Best Carry On Travel Backpack | Kelty Redwing 44L

I spent hours researching what makes the best travel backpack. Here are some things to look for and why I finally decided to buy the Kelty Redwing 44.

Kelty Redwing 44L:


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Sami says:

Great video, isnt this bag bit bigger for carry-on ?

Jesus Izquierdo says:

Looks interesting, I’m eyeing the Farpoint 40 from Osprey as I already have a Farpoint 55 that I really like. Only problem with the 55 is that it’s a little longer than what RyanAir/WizzAir allow (like 6 cm), although it actually fits in the meauserement things at the check in desks if the backpack is not about to burst. I think I’m just gonna risk it, after my last trip I learned what I really need for long term trips and it is not that much.

The RedWing is super cheap in Amazon Mexico though, like 64 USD!!!! (The Farpoint 40 is 127 USD)

Samyukthaa Subramanian says:

I was wondering how much you were able to fit into the bag? I’m planing on backpacking around SE Asia for 3 months and i can’t be bothered checking in baggage, but I’m not sure how much I would actually be able to fit into the 44L.

RickAtlanta says:

You always make very informative vlogs!

Brent Davidson says:

Good review. Keep it up.

Harry Welin says:

I Like the Pacsafe 65 L backpack!!!!!

El urbano city dweller says:

Any issues with external framed packs on the medium size side?

Joserolando Bravo says:

Is this bag good for a 10 day Europe trip would you say?

Osca Alva says:

this bag is on sale under 100d on amazon

jkirk1626 says:

Good review. Thanks

Steven Shytle says:

Kelty Redwing is a “camping” backpack as much as the TNF pack, length of trip is the big difference. It was the last (or one of the last) packs designed by Richard Kelty before he retired. He wanted an internal frame pack that could be used as carry-on. Awsome pack. I think it is the ideal graduation gift for kids and everyone should own one.

Sujit Newar says:

Is it Waterproof?

mindgames says:

lockable zippers…. they are designed to ease the mind of potentional buyers. why? lets be honest here, you can open any zipper with something as simple as a pen, bypassing the lock. it’s done daily by many ppl, including airline personnel when they have to bypass suitcase locks.

nice review, I’d be very interested in another review after you’ve traveled for a while.


Kelty also has some good designs.
I just ordered my Kelty Redwing, although it’s just 32 liters. I’m excited.
Great review by the way!

Jakub Redziniak says:

i saw in some of your other videos you had to check your bag, did it turn out to be too big to carry on?

ninjababoon1 says:

nice! i want one now.

Tyler Norris says:

Unless it weighs too much…

Tim Callister says:

Thanks for the review man, definitely cleared a lot of things up for me, I’m in the same boat, carry on luggage all the way. 😀

E C Fritsch says:

You didn’t mention but Im assuming the shoulder and waist straps can be hidden/retracted for fitting into the overhead?? Great demo tho.

Patrick Fealy says:

i got the Redwing 50

DearJRenae says:

I need a bag that also has wheels in case my shoulder gets achy

The Arditra says:

yoo is the 50 that much bigger than the 44? cause i got my eye on the reserve and it look cool af and plus the 50s got that perfect fit system going on? help??

palierto says:

Nice review and well thought out. I have been using a Kelty 32 for a few years and it has been amazing. Cheers

Constanza Morales says:

Nice! I’m planning a 13-day trip to England next year after I graduate from university and I’ve been looking for the best carry-on backpack. I’m between the Osprey Farpoint 40, the Tortuga Outbreaker (quite expensive though!) and this Kelty Redwing 44. You made some good points about this backpack, looks awesome too!

Kym Moulds says:

A good honest review Teb. Many thanks.

Cultured Nation says:

Thanks for the review, Ted. I was looking for a bigger travel backpack. Now I know which one to get. I was thinking to get you know…the usual (brand) suspect Osprey but the Kelty Redwing maybe a good contender now 🙂 We also did a short review of travel backpacks but geared more for business travel &/or short day trips:

Scotty says:

Is there any way to get a small cruiser skateboard on the outside? like any straps that could be crossed over?

Peter Rodriguez says:

Do you think the Redwing 50 Reserve, packed really light, could get on Ryanair?

josh grabillo says:

I’m also planning on picking up the same pack soon! Awesome review!

Manel catarino says:

Hi, the frame is in the midle of the bag… do you think that could be dangerous for the laptop? Or do you think it’s properly cushioned?

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