7 Best Travel Bags and Commuter Backpack (Anti Theft, Water Proof & Cut Proof) – Backpack Bag #04

7 Best Travel Bags and Commuter Backpack (Anti Theft, Water Proof & Cut Proof) – Backpack Bag #04

1. Brevite The Ultimate Travel and Commuter Backpack
The Worlds Best Travel Backpack. Lightweight. Compact. Functional. Weatherproof.

Kickstarter link: https://goo.gl/MZ18ob

2. Bagram Pack: A Backpack for Office, Gym, Travel
Bagram Pack is 3-bags-in-1 backpack for Office / Gym / Travel.

Indiegogo Link: https://goo.gl/MswQNA

3. The Ultimate Adventure Travel Pack: Allpa 35L
The Allpa is a rugged, carry-on-compatible, 35-liter backpack system built for adventure travel.

Indiegogo Link: https://goo.gl/t9edeG

4. The Paq Carry On Travel Bag
A highly functional travel bag, using patented rotating buckles to help you on all your travels.

Indiegogo Link : https://goo.gl/VqzMbx

5. Metodo: The World Highest Level Slash-Proof Travel Bags
Life’s a journey we all want to travel in style. But what about peace of mind? The cut-proof Metodo bag’s got both style & security!


6. The NEO Lifestyle Bag
The NEO is a multifunctional backpack with plenty of frills and thrills to excite your daily life

Site link : http://neobackpacks.com

7. The Etchr Art Satchel & Field Case
Modular, flexible, weatherproof carry, designed to help artists travel easily and bring more inspiring art into the world.

Kickstarter link: https://goo.gl/chYUJe


Jez Brunatny says:

I dont get it why we are still using fucking plastic bags when we go to shop.

Inventions World says:

7 Best Travel Bags and Commuter Backpack (Anti Theft, Water Proof & Cut Proof) – Backpack Bag #04

Gamer Joe says:

Awesome intro.

soulfoodqueen.net says:

Hi,Great Video Today!

Jez Brunatny says:

The only thing that you got for free is your fucking brain use it it doesnt cost nothing.

Jez Brunatny says:

They design yes they do they want to make money yes but they are trying to help you in your daily fucking strugles peace by this shit it will make your life easier and yes you have to spend some money nothing is for free you cunts.

Bugra Demiriz says:

I bought it last week. It is amazing. You can buy now from here: https://pandorahobby.com/collections/man-accessories/products/bobby-anti-theft-backpack

Thomas Bischof says:

Commercials in a commercial compilation

이영호 says:

Hello Creator,
We are Team Metodo. Thank you for your intro.

skyscreemz says:

Within 5 minuets of viewing, I have enough, there were 3 commercial. Fcckoff!

cwdarker says:

Hi guys please help me ,which backpack i have to buy i found good deal there https://goo.gl/Ev1SBX

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