Best Travel Packs: Minaal Carry-On 2.0 Travel Backpack Review

Review of the Minaal Carry-On 2.0 (finally!!). An incredible amount of storage space, great minimalist style, and awesome organization for your stuff make this backpack awesome for one bag travel.

Minaal 2.0 Carryon:

Arcido Faroe:

Bagsmart Tech Organizer:

MacBook Pro Retina (13 inch, Touchbar):

GoPro Hero 3+:

GoPro Hero5 (Latest):

Packing Cubes:

Powerbot USB Hub:

TOMs Classic Slip On Shoes:

Field Notes:

Penguin Chiller Shoes:

Amazon Kindle: Kindle:

Gerber Shard:

WD External Drive:

Mocreo Travel Adapter:

Mocreo Review:

Arcido Faroe Review:

Aer Travel Pack and GORUCK GR2 Comparison:

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Rakesh Arora says:

versus the Go-Ruck GR2?

Kaja Ghurabaa says:

Thanks for your review on Arcido bag dude.. I just bought one so thanks for ur detailed review on that.
Dude can u make a review on this one –
It would be very helpful for me to decide

Carlos Ruiz says:

Please do a review on the pacsafe venturesafe 45l

Dan Thai says:


Nice review on Minaal 2.0.

How would you compare the Tortuga Outbreaker (35L/45L) vs. Homebase (32L) vs. Minaal 2.0 (35L)?

Am planning to use it for daily business use and one bag carry on for 3-5 days business trip.

Like the Outbreaker (45L) as I won’t pack it fully but have the option to do so. Just worry that if I have to check in, it would not withstand the damage being thrown around especially in my Asia travels.


Bama Bows says:

Do you think 14 jeans & 14 shirts can fit in it?

Robert Williamson says:

Thanks for the great review.  I know that the Minaal 2.0 has a bit more rugged material than the Minaal 1.0.  I’ve owned several good bags over the years, always going smaller as I become better at minimalist one bag, carry on travel.  My last two very good bags (had many others in years past), were the venerable MEI Voyaguer 45 – 48 litre convertible bag, (famous with backpackers bach in the 1980’s and still being produced today)… then the Tortuga 45 litre, an excellent bag also…. and now… after much study and thought, I bought the Minaal 2.0….  35 litre, with the duffle carry shoulder strap, the waist belt, and packing cubes.  (Didn’t bother with the shirt protector they sell.)   I use the army Ranger Roll to roll and pack my clothes small.  There are videos on Youtube about the Ranger Roll.  Great way to pack clothes. 
    I open my Minaal a bit differently than most of my bags before…. I lay my Minaal down on the “scoop” side with the back pack strap side up, then fold it open.  And I put my packing cubes in the scoop side, then fill the built in “3D” cube pockets.. and then fold the backstrap “3D” cube side back over the scoop side and zip it closed.
     I have to say I’m very happy with my Minaal 2.0….  my only complaint being they might have made the water bottle holder a bit better…  But I’m just nit picking as you say. 
       I flew to southeast Asia this year..and spent more than two months travelling Cambodia and Thailand.   With ONLY my Minaal 2.0.  Just one bag…carry on, toss it in the overhead above the seat on my plane, never having to check a bag, never having to be separated from my bag.. never having to wait at carousels. I love being able to just pick up my bag, and go.  I even had room in my Minaal to buy a few small souvenirs and small books. 
     It’s a tough built bag in my opinion, high quality material,  great stitching… and it should last for years of travel. 
    I think I have minimalist travel figured out….   the best way to travel… with my Minaal 2.0.
    Thanks again for the review..       leaving again for Asia in 2018…. with just the clothes on my back, and my Minaal 2.0.   Travel light… bag…. carry on.

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