Amazon Matein Travel Laptop Backpack Opening & Review

This is my Amazon Matein Travel Laptop Backpack Opening & Review! #Amazon #Matein



Infinite says:

Is this a good backpack for high school? It seems a little small.

Khaos Official says:

is this good for middle school

sandy murray says:

Never open any package with the knife going towards you.Always away from you.You know it makes sense.

Michal Misio says:

Thats a nice suitcase in your backpack review can you share a link to it where you purchased it ?

David Sairai says:

Great review! Any difference between the blue and other coloured backpacks? Just seen that the blue one is the most expensive on Amazon.

Ghian says:

does it fit on the carry on for airlines??

Daniel Blancas says:

Is it still holding up now?

xd says:

Is it good for middle school? I’m going to 8th

IGotSomething IGotNothing says:

Thanks for the review. I just bought one today!

Carlos Cortes says:


Emily says:

Here is my promo code link if anyone is interested.

Juann Giraldoo says:

I have read that it is very easy to damage, is it true?

chuck yip says:

Finally! I have been looking for reviews for this backpack! Awesome! Could you make more or share this this on amazon? It’s very helpful!

Rob Spivey says:

I’d be very careful slicing open the box in that fashion. Looked like a close shave…

ZeldaStar228 says:

You forgot to show off the hidden pocket on the back side on the bottom. You can put your wallet in it. It’s pretty nice for anti theft 🙂

Breezy says:

Exact one I got

ITZthebrownguy says:

Is it big enough for 3 or 4 ring binders

Wafiy Wizan says:

How do you wash this bag?

Marlon says:

Just copped for my summer classes

Arrowlog Productions says:

Is this good for holding binders?

Tea Cup says:

I’ve been looking for an actual review like this all over YouTube for this backpack. Thank you so much for sharing it


I bought this backpack today lmao it’s coming on Saturday

Alexandre Sadunishvili says:

I just ordered it.. I think it will be the best for middle school..

R Rai says:

Great review thanks for making this video!!

Goldfish Girl says:

I was looking for a nice new bag since I’m entering middle school in the fall, thanks for reviewing seems very high quality!

Aman Singh says:

Is it good for books, because I am going to high school

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