. Only reason is because at a good price point I feel the company deserves a fair chance since i have never personally had a bad or any experience with them. With that said I’m hesitant after seeing the issue with the top flap not closing easily like a magnetic closure should. You guys were the only review I seen that pointed that out and did a great job of showing it.

PenguinDropings says:

At 8:38 that’s when a lot of people noticed issues, especially if their backpack is uneven.

A lot people try to do it with a single hand, but it works better with both hands trying to navigate it to close. Not ideal but it is what it is for now.

It’s really close in being a great backpack. A second iteration of this pack can do better, I don’t give up on the company just yet.

Wesley Kho says:

You forgot to mentioned the’s shoes compartment

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